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In the previous chapter:

"Syaoran what game are you playing?" was the thought that crossed both their mind.

"No…" she choked out, feeling his arms embracing her waist and turning her around. She was facing him, his eyes seemed gold, liquid gold looking at her, she couldn't stand it, she had to get away for him, she could feel her resolve slipping away. "Get out…" she felt his thumb caressing her neck and tipping her chin upwards covering her mouth with his own. He kissed her, and even though she loved it, she couldn't help but feel it was wrong. She finally managed to push him off her – "Gosh you are drunk." And she step back…

Now on with the chapter.

22 – Friend or Employee?

He kissed her, and even though she loved it, she couldn't help but feel it was wrong. She finally managed to push him off her – "Gosh you are drunk." And she step back before he could reach her and kiss her again.


"But what?" she said glaring at him still putting some distance between the two. "You thought I was going to let you stay, go to your bed and leave me alone.", she walked past him and stood next to the door.

Syaoran was never one to listen or comply with what he was told, but even in his drunken state he knew it wasn't a good idea to cross her, but even so he had show his dislike of being order out of her room, "I'll go, but I'll go slowly…", he thought.

When he was on the other side of the door, he turned around and said, "You know you want Me."And with that she closed the door.

She couldn't take it anymore, leaning back for support, she slid down to the floor, brought her knees to her chest, and without even noticing tears started to fall freely from her eyes.

"Why can't you do anything right?" she said to herself, "You are making it harder for me to forgive you… Dimwit."

Next day

When Syaoran woke up it was 4:59 p.m., according to his alarm clock.

"Ah my head…" he hissed with pain when he opened his eyes, the light made his already aching head worse, like someone banging on it with a hammer.

"It's the last time I drank so much…"

Slowly he opened his eyes letting then adjusting the light, it didn't take a long time since the sun was at it's peak. Before trying to sit and get up, he looked around his room. He couldn't believe, his room was a mess, his clothes were everywhere, on the floor, on the chair, on the bedside table, he even saw a sock hanging on the chandelier. His pillows were all on the floor hence the neck ache, and his bedcover was nowhere in sight. He didn't remember how that happened, to make sure he hadn't done anything crazy and downright stupid, he checked if he was alone in bed.

"What happen here?" muttered looking to his clothes trying to remember what happened the previous night but that only intensified his headache, "A hurricane?"

Even in the mess it was his room and with a major splitting headache he noticed something was off, something was different from the previous day when he left for work, he just couldn't put his finger on it.

He sat up on his bed, and then he saw it, the door was open.

"Who open it?" he asked getting up and out of bed dismissing the dizziness and light head sensation, with two strides he reached the door, "It was meant to be closed," he stood in his room, looking through the door, not daring to cross the doorframe. Even without entering the room he noticed it had a fresh smell of lowers, the bed was made, there were clothes folded on the chair, and weren't the same Sakura had left behind.

He couldn't believe it someone had entered her room when he specifically said that her room was off limits. He knew only one person could give him the answers he was seeking.

"Mother…" he roared forgetting about his headache, even if it worsened every time he screamed. With only his boxers and robe on, he ran out of his room ignoring everything else except finding his mother. "Mother…" he kept screaming while running pushing his dizziness and nausea aside.

He found her sited in the living room reading a book. Walking up to her while holding his head the pain was too intense for him to ignore it "Shouldn't have run, shouldn't have screamed." He thought.

Standing in front of his mother, he called her again, "Mother…"

Yelan looked up from the book she was reading, looking to his son, waiting for him to continue.

"Who entered Sakura's room?" he said holding his head. His mother didn't answer to him, instead she got up and pick a glass with a suspicious murky liquid, and gave it to him.

"Answer me…" he asked sitting down. Syaoran wasn't feeling good, he was seeing the world spinning around him, his stomach wasn't in the right place, or at least felt like that…

"Drink first…" she said with a stern voice.

"What's this…?" – he managed to ask.

"Drink it." She ordered him. He took the glass eyeing the substance suspiciously, but he couldn't refuse what his mother wanted, he pinched his nose and downed the whole thing. When the liquid touched his taste buds, he remembered what that drink was, and when was the last time he had it. It was the day after his engagement party.

"Who made this?" he asked holding the empty glass, feeling somewhat better. However, like everyone with a hangover, he had memory lapses, and he couldn't even remember when he got home.

"Sakura." His mother said taking the glass from his grasp, "She said you'll need it."

"How did she knew?"

"That question you have to ask her." She said.

"Where is she?" he asked like it was normal for Sakura to be there, well in his fuzzy brain it was.

"Out." Syaoran couldn't understand a lot of the things that were happening in that morning, and everything was leading towards Sakura, her room, the drink, his mother evasive answers to his questions. He shook his head slowly, trying to clear his head and organize his trail of thoughts.

"Mother, who entered in her room?" he asked again.

Yelan looked to her son with an amused look on her face. The answer was so obvious but even in his normal state of mind he wouldn't find it. "Her of course." She said, "It's her room, and since she is staying here it's only appropriate she has her old room back. Now if you excuse me I've a few errands to attend to." She said standing up from her seat, but before she left the room she added, "Oh… And Syaoran, go get yourself cleaned up I don't need a reminder that you are a man, I am after all your mother."

"Mother we didn't finish our…" he said standing up, not one bit embarrassed with what she told him.

"We have time to talk about it later. Now go get ready…" she said before disappearing through the door.

He couldn't believe it, his mother dismissed him, she didn't even scold him for being underdressed in front of her. He walked to his bedroom and sat down on his bed trying to remember what happened the previous night when he suddenly had his mind invaded with snips of what went on the previous night. It started with his meeting with Miss Yoji, Sakura not answering her phone, the empty scotch bottle, getting home, heaving the perfect opportunity to kiss her and missing it, and Sakura closing the door in his face. Everything else that might have happened was still a blur to him.

"Wait a second…" he said aloud "She closed the door, so why was it open when I woke up?"


Tomoyo was working in her bedroom with Meilin, so they could come up with new ideas for their new collection. They have been burning their eyelashes over it since morning, when Sakura informed them what would happen in two weeks, also to brief them in the real state of the fusion. Making a long story short, the investment they received from Li Corp was barely enough to cover and save L. H. T. from bankruptcy and save them from being drag to it. To make matters worse they would have to invest their own money to manage to hold on for the next few months, each meant the fashion show and their newest collection would have to be a hit without any type of trouble.

That's the reason why they have been working non-stop for the last 14 hours.

The situation was dire, and it requested a drastic plan so they could succeed, so they stayed coop up in Tomoyo's room all day, not stopping for lunch, only sketching.

Knock Knock

"Come in…" Meilin said not looking up from the paper.

"Meilin…" Yelan said from the open door, "You and Tomoyo should stop and come out of this room to dinner."

"Auntie…" Meilin looked apologetic to her, "we can't. We apologize for our rude behaviour but since it's impossible for us to focus and work in our offices and the deadline is approaching we need to work."

"Okay…" she said "But tomorrow…"

"We'll see about that tomorrow…"

Yelan sighed knowing she wouldn't see any of them anytime soon.

Outside Tomoyo's Bedroom

Eriol and Tong were passing by when Yelan come out f Tomoyo's room.

"Auntie, will they come out to dinner?"

"If you are so curious why not asking them yourself?" she said.

"We ain't…"

"Then you just have to wait and see…"

In Cheng and Anne's home

"Mommy I don't wanna to put this dress …" she whined

"I know you hate those types of clothes," Anne said to her daughter she still couldn't believe it her daughter had barely 4 years old and already hated dresses, "But daddy said we've to look presentable. I hate this that I'm wearing…"

"Hey…" Cheng said walking up to them, "Don't I get the chance to see my girls pretty once in awhile…"

"But what is it with this dinner you prepared. It's only us. Isn't this a bit too much…"

"Fine…" he said feigning disappointment "I just wanted a different evening with my girls…" he pouted slightly looking to his wife.

Anne sighed, she knew her husband would only be happy if they complied with that meal, "Have it your way…" she turned to her daughter and said "Mai put that dress on…"

"But mommy it itches…"

"It will be only for a little awhile…"

Chen returned to the kitchen while Anne helped their daughter put on the dress, he had a huge grin on his face "You'll love the surprise…"

When Anne and Mai come down, they sat down at the table to start dinner when…

Ding Dong

"Oh no…" Anne said, "why do people always knock on our door in the middle of the meal."

"I'll get it…"

Ding Dong

"Like hell you will." Anne said standing up, "You stay right there, I don't want you to be stuck with non-sense talk like it usually happens." She said walking ut of the dinning room.

"Daddy what's so funny?"


At the door

"What?" was Anne's snapped while opening the door

"That isn't a very way to answer the door, is it?"

"Why y- Aaaaahhhh…." She squealed, "You are here…"


"I can't believe it…" she said, "I've miss you… aaaahhhh… You are really here…" she couldn't believe what she was seeing right in front of her.

"Yes I'm here…"

"Let's go out to dinner… And hit a club for old time sake…." – she said picking up her coat and pursue from the coat rack, and walking out the door.

"What about your husband? And your daughter?"

"Who?" she asked not making any sense in the question she was just asked "I don't care, I want you all for my-" she stop talking when she haerd a masculine voice behind her.

"Good question Sakura. What about us?" Anne turned around and saw her husband and daughter eyeing her as if she had lost her mind, "Why don't you invite her to come inside and join us… After all the table is set for four."

Anne looked at her husband with her eyes closed to tiny slits, she understood what had happened behind her back, the true motive for that dinner.

"You knew?" she said pointing an accusing finger towards her husband, and then focus her attention back to Sakura "He knew before I did?" she asked truly hurt, "How could you…"

"It's not my fault." Sakura said, "we ran into each other before I could contact you, and he wanted to surprise you." She looked too the little girl that was hiding and clinging to her father legs, "Hi there Mai, you don't know me…"

"Yes I do…" she said holding her chin high, looking between Cheng's legs, "you are the pwetty lady on the magazines…"

"Yes she is…" said Cheng, "But more important than that, she is your godmother."

"She is?" – she asked looking up to her father with big innocent eyes.

"Yes…" Anne answered.

"Yay…" she squealed, "I've got the pwettiest godmommy of all…" she said coming out of behind her father legs, "Hi I'm Mai…"

"Hi I'm Sakura… it's been a long while since I last saw you." She said smiling.

"Really?" Mai asked.

"Yes." Sakura said holding Mai, and walking to the dining room where they all sat down. Sakura noticed that little Mai wasn't comfortable, "Anne isn't your daughter a bit itchy?"

"Yes, I am… this dress is meanie…" she pouted.

"Mai stop pulling on your dress, it's not polite."

"But it's itchy…"

"Let her go change, I don't mind." Sakura said knowing what Anne would say next, "After all I still remember what you did to a dress with that same problem."

"Shut it. Cheng could you?"

"Yes dear…" she said trying to hide his smirk.

When they left, Anne served the food knowing it wouldn't take long for Mai and Cheng return.

Sakura looked at her and noticed even though she was smiling she was controlling her anger and sadness so it wouldn't surface, "I'm really sorry for being away like this. Missing your wedding having your daughter baptism…"

Anne cut her off "Well at least I'm proud to tell everyone my daughter baptism was in Paris, although once again my mother and sister…" she trailed off.

"I know they hate my guts, though luck…." She said grinning not one bit sorrowful with the whole ordeal. She looked towards the entrance of the dinning room and saw Cheng and Mai, "Better?"


Then they started to eat.

"This is really good. Congrats Cheng." Sakura complimented him.

"Thanks…" he said a bit surprised she guessed who cooked the meal, "But how did you know?"

"Well…" she said trying to hide her amused smile that he didn't know, "When I used to live with your wife, she couldn't fry an egg even if her life depend on it."

"Hey…" Anne said crossly, "Degrading my cooking skills isn't the best way to please me, your best friend, after years of absence."

"Sorry, I didn't mean it that way. It's just- Never mind." Sakura said seeing her amused smile.

"Anyway what are you doing back in Hong Kong a place you sworn never step again."

"Ain't that the million dollar question?" she said, frankly she was tired of answering that question, "It's a long story."

Well cut it short." Anne said. She knew Sakura well enough to know when she was trying to avoid a subject.

"Can we talk about it later…"

"Honey," Cheng said before Anne could say anything else, "You have the entire night to talk with her."

"Fine, so how are your scary and crazy friends?"

"I can't believe it…" Sakura said laughing slightly, "You are still referring to them has my scary and crazy friends!"

"They really are like that…"

"Come on Anne…" Sakura said trying not laugh, "You met Meilin, in fact you lived with her, and Tomoyo is just a bit"

"Crazy?" Anne offered.

"No cheerful, and you must admit your baby was the cutest thing we ever saw…" Sakura said remembering why Anne had such a dark opinion on Tomoyo. When her dear friend saw Mai, she couldn't help herself and went overbroad.

When they finished eating Cheng made sure Anne and Sakura could talk properly, so he took up on himself clearing the table, cleaning the kitchen and get Mai ready to bed.

Anne and Sakura excused themselves and walked to the family room, both took a seat in the sofa, but neither uttered a word, the silence was bearable. Until Anne decided it was enough, she couldn't take it any longer not knowing what was happening, "So now can you tell me what's up?"

"Fine, but you've to answer something first." Sakura said trying to figure out how she could avoid that topic.

"What?" Anne asked suspicious, seeing right through Sakura's action.

"Well it's more like a proposition for you."


"I need a Public Relations for Moonlight Blossom Design's, are you interested in for me and my crazy and scary friends?"

"What's the catch?" she eyed her suspiciously, something was wrong.


"Sakura tell me what's up?" deep down Anne that this job was connected with what troubling her.

"Nothing…" she said again, but one look to Anne's face told her she had to come clean if she wanted her collaboration, "Fine, Moonlight Blossom Design's new headquarter is here, in Hong Kong, the same lace I sworn never to set foot on."


"A fusion took place between Moonlight Blossom Design's and L. H. T., making me the sole CEO and owner of both companies, well one company, since L. H. T. ceased to exist."

"But that's good news… no great news. Right?" she saw the unhappy glimmer in her eyes, and knew something wasn't right, "Sakura what is it that you aren't telling? What are you hiding?"

"I-I…" she couldn't lie to Anne if she want her collaboration she had to tell her everything, "Do you know what L. H. T. stands for?"

"Not really…"

"Think back to our college days, the deluxe trio from the business major…" she grimacing with the memory.

"Shut up… Shut up…" she said over and over again, she couldn't believe it, "You've got to be kidding me."

"No." she said sadly.

"How are you doing? What did you two talk about?" she then asked the most important question of them all, "Can I still kill him?"

The last one made her smile slightly, "Anne I'm fine with it…" she said trying not to show how much she struggle with those words, fine, how could she be fine, but now wasn't the time to ponder about that, Sakura had to be strong and forget about an important part of her – her heart. "I won't lie to you, it's hard being around him and not-" she tried but failed, Anne, just like Meilin and Tomoyo, knew her well enough to know when she was trying to hide something.

"Sakura…" she said embracing overlooking the lack of words to ending her speech, she knew Sakura wasn't ready to talk about it, "you knew this would happen eventually. You knew sooner or later you would have to see him."

Sakura knew, no matter how much she changed over the years, a selected groups of people could still read her like an open book. "If only that bitch…"

"Sakura…" Anne interrupted her tirade, "you've always told me not to look back, only to look forward, and wait for everything that is yet to come."

"I know…" she said. Sakura didn't want to talk about it, because she didn't want to admit she didn't take her own advice, "Anyway do you accept?"

"What?" Anne was genuinely confused.

"The proposition I made you…"

"I need to read the contract…" Anne said in a business like voice.

"Mou…" Sakura pouted.

"Fine…" she let out an exasperate sigh, "What will I have to do?"

"What you always wanted, be creative. Moonlight Blossom Design's isn't only expanding their business overseas, we are also expanding our customer range, we want to start selling clothes for men and women."


"Yes, we are working on the lines and the catwalk where we are going to present it in about 3 to 4 months." She said smiling.

Anne smiled back at her, but there was something she need to ask, "Sakura are you sure you can work side by side with him and-"

"No." she answered sincerely, being true to her own feelings for the first time, she returned to Hong Kong, "But I've got to try. I didn't forgive him for last time neither this time." Anne gave her a clueless look, "He disappointed me big time with the merge."

"So what are you still doing here?"

"What else? Working in Moonlight Blossom Design's, after all we want to start opening shops in other countries."

"World expansion wicked…"


"And him?"

"He will be a model…"

"Sakura…" Sakura knew what would be coming next, "I saw the magazine."

"Those photos were worked…" she said defending herself for a none accusatory comment.

"Ok…" Anne said not buying her excuse, the way she defended her herself was too suspicious, "I believe in you," she said trying to make Sakura stop babbling, "but what are you going to do regarding your feelings…"

"Feelings what feelings?" she said brushing that question off.

"Sakura this is me you are talking with."

She sighed, and even though tried to be strong about the whole ordeal, she couldn't look Anne in the eye when answered, "Don't know…" Anne saw a drop hitting her hand, "I'll figure it out eventually…" another drop, "I'll be away for two weeks." She said while rubbing her eyes and cleaning her cheeks before looking up to her friend.

"Wait…" she said looking straight to her eyes, "Before you start talking about leaving, tell me how exactly you will figure out how to deal with his feelings for him. It has been years since the break and you still love him."

"Anne, please drop it. I don't want to talk about it."

"Fine…" she sighed, "So you are leaving again? Running away? So this is a good-bye. Geez I really have bad timing with you…"

"No this is just temporarily. I'll be back two weeks tops." She said trying to reassure her friend, "I've to go to USA on work."

"Meaning you've to leave." Anne finish for her, "And then what? You are coming back?"

"Yes, I've to." She said with and mix of angry and sorrow glitter in her eyes, "I just wish I could go back to Japan, and be as far away from him as possible."

"Why?" Anne asked as if it was the mystery of the century.

"You know why." She stated.

"Yes, I do." Anne said holding her hand, "But I want you to say it..."

"Fine..." she blew a raspberry, "Because he drives me crazy, he makes me happy and at the same time mad. Sometimes I just want to kiss him, but then he says or worse does something and all I want is to rip the life out of him"

The smile on Anne's face, was the one she was avoiding, the pity look on Anne's face was something Sakura was never able to bare. "You still love him."

Sakura tore her eyes from her friend's face, and looked outside the living room window. She didn't want to continue talk about him, but knew Anne would pester her, to make Sakura acknowledge her feelings. "Saddly, yes. How pathetic is that? After all the years? After all the tears, I have cried I cannot stop loving him?"

"It isn't pathetic." Anne said watching how Sakura changed over the years, no longer were her eyes bright with happiness; they were dull most of time."You just need to define what you want. And I'm sure everyone who loves you will support your decision..."

Sakura look at her, "You do know that from all my best friends you are the only one who had the happy ending."

"Hey Mei, just had really bad luck."

"Not once, but twice." Sakura said. When she looked at Anne's face she notice her questioning look "With the womanizer from the trio, and Tomoyo had had it with the incompetence to design of the brittish..."

"You three really have bad luck..." she said with a grim smile, "But fine, I'll go to work with you. You do need something good coming your way..."

"Yay..." she exclaimed happily, it was the first time that Anne's saw a hint of happiness shinning in her eyes, "You are the greatest... On Monday, you've to go and talk to Meilin, so she can show you around and your office..."

"My office?"

"Yes, what would you think you would share? No. You are entitled to your own office." Sakura said with a smile. She glanced at her wristwatch, "Now it's time for me leave. In 3 hours I've a plane to catch."

"Bonne voyage..." Anne told her teasingly.

"See in two weeks." Sakura said before closing the door behind her.

It was time for her to return to the Li manor, and grab her luggage, and leave to New York.

The next day,


"Yes?" Yelan said from the head of the table.

"W-where is Sakura?" Syaoran asked noticing her absence.

"She left."

"To work?" he asked again, having a strange feeling on his gut.

"No" was the only answer he received from his mother.

"Where did she go?" he kept on asking. He was beginning to have a very bad feeling about Sakura's absence.

"Away..." this time Meilin gave the answer. Quietly, Tomoyo and Meilin stood up and said they still had a lot to do.

Tomoyo looked directly into Eriol's azure eyes, and asked him, "Have you been practising?"

Not expecting having anyone questioning him, "Y-yes..." he stuttered slightly.

"Good, later come and show me..." And they left, not letting anyone stop them on the way for anything else.

With Sakura

When she arrived to New York. She took a deep breath, and said "It's good to be back..." she smiled.

"Sakura..." someone called her name, from the mob that was waiting for family, she squinted her eyes and searched for a familiar face. Then she saw her.

"Jules..." she let a smile brighten her face, "You didn't have to come and get me.."

"Are you nuts... Of course I'd come and pick you up. Especially if it was my idea to bring you."

"I knew it."

"So where are you going to stay?"

"Where else, that the Plazza Hotel?"

"How tired are you?" One look at her face, "Silly question when aren't you tired?"

"I'm not tired... I slept through the flight..."

"Right..." she said picking up one her bags, and started walking to the exit of the J. F. Kennedy airport. "Taxi..." she hailed.

"A taxi?" Sakura enquired "You in a taxi? This is worth you coming pick me up at the airport."

"To the plazza hotel", she said to the taxi driver. "As if... I do use public transport." One look in Sakura's direction, "Fine, I knew you wouldn't want to make a big fuss on your arrival in New York."


"Seriously, you are going to rest. I can't have you falling the next few days."

When they finally arrive to the hotel, Sakura was led to her assigned room, and before she heard, Jules closing the door behind her, she was already sleeping in her king size bed.

"Not tired she said... As if..."

Monday - Moonlight Blossom Design's Hong Kong Building

At 9 o'clock, Meilin was waiting for Tong to arrive, when someone knocked at the door. She found it odd, for anyone start knocking in her door so soon in the morning. Normally her secretary would only knock once, before coming in.

"Come in..."

"Hi!" Anne's head peaked from the door.

"Wasn't expecting you..." Meilin said with a teasing smile on her face.

"Yeah right..." she said walking all the way into Meilin's office.

"Geez, don't need to be so bitchy..." Meilin said with a smile.

Anne stuck her tongue at her "So where is my office?"

"Sakura, gave you all the details?" Meilin asked.


"Good," Meilin said standing up from her seat, "Follow me."

When Meilin reached the door, Anne asked her "So, tell me the story with Tong?"

Meilin was caught with her guard down, and Anne could see hurt in her deep ruby eyes. "Nothing, just the need to make him eat his own words..."

"Okay," She said unsure what the truth behind those words was. "Well if you need help, I'm here..."

With Sakura

She had started working at seven in the morning; so that the photographers could have different tones of light during the shootings. She had just finished shooting a photo session for Vogue and getting ready for the next one when. "So where have you been?"

"Nowhere Marie," she answered drily, "Just dealing with a few troubles."

"What did your boss did now?" she asked noticing the tired look she supported behind the cameras.


"When will he show who he really is?"

"Don't know..." Sakura answered supporting a knowing smile.

"How about," Marie said changing the subject, "Tonight, all of us go are going out, to drink. Do you want to come?"

"Sure." She said, "See you later then." She said, before walking back to the studio set.

With Syaoran

He had been searching for any sign of Sakura all morning. He pestered his mother, until she lost her patience and order him to go to work. Syaoran was on his away to the Li Corp building, when he found himself entering the lift of Moonlight Blossom Design's and pressing to the last floor. The first place he checked was Sakura's office, hoping to find her there supporting an annoyed look for having been disturbed while working. However, the sight that greeted him was an empty office. He heard laughing come from Meilin's.

When he entered Meilin's office, the first person he saw, was the same person he never wanted to see again. Of Sakura's friends, she was the one he dreaded to see again, the most protective one.

"So I see you managed to track her down. Took you long enough...Three years..." Anne said dismissively.

"Nice to see you, Anne." He said.

"Pity, I can't say the same..."

"Xiao Lang," Meilin called her cousin's attention to her, before the glaring match started, "What do you want from here?"

"I was looking for Sakura." He answered truthfully, not letting anyone know he was worried about her being missing.

"Did you see in her office?"

"Yes, And she ain't there..."

"Do you see her here?" was Anne's haughty question.


"So she ain't here." Anne said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Where is she." He asked directly to Meilin. Meilin noticed the tome he used, was the same when striking a business.

"Why do you want to know?" Anne asked haughtily.

Syaoran turned his eyes, hard, cold eyes to Anne, and she felt a slight shiver of fear run down her spine, the last time she saw those eyes, was when he beat a guy back in college for simply trying to kiss Sakura. "Because, has Li Corp CEO, and L.H.T. CEO, I've got a right to know. She is breaking the contract."

"No Syaoran, she isn't." Was all that Meilin said, "Now if you'd excuse us. We have work to do."

"But what about Sakura?" He pressed yet again.

"You'll get to see her soon.." was Meilin's encrypted answer.

Later with Sakura

"You came..." was the enthusiastic Greeting she received from Marie, when she steeped into the bar.

"Of course I did Marie," she said supporting a smile, "I needed to cool off."

"Why?" asked Eva, putting her cosmopolitan down.

"Because, Eva I need it..." She said picking up her Margarita.

"Does it have anything to do with the last interview you gave to Vogue with your ex-fiancée?"


"So?" Angela pressed.

"It has to do with seeing him again..." she said with a low voice, before dunking down the rest of her drink.

"Oh... Do tell..." Marie said giggling slightly.

"It was nothing..." She tried to dismiss the question, but one look to them, and she knew she had to give them something, "I come back to the States, to work and get away from Hong Kong..."

"But now you ain't working, right?" Eva said, with a sly smile.

"No..." she said grinning slightly, "But since when can't I have fun?"


Sakura picked up her cell phone, and after a few minutes listening to whoever was on the other side, "Yes, of course I'll do it..."

"What happened..."

"Nothing much... I just got an invitation to be the next guest on Project Runway..."

"Why?" Marie asked.

"I need a new dress to Moonlight Blossom Design's, my boss wants it."

"Ok..." Angela said, not even questioning anything about Sakura's boss, "Now enough talk about work... It's time to get this party started..."

Next Week - With Syaoran

Syaoran was pacing in his office, in Li corp. He was going crazy with Sakura's absence, not knowing any news, or her whereabouts. He was even pondering picking up the phone and calling her brother, he shuddered just thinking about it.

Now he had completely lost it, on his computer screen it could be seen opened the New York Times website page, and splattered across one of the latest news, it could be read "Sakura Kinomoto comes back to the States!" A different headline, also featuring Sakura, "Sakura Kinomoto, seen coming out of a Club in the company of a mysterious guy. Could this mean a new love?"

That was had him pacing the length of his office. "This can't be true."

He wanted to go meet her, but what could be his excuse, he had to come up with anything, that wouldn't leave Sakura thinking he was following and checking up on her.

In Meilin's Office

Tong was working along with Meilin in an expense report when a woman he never saw before walked in, without knocking or being announced. She was stunning, not like Meilin, but she still was breathless, she had shoulder length brown light hair with red highlights. She was wearing a black skirt with a cream shirt.

"She is married, you know?" come an annoyed voice from his right, he could swear that the voice could kill him, "So stop ogling at her..."

"You don't have anything to do about it..." he said, or rather snapped at her annoyed, that he no longer could ogle women, it wasn't like they were dating.

"No she hasn't... But my husband does. And he won't be happy to know one of his friend's ogled his wife, like a rabid dog..." she snapped.

"I would never..." Tong said aghast, although the way of talking and the voice wasn't unfamiliar.

"My name is Anne Yan, married to Chen Yan, remember him?" she asked him like talking to a 3 year old. "Meilin do you mind coming to my office? I need your help with some files."

That's all she said, Anne didn't let Meilin answer. She grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the room, before Tong could say anything that would make her day worse than it already was. And Tong just had to be the cherry on top, hurting Meilin, like that by ogling her. She didn't got what his problem was Meilin is a stunning woman, always has been.

Tong is just stupid.

Ring Ring


"Tong..." He heard a voice he was expecting for the week and half. It was about time.

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