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Author's Notes: AU. What happened if Sarah chose the other door instead?

Our Avalon, Their Eden

Failure stood solemnly before her, an invisible, monolithic mess of a statue, keeping her in place with it's winter-like, unfeeling eyes. They so much resembled him, she thought, as she remained in her solitary position. The closeness of their cruel, evergreen shades was enough, nearly, to bring Sarah to her knees. It was so unfair…

"Would you hurry up already?" One of the figurehead doors shrieked in appalling tones of laughter. She instinctively flinched at the sound.

"Yeah, it's not as if we've got all bloody day…" His brother growled.

"Fine." Sarah grimaced. She just wanted to get it over with. She wanted to find Jareth, retrieve Toby, and leave. She never wanted to read another one of her beloved goblin tales again.

She closed her eyes tightly, hoping to blockade the distraction around. Unfortunately, this voluntary blindness only brought to mind his haunting smile, sending unwanted shivers crawling down her spine, snakelike. She inwardly grimaced. Oh, what she would give to be able to erase his memory once and for all.

With an exhale battered by uncertainty, Sarah opened her eyes once more and set the pace to rapid-she blew off hesitation with the casual wave of her hand. As if she was above all this. She wasn't. She knew she wasn't. She only had to slip, and the fall would destroy her every intention, as delicate and prim as a blooming spring morning.

"Where am I?" She wondered, taking in everything around her. She had arrived at a courtyard of sorts, from the looks of it. The evergreen of the topiary surrounded her, giving her the sensation of drowning within a sea of garden rarities. She had never seen such flowers before her-from the cherry red blossoms, to the sultry, exotic blue petals. It had seemed that she had stumbled upon an Eden of some sorts, a paradise so delightful it seemed a sin just to be observing it.

It was then that snake revealed itself.

"Oh, Sarah." His voice, sugary sweet, like Italian chocolate, spread itself over her ears, an intrusion she was startled to find wasn't all that unwelcome to her hearing. Rather, she found herself melting at his tone-a gentleman's timbre rich with subliminal desire, a toxic lust unspoken. Venom never sounded so appealing.

"I see you've found my little get away." He smirked, decorating his skin with that shade of arrogance she'd come to loathe, and…appreciate?

The green of his secret garden was staring back at her, emeralds of an unrivaled beauty. She couldn't deny the faint gasp of her heart-she was sold like an exquisite piece of jewelry.

Oh, how wrong she was to think that she could erase the violets of fantasy from her life.