World's Best Assassin

XXXV – Melody Anne's Journal

By Pat Squared

Today is the twelfth anniversary of my father's death.

Today is the day that the Children of Vasilii Boiarskii made their presence known to the world.

We have yet to settle the blood debt that Global Justice incurred, but today we haved started collecting on the interest.

Global Justice's fiefdom, Pine Ridge Crest, was devastated by the rupture of its main gas line under the school, and the tragic fire that resulted from it.

The school and homes of those that betrayed my father is no more.

Over one hundred families shall mourn the lost of their children and loved ones.

Soon our manifesto shall be released on the world wide web.

We are the Children of Vasilii Boiarskii;

We are honored to have his blood running in our veins;

We have a debt of blood to collect from:

The hypocritical ones who sold our family into bondage;

Those that besmirched our father's honored name;

Those that shed his blood;

Those that attacked his kin and the ones he loved;

To all of these creatures,

We have declared an unending blood feud;

With them and all their offspring until the last generation;

And their friends, family, and neighbors;

Even the family pet shall not be spared;

Today, the village of Pine Crest Park and Global Justicepaid some of the interest due us;

Today, the BBC studios in London paid some of the interest due us;

Today, FoxNews studios in New YorkCity paid some of the interest due us;

Today, CCN studios in Atlanta, Georgiapaid some of the interest due us;

This was just the beginning;

However, we will continue to collect until the debt is paid in full.

Melody Anne Stoppable smiled to herself as she readher journal.

Svetlana, Mieko and Mae (Yori's twins), and her younger (but no longer little) brother Ronald Stoppable Junior were all collecting the first payment on this blood-debts around the globe.

In the past, the Stoppable family sacrificed so much to save the world, yet the world spat upon them.

Today, the Boiarskii family was going to show the world it should have never bit the hand that protected it.

Today, the folks at Fox News Studios were going to get a fuel air explosive love note, courtesy of Melody Anne Stoppable. It would bebeautiful - a mini-mushroom cloud without the associated hazards of radioactive fallout. All it took was a couple tanker trucks loaded with homemade FAE gel.

Melody Anne Stoppable watched from a distance with a smile as the price of New York real estate hit rock bottom. Mushroom shaped clouds do have that kind of effect.