Having just finished my last story, I decided to post this one. It came to me once when I was bored and I felt sorry for Duo, since he has no family.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing. I only own Duo's family.
Duo hadn't seen the oil. He'd only heard Heero and Wufei's swears from behind him. Duo sped around a corner and glanced around. The joke had been perfect, except that he had been caught. Now the two other pilots wanted his head. Quatre shouted something as Duo sped past him. He slipped on the oil and watched as the world flipped over.

"Duo! Look out!" Quatre ran forward as Duo's head hit the ground and darkness enveloped him.

--- --- ---

"Duo, hey, wake up!" Duo blinked at the sound of the unfamiliar voice. A girl with short brown hair was bending over her. "What are you doing out here?"

Duo blinked up at her. "Who are you?"

The girl raised an eyebrow and reached out to place her hand on Duo's head. "You alright?"

Duo sat up and pushed her hand away. "Yeah, I'm fine. Where am I?"

The girl pushed herself into a standing position. "Duo, you should get some sleep. Check your temperature tomorrow."

Duo scrambled up and backed away. "How do you know my name?"

The girl sighed and stepped forward. "I'm very sorry about this, Duo." She hit him roughly in the neck and he watched the ground spiral up for a second time.

"And you said he was acting weird? Weirder?" Duo heard another unfamiliar voice.

"Yeah, he didn't know me. Or where he was."

Duo groaned and sat up. "My neck. What happened? You!"

Duo lay in a bed that, like everything else, was unfamiliar. The girl he had first met was standing with a woman with light brown hair that was beginning to gray at the temples. She had eyes just like Duo's and the girl's. She smiled kindly down at him.

"Duo, are you alright? Do you have a fever?" The woman laid her cool hand on Duo's head. He closed his eyes and leaned against her hand. (Maybe she's right. Maybe this is all just a fever-induced delusion.)

"You (do) have a slight fever. Arashi, get a cool cloth." The woman turned to the girl standing next to her. The girl shrugged and turned to leave. Duo straightened as he caught sight of her shirt. The back had a scythe on it and when she turned around to ask the woman something, Duo saw the front had "DeathWatch" on it.

After the girl left, the woman turned back to Duo. She was in her late forties and her hair was pulled into a short braid. She sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the far wall.

"Dear, Arashi says you didn't know who she was earlier. Is that true?"

Duo stared at his knees. "Maybe it's the sickness."

The woman grabbed his shoulders and made him face her. "Do you know who I am?"

Duo had a suspicion and jumped on it. "You're my mom." He barely stopped it from being a question.

The woman gave a sigh of relief and hugged Duo. "Arashi's your sister."

Duo nodded, "Now I remember."

Duo lay back as the woman went to check on Arashi. He stared at the ceiling until the door opened and Arashi stepped through.

"You still feel sick?" She laid the cold cloth on his head. "Mom says you'll have to stay home from school if the fever doesn't break."

Arashi looked worried. "You better hope your fever breaks, Heero hadsome sort of crazy plan yesterday."

Duo stared at her, that sort of sounded like Heero, maybe. "What kind of plan?"

Arashi shrugged and stood up. "Some of us have school tomorrow. 'Night, Duo."

Duo grunted and rolled over as Arashi flipped off the light.

I seriously considered cutting Duo's hair in this "alternate world" but it wouldn't be the same old Duo. And I was scared of what people would do to me, so I left it alone.