Not my FIRST House story ever, but my first COMEBACK. I hope that it'll be okay!

Summary: Allison Cameron is dying...why? And can Greg House solve it in time AND sort out his feelings for her? And what if he's too late….?

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This was insane. It was also improbable and just didn't make any sense to her whatsoever.

She never got sick…..and she never would get sick. It was just something that had rarely or never happened to her. Allison Cameron couldn't remember the last time she'd gotten this sick before in her lifetime.

She rolled out of her bed and onto the floor, crawling her way on all fours to the bathroom, head spinning wildly out of control. She reached the toilet and retched, sweat drenching her hair and pouring wildly down her face.

When her stomach felt emptied, Allison laid her forehead on the bowl and groaned. She stayed like this for a few seconds, then lifted herself up to the sink. She washed her burning face with cold water and eventually threw clothes on. She knew that she should take the day off from work, but she had already missed two days the week before, and she needed to make up time.

She tied her hair up, grabbed her purse and keys, and headed out the door down the stairs of the apartment she lived in.

Allison was leaning against the wall suddenly of the stairway when she started feeling dizzy and everything went blurry. Before she knew that happened, she missed a step and blacked out…

Doctor Gregory House hated mornings. Most mornings, he'd purposely be late to work at Princeton Plainsboro just to avoid sessions and lectures from Lisa Cuddy or Allison Cameron.

Yet, today, the pretty face of Allison Cameron didn't greet him in his office this morning when he limped inside, which he found rather odd. Instead, however, the faces of Doctors Robert Chase, Eric Foreman, and Lisa Cuddy (unfortunately for him) greeted him at the usual table by the usual Dry-Erase board.

"Where's Cameron?" he asked almost too instantly, heading for the coffee machine in the corner of the room.

Chase gave Cuddy a sideways look. "What's the sudden interest?" the Australian doctor asked.

"Because," House stated, "there's no coffee made….and there's no motherly nagging."

"And that's your problem why?" Foreman braved to ask.

"Clearly, it means something's not set right," he concluded firmly. He turned around to face them. "She call anybody?"

"No," Cuddy shook her head. "She usually does call if she'll be late or not coming in. Unlike you."

House dismissed the last comment and retorted back, "Unless she's scared of you of course and doesn't want to hear it," Greg told her. "Anything else you'd like to add or nag me about?"

Cuddy rolled her eyes only and backed off.

"Seen her car?"

"Nope," Chase spoke up. "Kind of hard to miss, though, wouldn't you think?" he added.

"Precisely. That nice, expensive car with the vibrancy of a thousand paintings. Hard to miss, and a little over tacky for somebody like her," House grabbed his keys off the table in front of Chase and went outside the office without another word.

"Where do you think you're going?" Cuddy demanded, following him.

"Do you know the story of Cinderella? You know, how she lost her glass slipper and dear Prince Charming had to search the country for her?" House asked with hints of a dramatic tone.

Cuddy was confused, but answered with a very blunt, "Yes, I am aware of that story. What about it?"

"It's kinda like that," House said before closing the elevator door and leaving Lisa Cuddy standing in the middle of the hallway very confused.

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