Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, though I wouldn't mind having the rights to Edward. ;)

Thought I'd try my hand at another Twilight poem. It doesn't have a setting really. Could be the prom but doesn't have to be. Just don't forget to R/R. I want to know what you think of it. Thanks.:)


Trapped in a ghostly embrace

Skin cool but leaving a burning trail

Eyes drawn to a pale perfect face

His kiss a promise of Holy Grail

Needing nothing more; to sway

To a haunting, hypnotic beat

Ineptitude carried softly away

By his confident, leading feet

"Bella," he says, "Trust me.

Have I led you wrong before?"

I lean into his chest and nod simply

Close contact leaves me wanting more

Detect from his posture; leaning in

Tasting my scent like an addict's drug

Reading in his features the struggle within

Feeling no slack in his ravenous hug

Others notice our dance and sneer

Because he moves us so slow and sure

Stumbling and fall have no need to fear

Our simple step so effortlessly pure

Jealousy in girls' looks recognize

I close my eyes and vow to ignore

See through their empty words and lies

Knowing he finds them as dry as before

Enraptured by his dazzling smiles

In a daze from his warm respire

Clutching tighter his face beguiles

And lights my nerves on fire

In our own little world we gently rock

Enjoying a lasting feel of ease

My decision made-put in it all stock

He leans even closer and says:

"Can I have the last dance, please?"