After my last story, Swimming In The Time Stream, I had lots of reviews asking for a sequel. I was not expecting that at all, but when I went back and read through my last two chapters I realized that I had set myself up for another story. To me, sequels are often worse than the first story, but my hope is that this will be just as good if not better than the original. This starts a few minutes after chapter 22 left off.

After I had left Sam at her house with a goodbye kiss, (I'll never get tired of those) I walked back to my house with a smile on my lips. My life finally had started to take a turn for the better. Sam was my girlfriend, I had saved the world, and I had thoroughly confused Vlad. Maybe he would leave me alone for a few days.

My house was quiet when I walked in, and I was glad, because now I could sneak up to my room without my parents asking me where I had been. But the farther I entered the house, the more worried I became. The silence was spooky and I felt a chill go down my spine. A few seconds later I realized that the chill was caused by the blue smoke rising from my mouth.

I changed into my ghost form and noticed that the colors had returned to normal. There was a noise behind me and when I turned I came face to face with Clockwork. I sighed and knew that if Clockwork was here, then he had bad news. What could have happened since I had talked with him a few hours ago?

To my surprise Clockwork looked panicked. Usually he just looked bored. My eyes widened in realization. Something had happened with time that was out of Clockwork's control.

"Danny" he said, and I noticed the urgency in his voice, "Something is happening to your dark half. He wants to speak with you immediately." Before I could reply I was in Clockworks castle in the Ghost Zone.

Clockwork walked over to a portal I hadn't seen before. I followed him and watched as Clockwork reached inside the open portal and pulled out the Fenton Thermos that held Evil Dan. Then he turned around and gave the thermos to me.

I stared at it and saw several dents in the silver metal. Then I heard an evil laugh from the depths of the container. "Well Danny, it seems as though fate has brought us together again." Evil Dan's voice was smooth but underneath I could hear a hint of insanity. "I knew it was you when I felt your heroic aura." He laughed again, and this time it sounded more crazy than evil.

Clockwork tapped the thermos with his finger and the laughing was cut off. He spoke and now I could hear the definite tones of fear. "Your evil future is becoming insane." He said. "I am the master of all time and I know that this should not be occurring" he rubbed his head and stared at me like he was worried for my sanity too.

"Something or someone is causing a disturbance in time, but whatever it is I do not know. They are creating the disturbances from outside of time, and are therefore out of my control." He continued giving me that strange look and then took the thermos from my hands.

As soon as he set it back into the portal the portal closed. Clockwork began speaking in a quiet voice and I had to lean closer to hear it. "I'm afraid that the disturbance occurred in the future, but is slowly working its way back to you. Like ripples. Observe." Clockwork waved his hand and a portal opened.

I watched as a tall, thin, slightly muscular man with black hair paced back and forth muttering to himself. He continued walking and stared around the empty room with wild insane eyes. He shouted something intelligible.

The portal closed and I looked at Clockwork. "He has gone insane." He said. "And he is your future self." I gasped in shock at the thought of going crazy and screaming out random things. That didn't sound good at all. "This morning your future was happy and normal, but it suddenly turned into that."

Clockwork frowned. "Whoever is destroying your future is slowly moving towards the present. Soon you will also become insane." My jaw dropped and I thought that if my eyes widened any more they would fall out. Once again I had to save someone, only this time it was myself.

Sympathy filled Clockwork's eyes. "If I could tell you the future I would. But I'm afraid that it is changing and telling it to you would not ease your mind. I have been able to pinpoint the location of the being, but it confuses me."

I said nothing and Clockwork continued. "The being is in a pit that is outside of time. The area above the pit is flat except for one small bump. Does this mean anything to you?" I thought for a moment and then slapped my hand to my head. Kansas was back to haunt me, and so was Doom.

That also meant that now I had to go back to the other world. "Clockwork," I said and he blinked at the sound of my voice after my long silence. "I'm going to have to travel to the other world again. This time I won't have anyone to help me. What am I going to do?"

To my surprise Clockwork smiled. "The same friend who helped you defeat Doom once is still there. I did not erase Vlad Masters memory." At first it seemed too good to be true, but Clockwork never lied. I couldn't help but smile at the thought of seeing Vlad again. "I must warn you," he said, and all I could think was 'what now', "The worlds are separate, and now you will meet yourself in the other world if you are not carefull."

I looked at Clockwork and he waved his hand again. The castle around me faded into blackness and I found myself in the Kansas field I had seen twice before. A farmer, the farmer, stared at me and I realized I was still in my ghost form.

"Dang." He said in his country way. "I'm gonna have to tell my therapist that I'm having different nightmares now." He walked away and I let out a sigh of relief. Then I took off into the sky and flew towards Amity Park, several states away.

I was exhausted by the time I landed in front of my house in this universe. The Masters Works sign, which had given me a shock before, lifted my spirits. I turned intangible and invisible and went inside.

As soon as I entered the house I nearly walked into myself. Other world Danny stood in front of me looking bored as his mother, my other world mother, tied a tie around his neck. "Now sweetie, I know you hate wearing ties but it's good to make a nice first impression on people."

"But Mom," my other self protested, "She's a Goth. It's not like I'm going out with Paulina again." My head hurt as I tried to figure out the life of this Danny but I decided that things like his love life should be left alone. I continued walking through the house in search of Vlad.

Jazz was sitting in the kitchen doing homework. At first it seemed normal but then I remembered that this was the Jazz that had skipped school to go ghost hunting. Then I noticed the gun by her foot and became even more confused.

At that moment Vlad walked into the kitchen and smiled at Jazz. "I'm glad you started going back to school Jazz." He said, and after hearing the Vlad of my worlds evil voice, this Vlad's voice sounded extremely happy.

Jazz smiled and said, "As long as you let me go ghost hunting after words I'll go to school." I shook my head and watched Vlad leave the room and head towards the stairs. I flew up them and changed back just as he began to climb the steps.

Vlad looked up and saw me standing at the top of the stairs. "Hello Danny, I thought you were going to meet that girl at school. When did you change back into your normal clothes?" I stared at him and realized that he thought I was his son.

I looked around to make sure the coast was clear and said, "Vlad it's me!" I changed into my ghost form and I watched as surprise followed by a smile formed on his face. He ran up the stairs and pulled me into a fatherly hug.

"Welcome back Danny Phantom." he said. And I thought I heard him humming.