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AN: I just thought I'd post this and see if anyone's interested. It's kind of short, but it's what I had. Hope someone gives it a chance.If you see any mistakes just tell me.

It was raining and hadn't stopped all day. Makoto worked hard to ignore the pounding on the roof, the day was too exciting to be disturbed by a minor rain storm. She placed five pickled peels of ginger on the edge of the plate after neatly arranging a group of vegetable sushi rolls next to the complimentary rice balls. Normally she would allow her assistant to do this job, but today she was feeling a mixture of generosity and exhilaration. Her assistant was doing the majority of the cooking, gaining some desired training.

In a week Makoto would be leaving Miyajima and returning to her princess' side. When she did make the move she wanted the replacement head cook to have as much experience as possible, but also for the current assistant to help with the cooking if the need arose. Isamu would join her in Tokyo a week later, after he had closed the deal with the new owners of her restaurant.

She smiled at the thought while she began to arrange the next order. He was perfect, well, almost. At the very least, he didn't mind her height, but found it attractive. Occasionally he was thoughtless, but he accepted her as she was and she loved it. He had even proposed, though they were keeping it a secret from everyone at present; a fact made simpler when he apologized for being unable to offer her a proper engagement ring. Instead he gave her a key chain wish his extra apartment and car key, proof of his promise and devotion.

A blush crept to her cheeks as he thought of the moment he proposed. They had been in the park near midnight, watching the moon move across the sky. A bold roughen approached the couple demanding their money and brandishing a knife. Not one to stand for this type of action, Makoto allowed the would-be thief to come nearer before giving him a few fists to the head and letting him leave with only minor bruising and cuts but no money.

Isamu was shocked at first, performing the obligatory gawk. Then he bent to one knee and asked for her hand. It was Makoto's turn to stare with wonder. It was the first time a man hadn't run away once seeing her power, instead he was happy, excited by it. Since that night the two had hardly spent more than a day apart without some form of communication.

The rest of the day passed quickly, as did the week. Soon she was on the train to Tokyo, head full of things to share. Makoto rubbed the spare car key, now missing the mate it was originally presented with. His apartment keys would be returned and the two would find a place together in the city. The train released a sigh as it halted in the station. Reaching over head, Makoto grabbed her bags and headed to the nearest exit. Rei promised to be waiting for the Senshi of Jupiter, though she made no mention of the other that would be waiting with her.

Usagi, seven months pregnant, chatting pleasantly with Rei, her harshest critic. The energetic blond waved excitedly as the taller woman stepped off the train and made her way in their direction. Rei was the first to stand and offer assistance, though she could tell the brunette had other things on her mind and was going to say them.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Makoto practically roared, ignoring the astonished looks she received. "All I got was a telegram saying that you needed me to be here as soon as possible. No explanation why, just to come."

"Don't you like my surprise?" Usagi frowned sadly, building tears on her lower lids.

"Of course I do! Usagi, this is fantastic! We have to throw you a baby shower and buy you gifts for Chibi-Usa and," she would have continued if Rei hadn't held up a hand to stop her.

"We'll have time to plan all of that when the others arrive," Rei announced.

"The others are coming? Why didn't you tell me that earlier!" she said sternly, but softened to laugh with the two she teasingly admonished.

"What's this I hear about an 'Isamu' and you?" Usagi asked as they headed to a 'borrowed' Mamoru transportation vehicle.

"You'll just have to wait and hear it with the rest," Makoto waggled her finger, wanting to share her good news with all of the other senshi at once.

"That's not fair!" the future queen wailed as they walked to the waiting car.