Okay... this short little dialogue was inspired by me and my friend in gym class. For this fic, Dark and Krad are in high school together, and both have the same PE class. Daisuke is Dark's younger brother, and Satoshi is Krad's, because the story makes more sense that way. Expect lots of things like this to come from me in the future.

Oh, to make it easier to understand, Dark talks normally, but Krad talks in italics. Understandably, Dark emphasizes his words in italics, and Krad normally.


Scene: PE has just ended, and Dark and Krad are in the locker room, changing.

"Oh god... you again..."

leans up against locker next to Dark "My, aren't you looking nice today."

"I'm not even dressed yet..."

"You look—" slips, falls over

laughs hysterically

glares "A little help would be nice."

"Oh, noooooooo. Not a chance. I know better then to go near you when you are laying on something..."

"Oh, come on..."

"... especially me."

smirk "You seemed to be enjoying it last night..."

"What makes you think I was enjoying it!"

"You were screaming."


"...Well, you did do it..."

"You had me handcuffed to the bed!"

"You let me handcuff you."

"You had DRUGGED me!"

"...You're then one who wanted to go drinking with me." (A/N: Yes, they're underage, live with it. Krad likes booze, at least in this fic."

"You are the one who asked me, and I only went because you kidnaped Daisuke!"

"Did I?"


"My, I guess I was. However, we are getting off subject. Can you please help me up now?"

"Fine." grabs his hand "I don't see why you can't get up on your—"

pulls Dark down, rolls on top of him


smirks "You still haven't got your shirt on."

"...I really hate you..."