Twin Disaster

Chapter 1: The beginning

"Hey, Brit, come check this out!" a woman of twenty-two called to her twin sister from where she sat at her computer desk.

"Not now, Ria, I'm on the phone!" her sister called from another room.

Rianna sighed and stood up from her desk, stretching tiredly. She made her way out of the room, glancing in her full body mirror before heading down the hallway to her sister's room. She had long naturally jet black hair and bright hazel eyes. Her slim figure was clad in head to toe black, her tight black tank top only bearing a white skull on the back, her tight black jeans donning a metal belt.

"Brit, you really want to see this! It's one hell of a contest, get off the damn phone!" she yelled at the top of her voice in her sister's doorway.

Brittany sat up from her place on her bed, the complete opposite of her twin sister, her room was painted a bright yellow and her closet was full of brand name clothes and top notch designers. Her hair, bleached blonde was pulled back in a long ponytail and her eyes, though hazel, glared at her sister as she hung up the phone.

"What about a contest now?" she said, her voice a high, girly pitch.

"Come see, it's a thing for the WWE, they're releasing a contest, the winner gets to travel around with their favorite Superstar for a month and joint entries are allowed," Rianna explained as she led her sister into her room.

"No way! Put my name in!" Brittany exclaimed excitedly, kneeling down next to her sister and reading the screen as she typed.

"Okay, we're in, together," Rianna said a few minutes later after everything was filled out and sent via email to the required address.

"Good, thanks Ria," Brittany said happily, "you just made my night."

"Whatever," Rianna rolled her eyes, standing up from her chair and moving toward her sister, "now, get out of my room, and I swear if you run up the phone bill again, I'll kill you!"

"What! That's so not fair, I need the phone, it's my life!"

"Not when I'm paying the bill it's not!" Rianna snapped, slamming her bedroom door in her sister's face.

Brittany huffed and strode down the hallway to her room, slamming her own door and picking up the phone.

About a month after the twins entered the contest Rianna received an unexpected phone call while she was on break at her work, she was a waitress for a local restaurant. She hurried to into the kitchens and out the back door to quickly answer her phone.

"Rianna Miller speaking," she said quickly, watching out for her boss, who had it in for employees who used cell phones during hours.

"Miss Miller, this is Rebecca Stalone from the WWE Contest branch, I am pleased to inform you that you and one Brittany Miller have been chosen to travel with your favorite superstar, which you chose to be Mr. John Cena, for one month."

"Oh God, no way!" Rianna said excitedly.

"Yes, you are the winners; Mr. Cena will be traveling to your home in exactly three days time along with Mr. Vincent McMahon to discuss the proceedings then."

"Great, thank you, I'll inform my sister as soon as possible," Rianna said, trying hard to control her excitement.

"You're very welcome, Mr. McMahon will see you in three days, have fun!" and she hung up.

Rianna hung up her phone and placed it in her pocket calmly. She raced into the kitchens, grabbed her best friend Zoe and pulled her back outside.

"Ria, what's up?" she asked, looking concerned.

"Oh, my, God, Zoe, I won, we won, me and Brit, we won!" Rianna shrieked.

"Won what?"

"We won the contest I told you about, with the WWE! We won!"

The two women screamed excitedly and Zoe had to help Rianna stay on her feet she was so dizzy with excitement.

"Well, did you tell Brittany yet?"

"No, I still gotta do that, she's probably at home running her mouth on the damn phone again," Rianna sighed. "I barely make enough money to pay for the apartment and she's always using the phone."

"Will you just shut up and call her," Zoe laughed.

Rianna rolled her eyes and dialed her sister's number, hoping she would answer and not get a busy signal. To her luck Brittany answered in her happy tone on the second ring.

"Yes Ria?"

"Brit, I have amazing news," Rianna said, getting to the point.

"If it has to do with you're gothic rock bands I don't care," Brittany said out of habit.

"No, it's not that, I called to tell you that we won the contest I entered us in about a month or so ago."

"The WWE one?"

"Yes, Brit, the WWE one," Rianna said sarcastically.

"Oh my god! We WON!" she screamed on the other line.

"I picked John Cena to travel with, if that's okay with you."

"Yes! I love him, he's my favorite, oh gosh, I have to go to the mall before he comes, get some new outfits…"

Rianna rolled her hazel eyes at Zoe impatiently, "Don't max out the credit card please, I like to conserve the money I make, Brit. And you're killing me with all the spending right now."

"Sorry, I'll try and cut back, but that's not a promise now that we're meeting John Cena!"

Rianna sighed and told her sister what exactly was going to happen and she freaked out again saying she had to get to the mall immediately.

"Okay you do that," Rianna said shortly.

"See you when you get home!"

"Yeah, whatever," Rianna said and hung up. "God she drives me up the wall sometimes."

"Oh, Ria, relax, she'll eventually get a job and leave you alone, don't worry," Zoe comforted, patting her friend on the back soothingly.

"If she doesn't I'm going to kill her, she needs to start spending her own friggen money," Rianna grumbled.

"yes, she does, but now you need to get back to work or we'll both get fired and have no money!" Zoe laughed, pushing Rianna back into the kitchens so she could begin her second shift waiting on tables for the night.