Okay, I'm not the same sister that's doing 'One BAD Day'. I'm a different one. This is a ChaseOmi fic, because I think they're good together. Shades of Chase's past love also, in later chapters. You will not believe it! (Unless you're as weird as I am) So enjoy!

Disclaimer: If I owned it, Chase would have stayed as adorable forever. But then he'd be less interesting, so I guess it's a good thing I don't.

Chapter 1

"I may be weakened, but I'm not helpless!" Chase snarled, flipping the cursed bean off him and leaping to his feet. He heard the sudden clamour as the Xiaolin monks joined the fray, but ignored it. It was not his way to retreat from a battle, but as a wise man once said 'He who fights and runs away, will live to fight another day.' With the cursed eclipse still in progress, prudence demanded retreat. Unfortunately, Wuya had other plans. He avoided her outflung foot, but only with difficulty, and it cost him his balance. He stumbled back, fuming at the embarrassing nature of his present condition, and conscious of the gazes of the monks, one in particular.

Too late, he realised that he couldn't see Hannibal. The bean was behind h...

His vision flooded red for too long a moment. When it cleared, he found himself on the ground, staring up at the bean's sneering face. He struggled quickly to rise, and have his vengance, but couldn't. Weakness, unlike anything before and unrelated to the eclipse, filled him like leaden fire. Blinking, he looked down in disbelief at the gash in his chest, shallow but more than deep enough for the bean's purpose. To kill him.

His head tipped back. His arms wouldn't support him. Hannibal laughed, and for some reason it bothered him more than the approach of death. He never could believe that he would die, but his hatred for that despicable vegetable was powerful as ever. The hated bastard raised again the hidden knife. No Shen Gong Wu, this. An ordinary blade. Talk about humiliating. To be killed by a mortal weapon. He stared at it, at the light that slid along its edge as it descended. At the flood of water that flung it away.

Water? Oh yes. The monks were here. He was somewhat surprised, though, that they would defend him. Perhaps they simply wished to kill him themselves? Not something he would have expected from the little one, but then, he'd never expected that the bean would win, either. And they certainly wouldn't save him. He was evil, after all. Heylin. Oh well. At least the bean wouldn't get to finish him.

"Chase? Chase Young, you must hold on now. You must keep awake, Chase Young." The little one. Why did he have to stay awake? He was beginning to feel very warm and comfortable. The darkness was soft, welcoming. It had been so long since anything had welcomed him. He didn't want to stay. He wanted to go to that welcome. But the little one was asking him. His little one. What was he to do?

An gush of ice water took that choice away for a moment, snapping him back from his warm darkness. The young one, Omi, crouched over him, fear in his face. Fear? What for? He couldn't fight now. But the little one had never been afraid of him before. What was wrong?

"What is it, little one?" he croaked. He was disappointed. He should not sound like that. He always sounded smooth and calm. He didn't want to sound like that in front of the little one. But Omi didn't seem to mind. Relief flooded his childish features.

"Chase Young, you must stay with us now. You must not go to sleep. That will be most bad. Stay here now." Stay where? Then the little one's face withdrew. He almost cried out. He didn't want it to go. But he mustn't sound weak. He mustn't cry out. The other one, the earth dragon, came instead, and bent down to pick him up. He tried to move away, but his body was not his to command now. But no-one must touch him. The only ones who touched him were opponents, and that was to hurt. But the blond young man did not harm him. He simply scooped him up and held him, carrying him to somewhere. The dragon. Dojo. They were taking him, somewhere.

"Where are you taking me?" he croaked. It was important that he know. The earth dragon opened his mouth to answer, but another voice cut across him. The little one's.

"We are bringing you home, Chase Young. We are taking you to Master Fung. He will help you. Do not be worrying now. You are safe now. Stay awake. Please. You must stay awake until we reach home. Okay?'

No. It was most definitely not okay. Master Fung would not help him. They were enemies. Master Fung had no reason to help him, and every reason to want him dead. They were taking him to a prison. If he survived long enough to get there, which he was beginning to hope wouldn't happen. No. No, he couldn't go there.

"You will be safe, Chase Young," came the little one's voice. They were on the dragon, now, and Omi was beside him again. He realised he'd spoken out loud, at least some of it. No. Now he appeared weak as well. They would take advantage of that. But the little one kept talking. "I promise, Chase Young. I give you my solemn oath, I will keep you safe, and you may leave when you are fit. I promise." Oh little one. He meant that. He would keep his word. Or try to. But the little one could not defend him. Not from Master Fung. Not from Master Mung Guan. But that didn't matter so much, he supposed. At least the little one wanted to protect him. At least his little one cared.

He would face Master Fung when the time came, if it came. For now, he was quite happy to die in his little one's arms.

By the by, people, bloodloss has this affect. I wouldn't know, but my sister does. So if Chase seems a little out of it, that's because he is, due to pain and bloodloss. So. How's that for a start. R&R?