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It was foolish of me to think that it would be so easy. We had not traveled for more than a few hours when five lizards with riders slipped out of the stone ahead of us, blocking our path.

My eldest sister was in the front and she smiled wryly at me.

"Hello, little sister."

I nodded my head, returning the greeting. Behind her was the youngest of my mother's five daughters, barely graduated from Arach Tinilith. And behind the youngest were three well-outfitted drow males.

"So," asked my elder sister. "What exactly are you doing?" I could hear Tebryn's shuddering breaths behind me. I discreetly put one hand behind my back and signed to him, Get back. Get out of the way. He pulled his lizard back further. My sister gave him a quick, disdainful glance.

What could I have said? "I don't want to kill him." I told my sister. She sneered.

"You've lost it, Qilue," she said. "You had a lot of promise. Mother told us to go bring you back. You are wanted, maybe even needed. How could you be so stupid to throw it all away for this idiot male?"

The younger laughed nervously. "I don't get it," she said. "C'mon, Qilue. Just kill him out here and then we can go back."

"Don't worry, Sabal," said the eldest. She didn't take her gaze off me, though she was addressing the youngest. "I guess Qilue doesn't want to come back."

She started to cast a divine spell. Sabal was somewhat confused; she most likely expected our elder sister to put up more of an argument. She was naive; why would anyone waste a chance to eliminate a potential threat to her position?

I too, called on Lolth for magic. But unlike my sister, I found no response. Of course. What could one expect?

I took a throwing knife from my belt and threw it at my sister. It was not a very calculated move, but it stopped the spell-casting.

"Ah, Qilue," she said, grinning as she realized what was wrong. "Your goddess doesn't care about you anymore." I shrugged and drew my mace.

She gestured and the warriors charged. Their lizards surrounded mine, intimadating it. I had never been particularly skilled with weapons and I was struggling to simply parry their attacks, hoping I could somehow turn the tide.

Then my limbs froze up and I knew it was over. A hilt of someone's sword smashed me in my face. My vision wavered; my eyes filled with blood. I could feel my elder sister's hand gripping the front of my shirt. "Idiot," she whispered. Her fist drove into my ribs and I gasped for air. She released my shirt, only to grab my neck. I choked and futilely tried to thrash free. My thoughts clouded and I fell into unconsciousness.

When I woke up, I was lying on a cloak that had been stretched over the cold stone floor. My wounds were mostly healed and I could recognize the effects of the potions I had been carrying. Someone had saved me, but who?

Tebryn was sitting beside me, his eyes worried, his face gaunt.

"My lady," he whispered. "Are you alright?"

I nodded. "What did you do?" I asked.

"I helped." He looked away and I followed his gaze to a pile of bodies a distance away. Five bodies. He'd killed everyone, on his own. I looked back at him wonderingly. He smiled; his innocent, hopeful, stupidsmile.

"It's all going to be okay now, my lady," he said. "Soon you can go to Ched Nasad and become a priestess there. You're very talented, a House will take you in, and you'll be happy."

I smiled at him, an alien peace was descending over me. "I have lost Lolth's favor."

"But you'll get it back, my lady. I'm going to die soon."

"What?" The serenity evaporated. My vision blurred again, momentarily.

"I'm tired, my lady." Of course. Whatever spell he had cast to kill them all must have taken everything out of him.

I stared at him. Tears started to prickle the backs of my eyes and I could feel the warm, salty water sliding down my face. I hadn't cried for as long as I could remember. "But..."

"No, no!" He sounded like he was going to start crying too. "Don't be sad, my lady." His slender fingers brushed my tears away."Don't be sad, mistress, it's going to be okay." He hugged me, buried his face in my neck, and I hugged him back. He was thin and frail in my arms and I couldn't accept that I would lose him.

"Why, Tebryn?" I could hear the childish desperation, the shrillness in my voice. It was a miracle no monster came and found us. "Why did you do that?"

He pulled out of the hug and looked me. His eyes were wide and solemn and sad. "You care about me, my lady. You're the only one in the whole world who ever cared about me. I wish I could help. I wish I wasn't such a trouble. But this is the best I can do. Thank you so much for being nice to me and taking care of me. You made my life so happy, and I want to make yours happy too." His voice broke and he was crying. There was nothing I could say. I wrapped my arms around him and I held his fragile warmth close and safe until he died.

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