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Anyway, enjoy the hilarity of misunderstandings!

"Come on Riku, push harder! We're not even moving yet!"

"Hey, I am pushing! Don't you feel it?"

"No, not feelin' it yet. Come on, you can do it!"


"Hey, that kinda hurt! Be a little more careful back there!"

"You told me to push harder! You can only blame yourself."

"Well, you could still be a little gentler, I don't wanna break anything."

"Ok, let's try this again. You ready Sora?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."

"Here we go!"


"Agh! It's still not working!"

"Y'know, I can't do this by myself, you have to help too."

"I'm doin' my best Riku, what else would you have me do?"

"You could push harder too."

"What, you can't feel me pushing?"

"You couldn't feel me pushing, remember?"

"Good point…"

"I think we should have you checked out for nerve damage, there might be something seriously wrong with you."

"Ha ha, Riku. Come on, let's try again."

"Third time's a charm."


"Oh, Riku! I think it's working! I can feel it!"

"So can I… But we need to push harder if we really wanna get o-"


Kairi had been standing outside Riku's hall closet for the past five minutes listening to the racket coming from inside.

She'd recognized Sora and Riku's voices and wondered what they could possibly be doing in a closet together.

Of course, that was only for the first few minutes. Slowly, to her horror, she discerned what the muffled sounds meant. And then the door had shaken violently, as if something was being pushed against it.

She was about to run away screaming bloody murder when the door suddenly burst open and Sora and Riku fell out of the closet, with Riku on top.

"Hey Kairi! What's up? Hey, you look pale… You sick?"

"U-Umm, Sora, w-what where you two doing in the c-closet?"

"Huh? Oh! Me and Riku were playin' hide-n-seek with Tidus and Wakka, but the door got stuck."

"Oh… is that all? Phew…"

"Yeah, what did you think we were doing?"

"Oh, nothing…"

"Well, actually Kairi, there was something else we've been meanin' to tell you."

"Aww! Riku, do we have to tell her now?"

"It's as good a time as any, Sora."

"Fine… Kairi, Riku and I are goin' out."


"Well, she took that well, don't you think Riku?"

"Yup. Heh, looks like we've accomplished two things today: We got the door unstuck, and we came outta the closet!"

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