The Sidekick Strike

Chapter Ten

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"I got it!"

Three heads shot up at the sound of Robin's triumphant cry. The red-vested boy was grinning triumphantly and pointing to a page in the book that had a picture of the magic pendant on it.

"So what does it say?" Kid Flash asked excitedly.

But before Robin could answer, they heard a door open from not so far away…

The Joker's maniacal laughter filled the air.

"Ready or not, here we come!" he cried out joyously, making Robin's previously-forgotten queasiness return.

"What does it say, hurry up, what does it say!" demanded Kid Flash, sounding as frantic as Robin looked.

"Um, well… we need the pendant, and the music, and then somebody has to recite these words while waving the pendant in front of the victim's face and playing the music in the background."

"What, are you crazy! The second the Joker finds out what we're doing, he'll sic Hawkgirl on us! And Superman! And Wonder Woman! And—!"


"Unless, of course, we can find out what's causing the music. Then I can steal whatever it is and distract the Joker from issuing any orders while you de-hypnotize the League."

"But what causes the music…?"

"A tape recorder in his left pocket," Batman informed them quietly. "I saw it earlier in the Watchtower."

"Well why didn't you say so!" Robin hissed.

Just as the Joker reappeared on the third floor.

With the Justice League not far behind him.

"Oh, boy… you ready, KF?" the Boy Wonder whispered to the background of the Joker's wild laughter.

"No…" Kid Flash muttered with a gulp. "Well… wish me luck. And you guys in the chairs had better close your eyes, just in case something goes wrong and we hypnotize you, instead."

Needless to say, neither Batman nor Flash approved of their sidekicks taking such huge risks against such dangerous adversaries. And they probably would have said something about it, had they thought it had a fraction of a chance of doing any good.

"So, boys," the Joker started again, "have you thought over my little proposition?"

Kid Flash would never know how he worked up enough guts to speed up to the Joker, stick his hand in his pocket, pull out the little tape recorder, and turn on the funny music all without stopping. But he had done his part. Now the rest was up to Robin.

Robin wrenched the charm out of the book and held up with his left hand, while supporting the book in his right. As the Joker was screaming something threatening at the barely-visible Kid Flash, he gently set the charm to waving and began to speak the language of his ancestors:

"Chorav, kor, kerdem armaya…"

The Justice League hadn't moved since Kid Flash had started the music, and all of their eyes had stayed transfixed on the pendant once Robin had started reciting the words of the spell. There were still several sentences left, and Robin tried to finish them quickly before Kid Flash wore himself out and the Joker caught up with him.

But he wasn't fast enough.

The Boy Wonder was just one word shy of finishing the spell and saving the League when Kid Flash tripped over a loose floorboard and was sent flying.

And so was the tape recorder!

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as the tape recorder went up, up, up… then began to come down, sure to be irreparably smashed as soon as it hit the floor. Robin moved his mouth noiselessly, unable to speak.

The Joker and Kid Flash looked at each other, and both went after the falling recorder.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who got there first.

"Robin, GO!" Kid Flash yelled, snapping Robin out of his shock-induced daze.

"Chavaia!" Robin blurted out.

And it was over. The green gently faded out of the Justice League's eyes, and several of them were now looking around in general confusion, although Wonder Woman went over to untie Flash and the Batman while Martian Manhunter took it upon himself to remove the threat of the Joker (don't worry, both Batman and Flash got in a few good punches later on, just before the police showed up and put an end to the violence.)

While all this was going on, Robin happened to notice Kid Flash standing to one side, looking at the tape recorder in his hands, appearing to be rather unhappy.

"What's the matter, KF?" the Boy Wonder asked, walking over to his friend. "We just solved a case—a JLA case, at that! Everybody's safe… so what's wrong?"

"You solved the case," Kid Flash replied, sounding as annoyed as Robin had concerned. "I practically messed everything up."

"We all make mistakes," Robin insisted. "Like the way I walked straight into the Joker's trap downstairs and was practically hypnotized, remember?"

Robin placed a hand on Kid Flash's shoulder.

"You did good, buddy," he said with a smile.

And Kid Flash smiled back.


"Would you explain something if we asked you to?"

It was Kid Flash who had popped the question. Both boys were currently being carried piggy-back by their senior partners. Neither one had been exactly thrilled by the suggestion, but considering that they had just been beaten up by the Justice League, they really weren't in any condition to walk all the way downstairs to the Batmobile. They were lucky they could still walk at all—especially Kid Flash, after all the zipping around he had done just minutes before.

"That depends what you want explained," Flash replied.

"Well, I know Joker is a real criminal mastermind and all that, but how did he manage to hypnotize the majority of the Justice League so quickly? I mean, doing anything to Superman is not exactly easy. Trust me. I know," his sidekick said.

"I'm not exactly sure," the senior partner admitted. "Everyone except Batman had already been put under by the time I got to the Watchtower."

"Then maybe Batman can tell us," Robin suggested, sounding annoyingly perky for someone with two soon-to-be-black eyes.

"We can't be sure until we ask everyone else, but I think the Joker must have managed to hypnotize one of the other members first, and then got him or her to lead him to the Watchtower and get the others into one room so he could hypnotize them, too," the Dark Knight explained to his fellow heroes. "That was when I received a call from Superman, telling me to come to the Watchtower. He and Hawkgirl met me at the Transporter."

"Did they beat you up?" Kid Flash queried, eyes wide.

Batman shot the red-head a look, then went on with his hypothesis, conveniently skipping the part when he had indeed been beaten up by the other Leaguers:

"…The Joker ordered me to call Flash and get him to the Watchtower…"

"They DID beat you up!"

"…He threatened to put me under and send me back to the Batcave to kill Robin unless I did what he asked. I. Had. No. Choice," he finished, looking pointedly at Flash as he enunciated his last sentence.

"Don't worry about it. I would have done the same thing in your position."

"Who's worried?"

Robin snickered. And, when nobody was looking, Batman allowed himself a small smile at the sound of his partner's laughter.

By the time the conversation had ended, they had reached the ground floor of the newspaper office. Commissioner Gordon was there with a couple of his officers, although the Joker had already been taken back to Arkham. As soon as Gordon spotted the four heroes, he went straight over to them, trying not to laugh at the sight of the two teenagers on their partners' backs.

"Well, it seems as if Gotham City owes the both of you a great deal! Congratulations on another job well-done!"

"Thank you, Commissioner…"

Robin and Kid Flash exchanged glances. After all this, they STILL weren't going to get any recognition? Sheesh! Would they never learn?

That did it. They were going on strike again as soon as—

"…But actually…"

The two boys looked at each other once again as the Scarlet Speedster and the Dark Knight set their partners down. What now?

"…They're the ones who solved the case. Robin and Kid Flash should get all of the credit for this one, Commissioner."

This time, the looks they traded were ones of pride and triumph, if not barely-concealed soreness; they didn't even notice as Gordon's eyebrows shot up in pleased surprise.

Mission accomplished!

And then, Robin's "holy" dream-come-true—Commissioner Gordon congratulated them and shook hands with them both.

"Oh, and Batman," Gordon said abruptly, looking up from the grinning pair of sidekicks, "I've had several reports that the Batmobile was seen… shall we say, 'running amuck' throughout the city earlier tonight. Did quite a bit of damage, too."

As the Commissioner looked at the elder heroes with an expectant/curious expression on his face, Robin and Kid Flash had paled considerably and were throwing each other panicked looks. This wasn't lost on their senior partners, neither of whom was at a loss for words, although it was Flash who spoke up first:

"Like we said, Commissioner—the boys should get all of the credit for this one!"

The two teens watched in horror as Batman and Flash headed towards the exit, leaving them to do the explaining to Commissioner Gordon.

"Wait!" Robin cried.

"Where are you going?" added Kid Flash.

Turning for just a minute, Batman replied, "You're the ones who wanted to take credit for your accomplishments. Now I expect you to do so… we'll be talking about this at home, Robin."

And they were gone.

The End

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