Title: A Bloody Good Snog
Rating: T
Summary: Who's to say traveling companions can't snog occasionally?
Characters: Ten/Rose
Spoilers: New Earth
Disclaimer: I still don't own them.

A/N: First fic in oh-so-long but with David Tennant gracing our screens, I could hardly resist. Especially not with such good material. It isn't anything particularly deep or meaningful, just a bit of a tag to New Earth; fluffy, sweet and playful. Hopefully this hails my return to fic-writing.
Huge, massive thanks to saganamidreams for being my beta and making this oh so much better than it originally was. Also, thank you for the title and the summary because I'm useless at that sort of stuff.

"Well, that was…" she trailed off, hoping he had the word she was looking for.

He glanced up from the console, catching her eye, considering what to say. Then he grinned. "An adventure?"

Rolling her eyes, she crossed to where he was standing and leaned back against the ship's controls, crossing her arms in front of her and looking at him inquisitively. "What about The Face of Boe?" she asked.

A shrug as he expertly threw a lever. "We'll see him soon enough."

Cryptic, but she had a feeling it was because he wasn't entirely sure himself. She changed the topic with a laugh. "I can't believe Cassandra was inside my body."

A chuckle with a tinge of discomfort as he responded, "I can't believe she was in mine."

Glancing at her, he found her chewing on her bottom lip, eyes on the floor and he knew she wanted to say something. He braced for the impact, eyes moving quickly back and forth between her and the controls which, in all honesty, he didn't really need to look at since they'd already landed on an uninhabited planet and he had no plans of leaving until after a good night's rest.

He was so busy plotting their next trip – ancient Egypt, perhaps – that when, several minutes later, she finally spoke it broke through his thoughts and took a second to make sense. "For the record," she said, voice tighter than usual and a higher pitch, "I don't kiss like that."

Oh, and there it was, she just needed to bring that up. Any second now she'd demand they talk about his little stint with Cassandra pulling his strings. The shame of it…not that he wasn't pleased with the revelations that had accompanied the event. But that wasn't the point.

Quick, say something. "Yeah." That had come out sharp and defensive: follow it up. "Well, neither do I." Oh, bollocks, couldn't he have just agreed and let it lie? Offered her a cup of tea or quizzed her on where they should go next?

She snorted, leaning forward and poking him hard in the chest. "You just stood there," she accused. "That's not even classed as kissing." Pulling back, she cast her eyes to the ceiling. "But Cassandra," she shuddered. "That was just bad!"

Pulling a face, he stuck his chin out, looking down at her defiantly. "Well, you can hardly blame me –"

She cut him off, reeling back in horror. "Oh god." She pulled a face and it reminded him distinctly of the time she'd accidentally bitten into an unripe Ashtor fruit. "You've never kissed a girl before."

Now from where had she pulled that conclusion? Had it really been that bad? Gritting his teeth, he did his best to look nonchalant. "Of course I have." He rolled his eyes with a huff then bit his lip, refusing to meet her eyes. "Well, no," he conceded, "not in this particular body." Her eyes widened further. "I haven't had the chance," he added defensively. "But that's got nothing to do with why I didn't kiss you. I'd make a perfectly fine snog…" he trailed off.

Her hands dropped to play with the hem of her top and she demurred, or so it seemed. Teasing him, she asked the question, knowing full well the answer. "You don't find me attractive?"

Spluttering, his mind raced. He knew all about this, what human females did, trapping men with their words so that absolutely no answer was right. She may as well have asked him if her bum looked big in those pants. His eyes slipped, completely of their own volition, southwards, racing over her body until he wrenched them back up at the last second, mentally kicking himself.

Staring her down like she was a misbehaving teenager, he deflected the question with a melodramatic sigh. "Oh, we are not getting into this now, are we?" Another sigh, this one even heavier and then he smiled tightly, sarcasm etched into the lines of his face. "Yes, Rose, you've very nice," he said, adding a playful grin to take the edge off before he continued.

But she didn't let him, basically ignored his complete lack of seriousness, and asked rather forcefully, "Then why don't you kiss me?"

When had it changed from past to present tense?

She moved closer, hands transferring seamlessly from the hem of her top to the second button of his jacket, pulling lightly at the little piece of plastic but remaining ever so careful not to exert any actual pressure on him.

He did his best to remain stoic, as much as his complete disinterest in pulling away seemed to indicate otherwise. Swallowing as her fingers flitted to the third button, the second mysteriously left undone, he kept a relatively level head. "You don't think that might have serious repercussions?"

She edged closer and he gasped in what he'd always claim was shock as she rose on her toes, her lips hovering inches from his. His quick intake and slow release of breath were undeniable as the hand at his waist flattened against the thin cotton of his shirt, fingers scratching playfully over him.

Chancing a glance at her eyes, he saw her watching his lips; felt himself rendered illiterate as she licked her own lips, apparently unaware of its effect. She looked up, catching him looking, his mouth slightly agape, and he recovered long enough to remember he'd been talking about consequences.

"Such as?" she asked with a smirk.

At some point his eyes had snapped straight forward and his chin was raised in defiance. He knew, however, she was hovering, just there, could feel her less than an inch away. Stuttering but hoping she'd be too busy staring at his lips to notice, he tried to formulate an argument. "We're supposed to be traveling companions…" It came out more of a question than a statement and didn't appear to sway her from her sudden but resolute decision to kiss him senseless.

"And traveling companions can't snog occasionally?" she returned immediately, breath playing across his neck and he glanced down.

As their eyes locked, reason fled and he edged closer. Only an inch or two to cover but it took time. Enough that she again licked her bottom lip, though he was beginning to doubt the action was accidental. He reveled in the chance, as deluded as he accepted he was being, to suck in a breath of air and to smell and taste the very essence of her.

Then he paused, confusion rushing over his face. "How the hell did we end up here?" It was meant to come out high pitched and loud – enough to shatter the moment - but he found his voice rather depleted.

She just continued to stare, grasping and pulling at his shirt in an effort to bring him closer, but he stood his ground, holding the smallest of spaces between them. "Where?" she asked distractedly, lips tracing invisible patterns above his.

Oh, how he wanted to kiss her. Why she was even considering it was beyond him but then, at this point, the question as to why neither of them had considered this before was also somewhat of a mystery. Why not just kiss her? It wasn't like there was a real reason – was there? The universe wouldn't implode. The TARDIS wouldn't stop working. As far as he knew, she wouldn't pack her bags immediately and leave. She was asking for this. Besides, he was a bloody good snog.

Confused, hazy, he knew she was still watching his lips. With a fleeting touch, so brief it barely registered, he angled her chin up and met her eyes. Clarity immediately quashed the dream-like quality as she realized he was hesitating, realized that she probably should have been hesitating alongside him.

Then she gave him one of those smiles: wide and growing, tongue catching between her teeth as her eyes sparkled.

"What was the point of this again?" he asked, stalling, seeing the dare in her expression and ignoring it.

"You were telling me how good at snogging you are." At a time like this, she had no right having a voice that level, that teasing, that in control.

"Ah…And you were saying the same thing?" he replied tentatively.

He saw doubt surface in her eyes, but it was quickly covered. "Yes."

"Yes," he echoed faintly, mind darting off somewhere as he considered the situation.

She watched as his bottom lip jutted out and his brow creased. "Right," he said, more to himself than to her. Her hand rose to rest on his side, fingers tapping against his hip, and her other now rested limply against his chest.

Eyebrows rising as he bobbed his head from one side to the other, obviously weighing up the pros and cons of two decisions, he suddenly grinned. "Right, Rose Tyler." He seemed resolute and she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to know what was next. Another grin, this one smugger. "You asked for it."

Momentarily confused, she began to formulate a question, would have gladly continued to tease, except he suddenly did what, in hindsight, she probably should have seen coming.

His lips settled on hers, pressing softly, carefully, because he'd expected it to be a bit shocking and, despite her teasing and flirtation, wouldn't have been in the least surprised had she smacked him.

But as soon as she'd recovered from the surprise of it, she realized just how good it felt and both hands impulsively grabbed onto him. One hand gathering the material at his chest and pulling him closer while the other wound into his hair, reveling at the fact this time it was her messing it up, directing him through it, and planning to do a far better job of it.

And that was all it took for him to simultaneously accept that she was okay with this and to surrender completely. He pressed harder, arms slipping around her waist and pulling her as close as he could, letting his palms move against her back, upwards to her shoulder blades and then down, squeezing her waist before slipping beneath her shirt to touch skin that was smooth and hot, grasping her sides with a possessiveness he hadn't expected but that felt right.

Lips tearing momentarily from hers, he flashed her a lopsided grin, watching as hers curved upwards, then returned, nipping playfully at her bottom lip before sucking it between his own, letting his tongue run languidly over it. He paused, resting his lips at the corner of her mouth as he leaned closer, nose pressed lightly to her cheek, his forehead against hers, her scent unavoidable.

She was about to say something, on the verge of begging him to continue, when he moved back into action, closing his eyes and slipping down to kiss her throat, wet and hungry as his teeth grazed over skin. Her hands tightened in his hair and he grinned again at the moan that followed. His hair was going to be a mess after this, she was twisting it around her fingers, pulling and tugging, dragging him impossibly closer.

He complied, lips gliding to the hollow of her neck, nuzzling her, his breath steady while she shivered. She wanted him to go lower, was pushing in that direction with a hand at the nape of his neck, and he was so terribly tempted.

But his lips moved upwards, part of him needing to keep this a game of proving his talent, determined not to venture into murkier waters, not to let this get out of hand. So he returned to her mouth, kissed her heart-stoppingly long and deep, his hands moving to frame her face, fingers splaying across her neck while his tongue slipped into her mouth, grazing against hers in one last ditch attempt to make this better than it already was. She shuddered against him, back arching ever so slightly, and he felt her moan at the contact. Oh, he was good at this.

He slowly pulled away, his hands dipping to her waist to hold her in place even as his lips begged to be allowed to touch one more time. He dove back for one last chaste touch before wrenching away, hands dropping to his sides as he leaned against the console, putting even more space between them.

Smiling lazily as he recovered, his eyes caught hers as they returned from thoroughly investigating the havoc he'd so successfully wreaked. He ignored the grin she threw him when she looked up at his hair.

She tried to speak but failed, closed her mouth and swallowed twice in an effort to get both vocal chords and thoughts under control. "Impressive," she managed, amazed she'd managed a word when she'd been expecting something far less coherent, possibly just some kind of whimper.

"I aim to please." He gave her a cheeky grin and a waggle of his eyebrows and she noted the strained huskiness of his voice.

Her voice was distracted when she spoke a moment later. "I'm sure you do." A pause and then that smile appeared again, the one she may or may not have known could turn him to mush. "Anything else you're good at?"

His mouth dropped open, eyes going wide in shock, and his stomach did a back flip as she looked him up and down. Then he returned the grin and ran a hand pointlessly through his hair.

Pushing off the console, he brushed past her, the subtle bumping of their hips conveying a not so subtle message, and she stared as he wandered away, turning to walk down the closest corridor. At the last moment he stopped, rocking on his feet before looking at her over his shoulder, and in an extremely self-satisfied, self-assured tone, said: "S'pose there's only one way to find out really."

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