She tiptoed about the corner of the corridor, full of cat-like grace. Was that a rustle her sharp ears picked up before her?


Her hands hovered almost longingly over her small pouch of shurikens, even as she broke into a fast trot. Her specially designed boots made no sound as she increased her pace, shaking black bangs out of her eyes.


Dammit, was she ever going to find him? It was already late- the clocks in Hollow Bastion said three in the afternoon- and she had to find him now.


He was grabbed from behind in a massive glomp of a bear hug. By the insane giggling he guessed it wasn't a Heartless, unless they had all become soft and warm lately. That left only one choice.

Levering himself up from the body that had attacked him, he twisted until he faced his captor, and gently eased his lips onto hers. He stayed locked in place for a moment; as he came away silver strands of hair brushed her skin and she opened her indigo eyes again, breathless.

Funny. She always had so much energy when she was trying to find the youth with the aquamarine eyes; but when she did…

"You always leave me breathless."

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