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"I have finally done it!" Sally cried, "I have finished my homework!"

"Good, honey," her mother replied, "Now you can do some chores."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sally exclaimed, "anything but chores! I have plans with my friends."

"I'm going to the store. I expect the whole house to be clean by the time I get back," her mother said as she was walking out the door.

"Wait how long are you…" Too late. Her mother was gone and Sally had a whole house to clean. But surely her kind loving brothers would help her. NOT! Wow, Sally thought, I have to tell mom how big our house is. That really wasn't true but when you had to clean the whole place, it is a mammoth.

I wish the house would clean itself, she thought as she was retrieving the duster.

Suddenly, a huge puff of smoke appeared. When it finally cleared away, there were two small floating people. The woman had green hair and the man had pink hair. They both had crowns that floated slightly above their heads and little wands.

"I'm Wando," said the little pink man.

"I'm Cosma," said the little green woman.

Then together they said "And we're your fairy god parents!"

Sally rubbed her eyes. The little people were still there. She reached out and poked the little pink man. He was real. Then she poked the little green woman. She was real.

"What are you here for?" Sally asked, merely out of curiosity.

"We're here to grant you any wish you can wish," said Cosma.

"As long as they are within the rules," Wando added.

"Great, there are rules," Sally said in exasperation.

"Sure, aren't there always rules?" Wando asked.

"Unfortunately, yes," Sally replied.

"So, what is your first wish?" Wando wanted to know.

"Can the house clean itself?" Sally asked.

"No, unfortunately our magic can't do that. However, our magic can clean up the house. As long as you say 'I wish.'" Wando replied.

"Or you can wish for heat vision to clean the house up." Cosma said.

"Don't listen to her or take any of her suggestions. She's the dumb one. She almost got us kick out of Fairy World. Again. Today," Wando said, "That usually happens at least six times a week if not more."

"Blah, blah, blah. Just because he's smart and naggy and perfect and I'm dumb and make at least five mistakes a second doesn't mean I am never right. Wouldn't heat vision be cool?" Cosma replied.

"Maybe…… but wouldn't meat vision be much better?" Sally replied.

"Wow, that's deep," Cosma said.

"For you maybe," Wando said.

"Are you saying I'm not so smart?"

"Maybe I am."

"I wish the house would be magically cleaned!" Sally declared partially to stop the fighting and partially because her mother just pulled into the drive way, "And quickly. My mom's home."

Their wands lit up, the word clean flashed inside an explosion thing, and BAM! The house was clean.

"Wow, nice job Sally," her mom said as she reentered the house, "Here's $10."

"Cool, thanks mom," Sally said. She looked behind her, but the little people were gone.

"Well, I'm going to put the groceries up," her mom replied.

As soon as her mom was gone, the little people reappeared.

"Wow, you guys are amazing. You aren't going to leave like Cinderella's fairy godmother, are you?"

"Of course not. We stick with kids until they grow too old or they don't need us any more," Wando said.

"I am going to need you guys for a long time," Sally said, "a very long time."