Here's my new story. I'm not really having any luck writing new chapters for my old ones, but i'll get there. This is just a little something i came up with, hope u like.
Sam sat dazed on the floor of the cave where he had been thrown by the latest bad guy, some sort of acid spewing creature that was killing the locals. He was quickly snapped out of the fog that covered his mind at the sound of a very painful scream. His brothers painful scream.

"Dean! Where are you?" He yelled shaking his head to clear it and trying to adjust his eyes to the darkness around him, his flashlight had been thrown who knows where and Dean didn't have his. Sam got no response except a slightly softer cry and he followed the sound to his brother's side.

"What happened, are you hurt?" He asked panicky.

"I got hit with that freaks venom or whatever it was that he shoots, but I got him, he's dead." Dean ground out, still obviously in pain.

"C'mon, let's get out of here." Sam said helping Dean to his feet and following the soft gleam that was coming from the entrance to the cave. When they got out, Sam led them to some rocks where they sat and rested.

"Sam? Are we out of the cave yet? I didn't think we had gone that far in." Dean said, looking around and blinking. Sam was suddenly very concerned. It was midday and bright and sunny out.

"Dean, what do you see?" He asked cautiously.

"Complete blackness like when we were farther back in the cave. Why?"

"Oh shit." Sam muttered to himself.

"Sam, what's going on? What aren't you telling me?" Dean asked, slightly ticked off.

"Um, I….. I think there's something wrong. How many fingers am I holding up?" Sam asked, hold two fingers right in front of his brothers face.

"Sam, I just told you, all I see is the darkness of the cave, I can't see your fingers."

"Dean, we're, um, not in the cave anymore."

"What? Not funny Sam."

"I'm not joking. We're out of the cave sitting on some rocks just outside the entrance. It's bright and sunny out. C'mere, let me see your eyes."

Sam said, leaning towards his brother's face to look at his eyes. He cursed under his breath again. His brother's eyes were pale, almost completely white, and that's when he noticed the swollen white areas surrounding his eyes surrounded by redness. When the creature had hit him with the acidy venom, he must have hit him in the eyes. Oh great, he thought, now I know what's going on, but how the hell do I tell Dean?

"Sam! What's going on?"

"Ya know how you said that the creature got you with it venom?"


"Well, I think he got you in the eyes."

"So what are you telling me, I'm blind now because of that thing?"