This chapter is for Samantha Seldowitz for guessing what the heck was going on!

Here lies Danny Phantom

I stared at the engraving, unable to believe what I was seeing. Plants covered more words, and I pulled them away so that I could continue reading.

He was a hero from another world who died saving this one.

That was it. No names, dates, or anything. I backed away from the tombstone. This couldn't be real. Was I dead? Two rings changed me back into Danny Fenton. Okay, so I wasn't dead. Was it a trick? I put my hand out and touched the stone, hoping that it would be plastic, but it wasn't. The words were faded from the weather, so it would have had to have been up for awhile.

Where did the grave come from? The only people who knew about me were this world's Sam, Vlad, Jazz, and other me. It must have been Vlad. But why had he given up on me? I had only been fighting the time belt for ten, maybe twenty minutes. Wait… the time belt. It had said that I would regret destroying it, and then that strange feeling went through me. I could be ten or twenty years in the future!

I had to find someone.

Amity Park was unrecognizable as I flew towards it. I froze in midair and stared at the city in shock. Everything was different. It looked like a place from some sci-fi movie. "Hey move it!" someone yelled behind me. I spun around and saw a car flying towards me, and dodged just in time.

How long had I been gone? I turned invisible and landed in a safe place before changing back into my human form. As I walked along the sidewalk people stopped to stare at me. I couldn't even lie low as Danny Fenton now, thanks to my clothes. I avoided their eyes and kept walking until I finally saw something that looked familiar.

The Masters' Works sign was still there. In fact the whole building looked exactly the same as it had been the last time I had seen it. I ran up to the door and considered just walking in, but that probably wasn't the best idea since everything had changed, so I knocked.

A tall thin man with black hair came to the door. He glared at me and said, "Yes, this is the previous home of Vlad Masters, world famous ghost hunter, no he no longer resides here, and no we do not give out free tours." Then he slammed the door in my face

I blinked and stood on the doorstep. That wasn't what I was expecting. I knocked again, hoping that whoever he was would give me a chance to talk. The door opened again. "Look, I don't know who you are or what you want, but I'm busy. Let me get back to my boring, forever living in the shadow of my father, life."

He was about to close the door again when someone else spoke from inside the house. "Danny? Who's at the door?" I almost answered, but stopped as the words sunk in. The guy was me? He was this dimension's Danny? A pretty red headed woman came to the door. Jazz?

"Hello young man, what can we do for you? I'm sorry my brother's a little bitter. He doesn't like it when I come over for surprise visits." I glanced at her brother, other Danny I guess, and he was still glaring at me. I don't think Jazz visiting was all that he was mad at.

"I need to talk to Vlad." I said, noticing that other me's glare increased. "It's really important."

"Look you little brat, I told you that Vlad doesn't live here anymore. You can't talk to him if he's not here. Now get off of my property!" He was going to slam the door again when Jazz caught his arm.

"Danny, you can't let your temper get so out of hand." She said. Other Danny pulled out of her grip and stormed off into the house. Jazz almost went after him but then said to me, "If you're having a ghost problem than I should probably come help you. What did you need to talk to my father about?"

I wasn't sure if I could trust her or not. The last time I had seen her had been when she was trying to destroy me. "I just… really wanted to see Vlad Masters. I- uh, my dad, knew him and I wanted to ask him some questions."

Somewhere inside the house it sounded like something was smashed. Jazz flinched. "I'm sorry, but my father has retired from ghost hunting and doesn't want anyone talking to him." There was another sound, only this time it sounded like glass shattering. "Goodbye, thanks for visiting." She closed the door and I could hear her running towards the source of the sound.

What the heck was going on? I was in the future, Vlad was missing, and no one was going to help me. There must be a way to find Vlad. I looked up at the building looming over me and decided that I was going to get in there one way or another. I ran behind the building, turned into my ghost form, and went inside.

The house was a lot more futuristic on the inside than the outside. I turned invisible and started to look around when there was a loud crash and a yell from the kitchen. Other Danny came into the room I was floating in and Jazz followed. "Leave me alone Jazz. If I want to destroy priceless objects than I will." He knocked a vase over to demonstrate.

Jazz caught the vase and set it back on a table. "Just because you don't like dad doesn't mean that you can take it out on your house!"

He turned around and glared furiously at her. "Since when has this been my house? The mayor made it a landmark so I can't change the outside even though the only thing older than this building is the school, I can't move away because then no one would take care of this place, people constantly come here asking for Vlad, and you're always visiting just to make sure I haven't gone crazy yet!"

"It's not dad's fault." she said. "He just wanted to help people and stop ghosts from attacking. If he hadn't then a lot of innocent people would have gotten hurt. You know that he didn't do anything to hurt you." Other Danny said nothing, and Jazz tried to put her hand on his shoulder. He pulled away.

"You're right. It wasn't dad's fault that the evil ghost boy came here and ruined my life." I held in a surprised gasp. "Ever since he vanished twenty years ago dad hasn't stopped feeling sorry for that jerk. The freak came here, made Sam fall in love with him and hate me for some reason, destroyed part of the house, traumatize me by kidnapping me and taking me to some huge ghost, and worst of all he made himself seem like a great big hero to my dad, so dad was constantly trying to make me act like that ghost mutt!"

I had to bite my tongue to stop from saying anything. The worst part was that Jazz seemed to agree with him. Other Danny yelled furiously and slammed his fist into a wall near where he and Jazz had been standing.

A vase that was on a shelf above their heads started to rock back and forth and fell off of the shelf towards Jazz's head. Jerks or not I couldn't let them get hurt. I dove forward and grabbed the vase before it hit anyone. Unfortunately I had to turn visible to do it.

Suddenly I had two guns pointing right at my head.