How Do You Do The Things You Do?


I don't own Inuyasha...however, the poem belongs to me...

Warning: EXTREME FLUFFY AND OOC! You have been warned...

This poem is about Inuyasha's feelings toward Kagome, even though he will never tell her...

How do you do the things you do?

How do you see the light,

When it's always dark?

How do you laugh,

When everyone else is crying?

How do you see the good,

In the midst of all the bad?

How do you say the right thing,

When everything I do is wrong?

How do you do the things you do?

How do you cherish me,

Like I'm a treasure,

When I'm worthless?

How do you see the light,

In the dark?

How do you smell like wild flowers,

When we're in the desert?

How do you hold my hand,

When I always pull it away?

How are you pure,

Surrounded by evil?

How do you make me love you,

When I don't deserve you?

How do you do the things you do?

The End...

Review please! I got this idea on the way home from school...I know it was corny, but I thought it was good for KagInu, so here! Flames are welcomed and if you could please explain why it was bad, instead of saying," You suck! That's a flame, right?" It doesn't help me write any better...thank you!