"I dunno, I thought it was just my aftershave." Dean replied, not quite sure himself what was going on. "You mean the cure to this whole mess has been right here in our hotel room the whole time?"

"It may well have been. C'mon, tell me what bottle you got the stuff from." Sam said grabbing Dean's wrist and dragging him back to the bathroom. Dean stood in front of the sink and tried to remember which bottle he had grabbed. He picked up several ones around the area he had reached over to and put each one down again, unsure if it was the bottle he had actually used.

"I don't know Sam; I don't know which one it was." Dean said, defeated.

"Concentrate Dean, you can do this. What shape was it, how big, did it seem full or empty. Just concentrate."

Dean sighed. He picked up one bottle and held it in his hand. He ran his fingers over the bottle itself and then the cap, shook his head and put it back down. He picked up another one and did the same thing, and another and another. After about 4 bottles he handed one to Sam and told him this had been the one he'd picked up before. Sam looked at the medium-sized clear bottle he held in his hands. It had "25/75" written sloppily on it in black Sharpie.

"It's my combination of holy water and water from those healing springs back at our last job." Sam said. "I was making different combinations of the waters to see if it would help."

"Well, why didn't you say so in the first place? This stuff could have saved me a week of suffering." Dean said, sounding rather perturbed.

"I just started making them last night. I was going to wait until after we saw the witch doctor, to see if she had anything I could add to them." Sam retorted. He grabbed a facecloth and soaked it in the concoction. "Sit down"

Dean sat on the closed toilet seat and Sam gently ran the cloth over his scarred eyes. He watched as the scarring faded and Dean's normal skin reappeared. Dean opened his eyes, but they were still opaque.

"I still can't see, Sammy." Dean said, sounding defeated.

"Well, the scars are completely gone." Sam responded. "Wait a sec. Tilt your head back and look up towards the ceiling."

Dean did as he was asked and Sam dripped a few drops of the liquid into both Dean's eyes. He closed them and rubbed them a bit to spread the fluid throughout his entire eye.

"Ok, open your eyes, let's see if it worked." Sam said optimistically.

"I'm scared. What if it didn't work, what if all it could do was get rid of the scars, not fix my eyes?"

"Well, you'll never know unless you try. C'mon, open your eyes." Sam coaxed, but dean refused to open his eyes. "What's the worst that can happen? So you're still blind? You were actually getting used to it and there's always the witch doctor."

"I was not getting used to it; I was just putting up with it until we could find a cure. There's a big difference."

"Yeah whatever man." Sam paused. "Hey look there's a naked girl outside!" Sam said. If anything is going to get him to open his eyes it'll be a naked girl. He thought.

"What? Where?" Dean asked, shooting his eyes open. "Ah! Why is it so bright in here? Wait, I can see! Sam, I can see." Dean shouted, standing up and practically running to the mirror only a few feet away.

"It worked?" Sam asked.

"Hell yeah it worked! Well, it's still a little blurry." Dean said rubbing his eyes to clear the fogginess. "But I'm sure that'll clear. Sam, this is unbelievable, I can see. You made me see again."

Then Dean did something he rarely did, if ever. He hugged Sam. The boys broke apart and the room was suddenly filled with a very awkward silence. The just as suddenly Sam burst out laughing.

"So much for no chick-flick moments, man." Sam managed to say between laughs.

"Dude, if you ever mention it again, not only willIdeny it ever happened,I will kill you with my own bare hands." Dean warned.

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