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"Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, whoop, bunny, whoop, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny."

"No Edward, that's not it either!" Exclaimed Bella as she, once again, took glory in finding something that she mastered more quickly than her all-too-perfect boyfriend. It was a risk but as Bella and Edward sat on his black leather couch in his room at the Cullen estate, Bella knew that she had to give this a try.

"Now remember, copy exactly what I do after I say 'okay'."

Edward nodded his head. Frustration and annoyance began to spread from his topaz eyes to mix with the concentration that already shrouded his features.

"Okay." Bella proceeded to tap the tip of each finger on her left hand starting with her pinky finger as she said "Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, whoop, bunny, whoop, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny." She crossed her arms and tried to give Edward a "come-on-this-can't-be-any-simpler" look.

With a sigh Edward lifted his left hand "Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, whoop, bunny, whoop, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny."

A triumphant smile played across Bella's face, "Nope."

"You're kidding, right? This has to be some kind of pre-teen joke."

"Yet you can't seem to figure it out, Mr. Perfect. Now I shall do it for you again, nice and slow. Maybe this time you'll catch on."

"Bella, please, just tell me what it is I am missing. This is starting to become aggravating." Edward stared into her eyes attempting to use the power that he had over her. But Bella wasn't going to give up that easily.

With a huge childish grin Bella raised her left hand and excruciatingly slowly went, "Bunny. Bunny. Bunny. Bunny. Whoop." Making sure that as she went between her index finger and thumb she traced the delicate outline of her skin. " Bunny. Whoop. Bunny. Bunny. Bunny. Bunny." And, with an overly exaggerated action, crossed her arms again. (This being the key step that Edward, along with thousands of others before him, had missed).

And, yet again, Edward lifted up his left hand, sighed and began. "Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, whoo-" a thought seemed to pass through Edward's mind. He gave Bella a curious look "-oop bunny, whoop, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny." And with that he hesitated and then crossed his arms.

Bella's smile faltered as she stared at Edward's crossed arms. "Aww man, you got it." She looked up into his eyes.

"Are you saying that all I had to do was cross my arms at the end?" asked Edward.

"Yeap," a playful smile appeared on Bella's face.

Edward seemed somewhat dumbfounded but then his eyes became just as playful as Bella's smile.

"Why you little-" Edward made to pounce on Bella. Her scream seemed somewhat delayed whether by shock or because of Edward's inhuman speed. He had her pinned down on the couch. Her hair seemed somewhat wild and untamed as she pounded on her boyfriend's steel chest.

"Edward-Anthony-Masen-Cullen! You-get-off-me-right-now!"

With the laugh of an angel Edward responded, "I'm afraid I can't do that. You see, you just tortured me for a good," he glanced at the clock on his wall, "half an hour. So now, I believe it is my honor to repay you."

"How- how do you plan to do that?'

"Well since you did this by having me play your little game then you have to play a little game of my own." He finished off his statement with a growl.

"Edward?!" a hint of fear could be heard in the tone of Bella's voice.

"Bella," Edward shook his head hearing the nervousness in her voice, "when would I ever put you in any danger? My job is to keep you away from danger."

Bella let out a shaky sigh as Edward slowly got up and pulled her off the couch.

"By now I think the house should be clear if Alice got the message." It almost seemed as if he was saying this to himself and not just to Bella.

"Yes, they are all gone."

"Um, Edward? Just what do you have in mind for your 'game'?"

"Oh, you'll see Bella. And don't worry I'm sure you have played this game before. Just not with me and my… advantages." He winked at Bella which did not help with her nerves.

"Come on Bella." He held out his hand as a token of trust. With a hesitative glance into his eyes Bella delicately placed her hand in his. They walked at a humanly speed down into the kitchen. Edward walked around the room turning on all the appliances that they had ready for whenever Bella spent the night.

"Edward?" Bella shouted over the growing noise. "I'm so confused!"

"Listen Bella, I'm only going to count to one hundred and then go and find you. So get ready to hide."

"Hide? As in hide and seek?!"

A mischievous smile appeared on Edward's face. "Precisely. I figured since your trick was somewhat childish mine could be as well."

"But Edward, you'll be able to smell me out!"

"On the contrary. I solemnly swear to not breathe. And the noise," as he pointed around and continued, "is so I cannot hear your footsteps. In fact I think I may turn on the television and the stereo as well."

He was gone in a flash leaving Bella alone in the kitchen. A new kind of fear began to spread through Bella's being. She had never told Edward, for she thought it was pretty obvious when one looked at her athletic record, that she was horrible at hide and seek. She was always the first one found and when she was 'it' she could never find anyone. As she tried to think about where she was going to hide she heard the television turn on and then the stereo began to rise in volume.

Her mind was racing. Where was she going to hide? Before she could figure it out Edward was back in the kitchen. "Okay Bella, when you hear the noise turn off I'll be done counting and will be looking."

"But Edward-"

"Ready Bella?"

"No! Edward!"

"Well here we go."

"Edward this isn't fair!"

"'All's fair in love and war.' And besides, you weren't being fair to me."

"Edward, really, I must insist-"


Bella had the appearance of a deer in headlights. She was shocked and not sure what she was going to do but Edward was already reaching the double digits and his expression was one of mischief, confidence and, was that a flash of amusement in his eyes?

She was off running as quietly as she could. The rooms located on the ground floor were too open, not enough hiding spaces. As she ran up the stairs she thought about what was located on the floor to which she was heading to. She couldn't hide in Carlisle's office, that just didn't seem right, as would hiding in his and Esme's bedroom. She didn't even think about Rosalie's room, that just seemed as one big no-no. Edward would probably expect her to hide somewhere in his room because that is where she spent most of her time. She had to think. Where was a place she was sure she would be hidden? Some place with hiding spots, that wasn't too big, with things to cover her up.

In an instant she was running down the hallway making way to the perfect place. Not necessarily a room, but a closet, Alice's closet. There she was sure she could hide somewhere behind Alice's bulk of clothing and she was sure that Alice wouldn't mind. She noted that the closet door was closed and that the light was off. Noting these conditions she closed the door and made sure that the light stayed off that way it would give her hiding choice a bit more reassurance and safety, looking like nothing had disturbed this area.

There was a row of coats that were long enough and there happened to be some boxes on the floor behind them. Carefully she climbed up onto the boxes and pulled the coats to make sure they covered her up. She sat down and listened. She could still here the faint noise that Edward was playing. Good, that meant he wasn't out looking yet.

She had to calm down. With her heart racing along and her breathing being so quick she was sure to be a dead giveaway. Using some old yoga tricks her mother had tried to teach her Bella breathed deeply and relaxed her entire body. She cleared her mind of everything and just focused on being calm, relaxed and the silence. Silence.

He had started his search for her.

Bella attempted to calm herself down again but it was no use. She couldn't figure out what had her so worried. It was just a game of hide and seek. Nothing could harm her. Then again, this was a game and she was Isabella Swan: Klutz Extraordinaire. She would just have to stay quiet. It couldn't take Edward too long to make his way into the room and into Alice's closet. Now that she thought about it, it was a pretty childish place to hide. But then maybe that was an advantage since it had been such a long time since Edward, himself, was a child.

She made sure to keep her ears alert as her mind wandered. It never took too long, when one was trapped inside a small confined place, hiding. Especially if it was for a silly game of hide and seek, one would start to go off into their thoughts, an alternate universe, or just plain day dreams. In Bella's case it was the latter. She was in the meadow with Edward. It was almost a perfect replay of the first day he had taken her there. She could feel the heat of a blush rising up into her complexion. Happiness spread through her as she remembered that Edward said he would keep from breathing for surly the smell of her blood rushing into her face would have given her away.

A bit distracted from her day dream by the blush Bella began to figure out how Edward would attempt to find her. Would he stoop to the humanly level of just searching in this huge house? He had certainly limited his abilities for her, but he still had the advantage of being, well, not human, and didn't he mention something about tricks? Maybe some skills he used for hunting when, say, the wind was dead or the animals slept so that no sound was being made besides their steady breathing.

Maybe, just maybe, all vampires had a little tracking capability in them. Albeit not all like James, for that was a heightened, special, ability as was Edward's mind reading or Jasper's emotional charger.

So when she was running out of the kitchen maybe, by chance, she had scuffed the floor in the direction she was headed. Maybe she left foot prints on the carpet that Edward could easily identify. And maybe, just maybe, Edward had already followed all these subtle hints and was outside the closet door right now, keeping inhumanly silent, for hadn't he said he wouldn't even breathe?

Panic had risen once again in Bella, her heart was pounding and her breathing, racing. She knew it. He had to be outside now. He was Edward, Mr. Perfect, it couldn't take him this long to find her. And yet, what if he hadn't yet? What if he was checking the ground floor first? Would she risk going outside of the safety of the closet to find another hiding spot or possibly just make a run for the front door?

She was scared. She wasn't even thinking about the fact that a vampire was out there looking for her right now, it was the fact that Edward was looking for her that made her blood rush through her system. It was one of those adrenaline moments where even though your life isn't at risk you know that you are nearing a defeat.

And yet even as she attempted to push aside the coats that hung before her she could not. She was frozen, paralyzed throughout her body at the thought of Edward being right behind those doors. With a sharp intake of breath Bella rose just a little bit, not enough to cause any noise. She had thought she had heard something. The slightest sound coming from the bedroom of which this closet belonged. It was him. He was there. She was trapped.

She was also sure that when she was startled by the noise that he had heard the change in her breathing and heart rate. It was only a matter of time now.

The door silently opened but she could see, through the coats, the light falling onto the closet floor.

"Bella? I know you are in here. Why not just give yourself up?" Edward had now walked into the closet and was looking around the space that could be mistaken as a tiny bedroom, if not for the semi-organized way that Alice had hung her many outfits.

Bella thought about how just moments ago Edward was the one trying to give up her own game and she knew that she would not break as easily. Edward seemed to realize this.

"Well, if you aren't going to come quietly," he said as he slowly turned about the room, "I guess I'm just going to have to drag you out of here kicking and screaming." As he finished she noticed that his feet were now facing the very spot in which she was hiding. He took another step closer and whipped apart the coats. "Why hello Bella."

She screamed as he lifted her off the boxes and carried her out of the room.

"Let go of me! Put me down! Where are you taking me?!" were the only phrases she could let out before she found herself elegantly plopped down, back on Edward's couch.

"Satisfied?" questioned Edward as he gave her that smile, the one that made her melt from the inside out. But the fear that still pumped in her wouldn't let him have any satisfaction.

"No I am not! Edward why would you terrify me like that?"

"Terrify?" A look of concern appeared on Edward's visage.

"Yes Edward! I was scared! I felt like I was trapped and being…" she let the sentence hang not sure how he would take it.

"Like being, what Bella?" he looked into her eyes. "Tell me."

She sighed, "It was like I was being hunted." Turning her gaze away so that she could not see the hurt look on Edward's face she felt him straighten up a bit.

"Oh, Bella. I never wanted to put you in that kind of situation. I just thought that we were having a little fun."

"Well it wasn't all that much fun for me."

"I am so sorry Bella." He reached out his hand and tilted her head so that she would look at him. "Please forgive me."

With the smile that he gave her and the look in his eyes Bella couldn't help but sigh and say "I always do."

And with that Edward leaned in and gave her one light kiss.

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