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Summary: Riku and Sora are two of the six students in 'Gang 6'; the pet name for the most popular and attractive boys at Destiny Island High. Between avoiding Fan Clubs, dealing with bi-polar friends, and deadlines in love, this is going to be one very eventful school year.

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Warning: This story is RikuxSora, as well as several other pairings. That means yaoi, so you know, don't read it if you don't like that stuff. Kay? Kay.


Chemical Kisses

Chapter One: Awakening: Gang 6

S...O...R... he traced his foot in the dusty sidewalk, spelling out the name. As soon as his foot had etched out the final letter, the boy's ears perked to hear the voice of the very person he had been thinking about. "Hey, Riku!"

Riku turned and faced his best friend, who ran up to him, out of breath. "You're late," his aquamarine eyes narrowing in - mock? - anger.

"I know," Sora panted, leaning against the fence that separated the school from the outside world, "See, I was trying to be on time like you said but-" He was interrupted by Riku's hand ruffling his cinnamon spikes.

"Save it," Riku chuckled, "It just means that since you ruined the plan," he emphasized the word, "You're going to have to deal with them today." He turned and began to walk towards the entrance of the school, despite Sora's protests.

"No, wait, that's not fair! I did yesterday! You know I hate this!" Sora clinged to his friend's arm, pleading. Riku looked down at his desperate face and sighed. He walked up the front steps of the school, looking in the windows of the doors. Sora grinned as Riku turned and smiled at him, but then slowly...his grin faded. That was the Evil Riku smile! "Oh, shi-!" He turned to run, but Riku grabbed the back of his shirt.

"You made me wait for you, so now it's time to even the score!" he laughed, opening the school door and tossing Sora inside. Instantly he heard the squeals of twenty or thirty 10th grade girls. Riku slumped down against the door outside, laughing. Better him than me, he thought with a grin.

Inside, however, Sora was far from laughing as he was being mauled by the greater portion of the 'Riku and Sora Fan Club'. The two friends had always been popular, but when they started high school, a group of girls had decided that they all loved the boys enough to start the club. More commonly known as the RS Cult to the less-insane students, the club's members seemed to grown in number every day.

Sora was bombarded with candy, first of all. Everyone knew of his fixation with sugar, and the Club girls only took advantage of that. As he tiredly shoved the pounds of refined sugar into his backpack (and one into his mouth), he heard the bell ring. He sighed; they were going to be late again.

"Wait! Sora!" Selphie, one of the founders of the club, pounced him as he started to walk away, "Take these." She forced two pieces of paper into his hand, and as quickly as they came, the hoard of fangirls disappeared. Blinking, and slightly shell-shocked, he read the papers. Admission slips? Oh! He understood. The girls gave these to him to get Riku and himself into class without any trouble. Maybe they weren't so bad after all...

He heard the door swing open and saw Riku walk in, unfazed by the trauma Sora had been put through. "So, how'd it go?" He laughed when he looked at Sora, then reached up and took something from the end of one of his gravity-defying spikes. "Looks like you enjoyed yourself." He showed Sora the blue bow he had pulled from his hair. The girls always did something like that without Sora noticing; it had become Riku's job to remove any of the accessories that had found their way into Sora's locks.

"Ugh, Riku, I hate having to do that!" Sora pouted, running his hands through his hair. Riku smiled and watched him; nothing was more adorable than a flustered Sora. That was part of the reason Riku would trick Sora into distracting the Club: so he could see that cute pout, and was able to comfort his friend and convince him that it was only because the girls loved him so much that they would attack him each morning.

Forcing himself back to reality, Riku realized they were almost 15 minutes late for their first class. Sora, apparently on the same train of thought, handed Riku one of the admit slips. "Here. We gotta thank Selphie for those later," he added, as they started to walk to their first class.

Their teacher, Seifer Almasy, 'taught' them science. Well, he more or less told them what to read in the textbook and disappeared for the rest of the class. Nobody knew where he went, but as far as they were concerned, science class became a free period for everyone. So, by the time Sora and Riku were approaching the class, they almost walked right into Seifer. He would never let anyone call him by his last name, but he never told why. That is, nobody asked, as he was one of the most frightening teachers at the school. He had his favorite students, much like any other teacher, but Fujin and Raijin were in his afternoon class, and Sora and Riku had never met them.

Without saying a word, the two boys thrust the admit slips into Seifer's waiting hand and hurried into the classroom. The door slammed shut behind them, but the noise was lost to the usual Thursday morning din. Almost half the class shouted greetings to them as they walked to the usual spot in the back of the class; the other students mostly just nodded greetings to them as they passed by to sit with Tidus, Roxas and Axel.

"Hey guys," Roxas smiled as they sat in their seats. Roxas was sitting cross-legged on Axel's desk while Axel himself was tipped back in his chair with headphones on, eyes closed. These five were most of the group that all the other students secretly called 'Gang 6'. Not the most creative label, everyone agreed, but a student had once thought of it and the name had stuck. For they really were a gang of six: Sora, Riku, Tidus, Roxas, Axel, and one other who was absent, as usual. They were the six most popular, six most attractive, and six most adored males at Destiny Island High.

"Whoa, so Sora, I'm guessing you were the one to go into the school first today?" Tidus noted Sora's mussed hair and clothes. Everyone in their group had a problem with fangirls, for some reason they couldn't fathom, but it seemed that Riku and Sora had it the worst. "Or, did Riku finally give in to temptation on the way to school?" He laughed, a faint blush creeping onto Sora's face as he forcedly laughed too, while Riku looked away muttering something to the effect of 'Piss off...'

"No, Selphie was leading the charge today," a voice said from the doorway, causing the class to fall silent instantly.

"Zexion!" Sora exclaimed, almost falling out of his seat, if it weren't for Riku grabbing his shoulder and setting him upright again. "Hey! Where've you been?" The rest of the group looked over as well, and Axel even took off his beloved headphones to hear the response.

"Oh, you know, here and there," Zexion replied casually, strolling over to his friends. The rest of the class breathed a collective sigh of relief, and returned to their chatter; Zexion was in a good mood today. Everyone was aware of his temper and somewhat…violent tendencies, and were sure that if he wasn't in Gang 6, Zexion would've been sent to Juvie a long time ago.

He sat back with the others and they watched him expectantly. Finally, Axel spoke up. "Where the hell have you been for the last two weeks?"

"Yeah," Sora chimed in, "And what's with the new scar? You been fighting again?"

Zexion chuckled, running a finger along the fresh line that stretched between his left temple and chin. "Nah, nothing too serious this time. I got kicked out again, so…I didn't have much time for school." He stopped and looked at the five faces intently watching him. "What?"

Riku rolled his eyes. "And? What else happened? I'm pretty sure you didn't just wander around town for two weeks."

"Right, right," Zexion murmured, stroking his chin in thought. "I, uh, borrowed a boat and went over to Twilight Town. I stayed with my friend Hayner and battled in The Struggle."

Roxas blinked. "Oh yeah, I remember that." Roxas was born in Twilight Town but moved to Destiny Islands in the third grade. He was instantly accepted into the group, as the other five already lived there. "Hey, didn't Seifer used to live there too?"

"Yep, he's the Struggle champion," Zexion said, a malicious glint in his eye, "Or at least, he was."

"No way!" Tidus laughed, "You beat his record? Awesome!"

Zexion went on to tell the story of his adventure, but soon the bell rang, ending the class. The six split up; Sora, Tidus and Zexion went to English class, Riku and Axel to math and Roxas to art class.

The bell rang again, and Sora was sitting in Ms. Gainsborough's English class. As soon as she started explaining about today's lesson (Your friends, the verbs!) Sora nudged Zexion, who was sitting beside him. "Hey, Zexion, um...what's it like in Twilight Town?"

Zexion glanced at the teacher for a moment and brushed a strand of his silver-blue bangs back before turning to Sora. "Oh yeah, you've never been off the island before, have you?" He looked thoughtful for a moment before speaking again. "Twilight Town...it's like a constant sunset there. Always dusky, but bright enough to see, you know? The streets are all lined with buildings and you can skateboard-" he was cut off by Ms. Gainsborough.

"Something you'd like to share with us, Zexion?" she asked, her sweet demeanor covering any annoyance she might have.

"Uh, no." Zexion replied bluntly. Sora waited until the teacher had gone back to the lesson before whispering again.

"We should all go there sometime. I mean, all six of us. Can we?" He looked up at his friend with puppy-dog eyes, obviously determined now that he would escape the island.

Zexion sighed. Sora was like a younger brother to him, despite the fact that they were the same age. Besides, no one on earth could say no to Sora when he put on his cute face. "Fine..." Zexion whispered, "We could go for spring break, I suppose..."

Sora grinned and pumped his fist in the air. "Yes!" Although perhaps he exclaimed his joy too loud, as the entire class looked at him, including a very annoyed teacher. "Um...yes! I love verbs!" He chuckled nervously and slid down further in his seat.

"Nice," Zexion laughed, and proceeded to watch their young teacher as she struggled to reach some textbooks on a very (conveniently) high shelf.

Meanwhile, in art class, Roxas was working on a sketch of the group: Sora was standing in his usual sloughing pose with Riku's arms wrapped around his shoulders, and Riku had his face buried in Sora's cinnamon hair, just his brilliantly blue eyes looking up. Tidus was balancing a blitzball on his nose as he sat crouched down like a cat. Zexion, with his long, trademark bangs, stood with his arms behind his head, and Roxas and Axel were sitting back-to-back smiling, their hands linked. This was the way Roxas thought things should be, everyone showing their true feelings, just being...best friends.

It's a shame, he thought, this might just be the best picture I've ever drawn, but I'd never show them. No need to force things that will happen anyway. Roxas pulled out a blank sheet of paper and began sketching again, one of his friends...he wasn't quite sure which one, but he would know eventually.

As his pencil danced over the paper, forming what would soon be another one of countless pictures of his favorite redhead, Roxas didn't notice the stares from a certain blonde girl who had been watching him through the whole class.

At the same time, Riku and Axel were sitting in the back of math class, trying to perfect the gentle art of paper airplanes. They had been given the rest of the class to work on homework; Axel had copied the answers from the answer guide at the back of the textbook, and Riku hadn't bothered to do it at all.

"So, uh…Riku," Axel started, "Do you think…Roxas likes me?"

Riku coughed, "Well, that was certainly…random. Do you mean, 'Hey how's it going' like, or 'Hold me, touch me' like?" He laughed at the embarrassed look on Axel's face.

"You know what I mean," he sighed.

"I think the whole school knows what you mean," Riku replied, running a hand through his soft, silver hair, "Except for Roxas. He's almost as dense as Sora is." He sighed as well, and the two sat in silence for a moment.

"So…why don't we help each other, then?" Axel asked quietly. "No, not like that," he responded to the disturbed look on Riku's face. "I mean, I get you together with Sora, and you help me and Roxas?" He grinned mischievously, already formulating a plan.

"Hmm…sounds like a challenge," Riku smiled, "You're on. I'll have Roxas all over you by…Spring Break."

Fear washed over Axel for a split second, but he shook it of. "That's the end of next week," he speculated, "Deal. In eight days, you and Sora will be snogging each other's brains out."

The two grinned evilly, both minds filling with fantasies. With a final handshake, the challenge was on.


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