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Chapter 4: Meet the "Parents" 2 (Laika)

Laika POV

After the incident at the Ijuuin manor, I decided to…not set foot in there ever again.

Ijuuin-san more or less threatened to disown Enzan, and Enzan submitted to his wishes saying that he would never do such a thing as kissing a boy again.

I felt a twinge of pain hearing that, more pain than when Ijuuin glared at me with cold eyes and practically dragged and threw me out of the house, all the while yelling his head off at me. Something about "corrupting" his son.

When I saw Enzan the next day, at a nice little coffee shop this time, he apologized for his "old man's" behavior and told me to forget about what his father said.

"Don't worry about what he said, because when he's dead and gone, he won't be able to say anything about us." Were his exact words, I believe.

I'll admit that when I heard those words come out of Enzan's mouth, as nonchalant as he was, I felt warm inside. There was an implication there that Enzan wanted this to be a long term relationship.

But that was then, back in Japan.

And this is now, in Northern Sharro.

I don't know how he did it, but somehow, Enzan convinced his father to allow him to go to Sharro with me. Well, he probably did not mention the "with Laika" part, because then I'm positive that Ijuuin-san would have never let Enzan go.

We were touring the command center when my Uncle (1) found us.

I immediately saluted him, and he did so back.

I then stepped aside and introduced Enzan

"This is another net savior from Japan, Ijuuin Enzan and Enzan, this is my Uncle, the commander of this base."

"It's an honor to meet you" the young Ijuuin said to my Uncle holding out his hand, completely business-like.

I watched as my Uncle nodded in approval and reached out for the hand and shook it, "nice to meet you as well" He turned back to me, giving some glances between Enzan and I.

There was short silence, so I spoke up.

"I was just showing Enzan around the base, sir."

"Hm. That's fine, but if you don't mind, I'd like to have a word with you privately Laika."

I raised an eyebrow and looked at Enzan who simply said "Would it be possible to take a look at your computer systems?" My Uncle nodded and Enzan bowed and walked away to ask one of the other soldiers about the systems we had at the base.

"Laika" I snapped my head back to face my Uncle, finally realizing that I had been staring at Enzan for a little too long. He gestured to the door that led to the hallway.

"Yes sir."

Only when we had left the command center and walked a little ways did my Uncle finally begin to speak.

"How was your trip to Japan?" He pulled me aside to ask me this?

"Fine, sir"

"Did you see Hikari Netto again?" I almost cringe at that name. No matter how many times I'm reassured that there's nothing between my Japanese net savior and that other one, I always feel a small surge of jealousy when I hear that name.

"Yes, sir" I was beginning to wonder what this casual interrogation was really about.

"You didn't cause any trouble, right?" A picture of Ijuuin-san's face contorted in rage flashed across my mind.

"No, sir"

"Good." He stopped walking. I stopped a little ways behind him, watching him questioningly. He seemed to be contemplating something. Maybe he would finally reveal his intentions for dragging me over here.

He resumed walking again and I followed the suit.

"Good." He repeated again. "Now here comes the real question…"

Finally I thought. Once he cut to the chase, I could return to Enzan.

"Ahem…so…you…" I wondered why it was taking him so long to spit it out.

"So…you and Enzan, have you two done anything yet?"

And that was the first time I had a heart attack.

(1)a. It's the Uncle, hence, parents is in quotations in the title.

(1)b. Okay, so I don't know if it's really his Uncle, but I think in the dub, they say he is…

(1)c. Okay, I also don't remember his name, and I couldn't something like Mr. (insert last name) because Laika doesn't seem to have a last name and anything I made up wouldn't sound right…so he remained "Uncle" or "him."

Alpha2nd: So in case you didn't get it…right on the spot Laika's Uncle figured out that there was something going on between the two. Seems like he's more perceptive than Ijuuin-san.