This is a sequel that I came up with for my other ER fic Surprises, so you might want to read that first. It is an AU, but only in the fact that I chose which ER storylines to include and it doesn't follow a strict timeline on the show…although it is set somewhere in series 12. All you really need to know about my other story is Neela/Ray had a one night stand and Neela became pregnant. Michael Gallant never came back from Iraq and she and Ray are now together. But it would still be nice if you read that first, if you haven't already!

I'm not sure about the title of this one yet, so it might change, but this was all I could think of. I hope all of you who read the first one, enjoy this story as well.

Across The Miles

Chapter One - Perfection

"How about Rebecca?" suggested Ray.




"Jason?" Finally he gave up and Neela barely caught the book of baby names in time as he threw it at her. "Well, you try. Everytime I think of something you throw it back at me.!"

Neela tried to control the expression on her face, but eventually she had to laugh. He just looked so serious it was amusing. "Oh, Ray I'm sorry," she finally managed. "It's just…Nothing can go wrong in this. What happens if when he or she grows up, they end up hating their own name? If I screw that up, what else is likely to happen? I just want everything to be perfect."

Ray, finally understanding, sighed patiently and came to sit by her. "Well, for one thing you won't screw up anything, trust me. That'll probably be all me."

"Things would go a lot easier if we could find out if it was a boy or a girl," she teased him.

He shook his head. "NO!"

Then He leaned forward for a quick kiss….because it had only been several minutes since the last one they shared. As usual, his lips lingered on hers for a few extra seconds…or it could have been hours….longer then absolutely necessary. "Ray," she said, breaking them apart softly, but sternly. "We're late."

"We always are," he said, shrugging off her concerns.

"I mean really late."

"I don't care."

She frowned at him then and stood up to grab her coat and bag. "You will care when this kid needs to go to school and we're broke!"

"See, this is why we're together," he grinned casually. "You help to keep me in line!"

"And you help keep me out of line every now and then." she nodded. "We make a great team. You do realise this kid doesn't stand a chance right?"

"Especially if it has the name Rupert, anyway," he said glancing once more at the baby book as if it was cursed. "You're right though," she went on, putting on her coat. "Eventually, I'm sure we'll find the…Ray? What is it? Come on…we've got to get moving."

Ray hadn't moved an inch since they'd been talking and his care free attitude had faded. He looked like a man with a lot on his mind and it made her wonder. "Could you come back over here a sec?" he asked hesitantly.

She walked forward a little bit. "Ray, you're making me nervous here. What are you up to?"

He took her hand and began to kneel on the floor, and she thought her heart would stop beating. "I know technically, this should wait until tonight. I mean, I did have a table all booked. But they say we should wait until the perfect moment and I swear, when we get a chance, we'll do the fancy meal, champagne and the whole nine yards. But I've just got this feeling. If I don't do this now…something might go wrong. I mean, it is us right?"

"Spit it out Ray," she smiled down at him. From his pocket he produced a small black box, something Neela was sure she'd never see in her life. He opened it and it was lined with velvet. The ring was made of white gold, with a solitaire diamond sparkling in the light.

"Will you marry me?" it slipped out in a nervous rush and she answered just as quickly, almost instantly.


"I remembered you liked white gold and diamonds…" he struggled to say as he slipped it on. "Abby mentioned it so…I hope I got it right."

"So Abby knew?" Neela asked, but she was too happy to be mad. "She's good at keeping secrets then." She pulled him to his feet. "You got everything right. But…isn't this a bit crazy? Or fast…or something?"

"Well, I figure we're having a baby. Besides, it feels like we've been here longer somehow."

"I can't wait to tell everyone," she gushed as they walked outside.

"I think they're still recovering from the fact we're together."


The day past by in a hectic whirlwind of colours and sounds as usual, so fast that neither Ray or Neela had time to stop and enjoy their day with their colleagues. Neela had planned a night out with those members of staff who were lucky enough to have their shift end at the same time. On his break, Ray asked Frankto ring up to the OR.

"Hey, is Neela up there?" Frank asked in his usual abrupt way. "Barnett just wants to check what time they're meeting people tonight."

"You're invited," Ray added hastily to him.

Rolling his eyes, Frank listened attentively to the person on the other end. Then he nodded and hung up. "She's not up there. Probably on her break too."

Ray nodded. "She's probably around here someplace. I'll just catch up with her later." In several hours time…he was still looking.