I don't own a thing because if I did Karir would be dead Sora and Riku would be screwing and kissing every three seconds. Leon Cloud and Sephiroth would so be in a three-some. It'd be all good.

Plot: Sora made a promise to his best friend when they were younger but when the two start to grow apart can Sora still keep him safe from his worst enemy, himself?

Diana and Evana are OCs made by me.

The past Riku: 7 Sora 6 1/2

The present Riku: 17 Sora 16 1/2

Chapter 1: A Promise Between Friends, A War Between Enemies

The little silver haired boy ran quickly. His breath caught in his chest. His heart pounding against his small ribs. Tears streamed down his pale face. He ran up to the door and fell to his knees before it. Sobs broke free as the doorknob twisted before him. A little brown haired boy look down at his best friend. No words were exchanged as the boy haired boy hugged the silver haired one. He wiped the others tears away. The silver haired boy laid his head on the others shoulder. "Wat appened, Iku?" The silver haired boy rub his eyes against the others shirt. "Iku?"

The little silver haired boy shook his head. The brown haired boy knew that they wouldn't speak of it know but in his heart he knew what had happened at his best friend's house. The blood on his shirt and shorts was enough proof. "We'll always be best friends right, Sora?" Sora nodded his head.

"Of course, Iku. We'll be best friends for forever and I'll always protect you." Riku smiled at him and nodded.

Riku looked up at him and smiled," Promise?

Sora kissed Riku's forehead. "I promise."

-----------------------------------PRESENT DAY 10 YEARS LATER -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sora woke up a beeping noise sounding in his ear. He turned to the alarm clock with a sigh. "Gahh I hate school." He stood and walked to his closet. After pulling out a light blue shirt and jeans he walked to his mirror and looked at the outfit. He looked good. Hell he looked sexy. Sora smiled at his image and laughed. He was happy that Kairi and Selphie had helped him pick out his clothes when he went shopping. He went to his backpack and double checked to make sure he wasn't forgetting something. "Pencils? Check. Notebooks? Check. Textbooks? Check. Pens? Check. Cellphone? Check. School id? Check. P.E. clothes? Check. Well that's everything." He pulled on his bag and ran down the stairs. After eating and giving his mom a quick hug and kiss he ran to catch Kairi and the others. "This is going to be a good day."

Somewhere else on the island someone woke up in a less then happy mood. The alarm clock beeped louder and louder. "What the fuck is that?" Riku stayed where he was before picking up the bat next to his bed and hitting the clock with it. The machiene let out a few more beeps before dying completely. "Finally." He rolled over again. After five mintues he gave up on sleep and got up. He stummbled to his drawer and pulled out a black shirt and some black jeans with chains dangling down. The shirt read: I use to be in love with you but I knew the knife wouldn't hurt me as much. He found a jacket that said, Go suck on a loaded gun, and put it on. "There all ready for school." He grabbed his nearly empty backpack on and walked out of the room.

Riku's mother sat in the dark kitchen, bags under her eyes showed her lack of sleep. Riku knew she wouldn't last much longer at this rate and merely left without a word. She wouldn't have heard him anyway. Two girls sat on his porch waiting for him. The twins looked up. "Hi." The black haired twin, Evana, looked at him. She wore dark blue eyeshadow that covered her eyes completely, a black cross choker around her neck, a black mini skirt that went perfectly with the long sleeve shirt that read, "Happy people die with a smile." Diana the other twin had a black ribbon that tied back her long blond hair. She had a black kitty ear headband on and a black tail to go with it. Black stockings covered slender pale legs. She to wore a black mini skirt and a black long sleeve shirt that read," Watching you lips move amuses me."

Diana and Evana stood and waited for Riku to go ahead of them. They kept silent which Riku was greatful for. He had had that dream again and he wasn't to happy about it. He could still see that morons smile and still hear his promise. "Never again will I fall for that shit." The two girls heard but neither spoke. Their friendship with Riku was much to valuable to them for them to make him angry over something as trivial as who and what will you never fall for again. The two were smart enough to keep their mouths shut even if a certain brown haired brat didn't. Laughter rang out from around the corner. Riku was too lost in thought to pay attention though and two boys collided into each other.

"Watch where your going!" Kairi yelled out at Riku as she helped Sora up. Evana and Diana helped Riku up and glared at the red head.

"Why don't you go walk into traffic?" Kairi glared at Diana.

"Why don't you go join the circus? You look like a freak." Diana looked at Evana who took a step forward.

"Easy because all you'd have to do is show up and we'd never get in." Diana smirked.

Riku and Sora glared at each other. When the girls noticed they stopped speaking to each other. Tension built up in the air between the two boys. Years of friendship seemed to flash before their eyes before it burnt away like Riku's heart. Sora finally turned away and began to walk off. Kairi opened her mouth but Sora raised a hand. "He's not worth it." Riku glared and tackled Sora. The rolled around throwing punches. Riku landed one on Sora's eye.

"I'm not worth it? I'm not fucking worth it? You know what, Sora? Your a fucking dick." He got close to Sora's ear," You destroied everything for me. You abandoned me. You let me get hurt. So your right I'm not worth it but you are worthless to me. I hope you rot in hell." He pulled back and smirked. "You broke my heart." He hit him in the mouth and busted his lip. Blood dripped from the wound as Riku stood. Tidus lunged at him but Riku lifted a foot and kicked him in the stomache. "Your not worth my time. Oh yeah Sora. See you at the funeral." Sora and Riku exchanged lookes as Kairi helped him up. Sora blinked and Riku was gone.

"What funeral, Sora?" Sora shrugged.

"I don't know." Sora eyes followed the silver haired boy as he walked away.

---------------------------PAST 10 YEARS AGO--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Red roses covered the coffin. Riku's mother clutched onto the coffin as they tried to put it in the ground. She looked at Riku and glared. "This is your fault. It's all your fault. You killed my husband. You monster! Your a monster!" Riku let the woman yell at him. Sora laied a hand on his friends shoulder.

"It'll be okay, Iku. I'll protect you. I'll always protect you." The two walked away from the screaming woman.

"Promise?" Sora nodded and kissed Riku's lips softly.


--------------------------------PRESENT DAY-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Riku's eyes snapped open as the last bell of the day rang. Evana and Diana were still sleeping around him. He stood and streched. The three had decided to skip their last classes and hang out in the art room. Needless to say they got tired and well slept. The real reason Riku didn't want to go to last block was because a certain brown haired boy was there and he really didn't want to have another headache that day. He poked the two girls who woke up. "Class over already?" Riku nodded as Evana poked at Diana's fake ears.

"Tommorow I get the ears." Diana shurgged.

"Fine you can have them but don't you dare lose them." Riku laughed at the two.

"Guys I'm going to head out okay?" The two girls nodded and went back to arguing about who got what ears. He walked down the empty hallway. Everything seemed eerie to him now that all the students were gone. Riku stopped. He could hear footsteps stop right behind him. With a sigh he turned to see Sora standing there alone.

"What did you lose your little swarm that follows you around everywhere or did I just get lucky enough to see you by yourself?" Sora glared at him.

"Look because of your little stunt this morning I had to go see the nurse last block to get asprin for my headache and unfortunatly while I was gone we were asigned a project." Riku nodded and motioned for him to continue. "Well it seems that since me and you were both missing the teacher decided to put us together." Riku shivered.

"Oh goodie just what I wanted to spend more time with the biggest backstabber I know." Sora glared.

"Your such an asshole, Riku." Riku snorted.

"This is coming from the guy that said we'd always be best friends."

"I made a misjudgement of character." Riku glared.

"Congrats now you can hang out with your fucking stuck up friends. You know you weren't always such an asshole, Sora, but you couldn't seem to keep well enough alone. You just had to go off and make new friends and you just had to go and be a fucking ass. I'll do this project with you, because I don't trust you with my grade, but after this if you so much as say a fucking word to me I'll kill you." Sora glared as Riku held out his hand. "Do we have a deal?" Sora looked at his hand before shaking it.

"Fine." Riku pulled away quickly. The warmth of Sora's skin was to much for him. "Now then the project will last a month. We're suppose to get inside the mind of our partner.You know figure out if they're destinied to be a serial killer or something." Riku nodded. "We're suppose to switch houses every week. Our schedules are changed if we have different classes or in our case have the same classes at different times. We'll be following each other around for a whole month and we'll have to talk about ourselves for at least five mintues a day. We'll have to record it and it will be part of the final grade. We also have to write a biblography on our partner and turn it in." Riku sighed.

"Goodie a whole month with you. So do we have to spend every waking moment together?" Sora nodded.

"When we stay at your house I'll have to follow your every move and try to see life through your eyes and vice versa. We start tonight and we start with your house." Riku stopped and looked at him.

"Well start with this." He stopped in front of a locker and slammed his head against it. "I'm so not liking this already." Sora rolled his eyes.

"So are we going?" Riku stopped and nodded.

"You know I'm starting to regret taking phsycology." Sora nodded.

"That makes two of us." The two walked in silence.

"I guess we're going by your house to get your crap?" Sora nodded and Riku sighed. "Make it quick." Sora opened the door and Riku walked into the house.

"I'll be right down. Don't touch anything." Riku bowed.

"Of course your Highness." Sora rolled his eyes and left the room.

"Sora, Honey is that you. Oh my.." Riku turned around to see Sora's mother staring at him. "Riku?" Riku smiled softly at her.

"Hey there Ms. E." The woman smiled as tears formed in her eyes. She ran up and pulled the boy into a hug.

"Oh my Riku, it's been years since I've seen you! How have you been?" Riku smiled and hugged her back.

"I've been fine. Nothing to drastic yet." The woman nodded.

"How's your mother been?" Riku's smiled faded.

"I'm not sure how much longer she'll be here. She's gone completely over the edge. Sometimes at night I hear her calling his name and then screaming at me. She can't bare the sight of me anymore, but other then that we've been fine." The woman sniffed and hugged Riku again.

"Just remember hun. I'm here if you ever need me." Riku nodded.

"Thank you." She patted his back as Sora entered the room.

"So what's going on here?" Sora sighed and held up the requirments paper.

Ms. Everheart nodded to Sora and hugged Riku one last time. "Guess this means I'll be seeing you two next week?" Sora nodded and walked out the door followed by Riku.

"You haven't told her." Sora shook his head.

"She didn't need to know. I just said that me and you drifted apart and weren't as close as before. She's been worried about you since the day of the funeral." Riku nodded.

"I'm not surprised. I did kind of fall out of her life. Without even a goodbye. Oh yeah my house isn't all to happy. Don't turn on anyof the lights in the kitchen. If you see my mother don't talk to her. She won't answer you back. Maybe today was the day but I'm not sure." Sora looked at him.

"Oh yeah Riku?" Riku looked at him. "Who's funeral were you talking about this morning?" Riku smirked.

"My mom's." He opened the door to his house as a woman lunged at him with a knife. Her skin was pale and her blond hair was brown with dirt. She was skinny and resembled a skelelinton in Sora's opinion. Her eyes were dull and bags hung below her eyes. Riku managed to hole the knife away from him. The woman start screaming at him but neither boy could understand.

Riku pushed the woman off. She looked around then at her son. "Monster." Riku just looked at her. The woman lifted the knife. "You ill neva catch mea." She licked her dry lips and held the knife above her head and stabbed it straight through her heart. Sora gasp and Riku continued to look at her. The woman laughed out madly before falling to the floor and finally dying. Riku looked at Sora.

"Call the cops. Tell them she's gone." Sora nodded and called the police. All he knew was that this was going to be the worst month of his life.

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