Tonight, I Will
A Jimmy Neutron Fanfiction
Chapter 1: Contemplation

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Goddard stared at his master intently as he looked at himself in the mirror. He was hardly blinking at all; he hardly took a breath. That was how Jimmy got sometimes, when he was deep in thought. Especially in deep thoughts of her…"the girl of his dreams".
Goddard shook his mechanical head. Such a genius, his master, and yet, oh, so oblivious. He was always so afraid to tell her how he felt, so scared that she wouldn't feel the same way. Of course she did! Could he not see the love for him that dwelled in her eyes? He had watched them talk before, from darker corners of the lab. Her eyes hardly left his. They shone with a noticeable brilliance when she looked at him, a brilliance that no one else could put there. He remembered when she ran over her after Nick had "shamelessly dumped her", as Jimmy put it. She buried her head in his chest and cried, choking out 'thank you's' and apologies and other random words. He came so close to telling her how he felt that night; Goddard could tell by the look on his face. But he stopped himself. He always stopped himself.
The robotic dog wondered why Jimmy did this to himself. To her. Was he really planning on waiting forever? If only he had it in his power to intervene and show Cindy those tapes. The ones Jimmy didn't know about. The ones of his and Jimmy's last night conversations…about her. She'd love to know her feelings were returned. But Goddard knew that wasn't his business. They had to get together on their own.

Jimmy blew his bangs out of his face, pointlessly of course. They always fell back in front of his left eye. He somewhat reminded himself of Sad Jimmy. Oh well. It was still a lot better than his long-gone soft serve haircut from elementary school. He laughed, recalling that head of hair he used to have and the day that he finally decided he needed a change. Everyone had been shocked, especially Cindy. He remembered her telling him how much "hotter" he looked. He had blushed at that comment, not knowing whether or not she was kidding.
How he loved their little moments…
He looked at himself again, leaning on the dresser. He had changed a lot since the old days at Lindbergh. He had, in time, realized that there were other elements of life other than science. Not that he didn't still invent something or go on adventures again from time to time. He had started writing. He had written about four poems and a sci-fi/romance novel. All inspired by her…
There were physical changes as well. He was now 6'0"; he thought again of Cindy, about the times she had made fun of him for being so short. "Look who's talking now," he whispered to himself. She had grown to about 5'6". Relatively tall, but still shorter than him. He laughed again.
Cindy had changed a lot too. They were no longer rivals, but best friends. She had grown taller (as he had just mentally mentioned), her eyes had gotten greener (at least in his opinion)…he even admitted that he thought her figure had come and filled out nicely. He recalled how she felt when he embraced her in a friendly hug, how fragile her small frame felt in his arms. He tugged at his collar, suddenly feeling hot.
She definitely was not the little girl she used to be. She was a young woman now. And a beautiful one, at that.
Jimmy wiped the sweat from his brow and spoke aloud again. "Dammit. How can I be so smart, yet so stupid? Why can't I just tell her how I feel?"
His negative side reared its ugly head once again. "Because you're afraid of the possible aftermath. You're afraid it will hurt like hell."
He continued arguing with himself. "But what if it doesn't? What if she loves me, too? What if…what if she really is the girl of my dreams?"
Jimmy smoothed down his dark blue dress shirt, loosened his white tie and sighed. "Well, I suppose I should head over to Sheen's house so we can pick up the girls at Libby's. The dance is in fifteen minutes. I'll see you later, Goddard!"
He heard Goddard make a noise and turned around. Across the mechanical dog's screen was a simple message: "Tell her. Tell her tonight."
"I think I might just be able to, boy."

Cindy growled in frustration; her long, blonde hair would not cooperate with her at all! She twisted her hair and threw it into a blue hairclip. She was not one to freak out about her hair or other elements of her appearance too often, but this was different. This was her final homecoming dance of high school; she would be graduating in May. And she was going with him. As friends, sure, but it was good enough for her. Maybe, just maybe, tonight would be the night. The night she finally told him…
"Libby! What am I gonna do! The guys are gonna be here soon and I have no idea what to do with my hair!"
"Are you kidding me? Girl, look at yourself in the mirror! Your hair looks fine!"
Cindy turned to face the mirror. She raised her eyebrows in surprise; her hair did look good like that. Plus, it would be easier to wear it up; she wouldn't have to worry about it so much that way. For sake of taste, she pulled two small strands of hair out of the clip and let them hang in her face. She straightened her black tank top. Smiling, she twirled around in a circle, her blue salsa-dress-style skirt fluttering with it. Libby laughed. "You look great, Cindy. Really."
"Thanks! You don't look so bad yourself!" Libby was wearing a semi-formal red dress with an uneven hem, black material lying underneath. It came to just below her knees. She was currently putting on her black flats and threatened to throw one of them at her blonde friend.
"Oh! I gave you 'great', and you give me 'not so bad'! Jerk! Heh. Just playin', Cin."
"Hmm." Cindy replied simply, smiling a little. She sighed and fell onto Libby's bed, lying on her side, careful not to mess up her hair.
"You look very wistful right now, Cindy."
"Thinking about him, aren't you?"
She only nodded, ever so slightly.
"Come on, girl. Don't you see the way he looks at you? It's so obvious that he loves you, too!"
A small grin appeared on Cindy's face.
"I sure hope you're right, Libs."
"…What are you saying, Cindy?"
"I think…I think I'm gonna tell him. Tonight."
"Ah! Finally!" Libby shrieked. She ran to her now-standing best friend and gave her a huge hug.
"Girl, he'd better say 'yes'…"
"Tell me about it."

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