The Princess of Tennis

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Summery: There's a new student at Seishun. He's good enough to win against Tezuka or Ryoma, there's only one thing. The new boy on the boy's team isn't a boy…

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Notes: K/M's last name, 'Kichigai', means 'maniac'. (XD) I was going to use 'Josei' which means 'female', but… I dunno. If you've heard the song 'Turning Japanese' by The Vapors you'll notice K/M looks like the girl in the song that they describe: 'Your hair is brown… your eyes are hazel!'… Heh heh! Actually, that was an accident.


Chapter One: Koji Kichigai

"Okay everyone!" said Mrs. Ichiro, the 8th grade math teacher. "Quiet down! There's a new student here today. This is Koji Kichigai. After class will one of you take him around the school?"

Several girls raised their hands.

"Kaido, how about you?"

A boy with a slightly large nose, arched eyebrows and very greasy hair turned away from the window.


"Kaido, will you take Kichigai around the school during break?"

"Sure," he turned back to the window.

Koji sat down next to the boy with the big nose.


Kaoru reacted to his voice. It didn't sound like someone from the eighth grade. It sounded like someone whose voice hadn't changed yet. He took a good look at Koji Kichigai.

Koji had a small frame. They were around five foot four inches. They had short messed up hair that was chocolate brown and hazel eyes. His skin was ivory with some freckles. He smiled.

"Hello Kichigai," Kaoru turned back to the window. What an odd looking boy.


"Kaoru-san," said Koji. "Where do I sign up for the boy's tennis team."

"You give an application form to the coach."


"I will take you to the practice courts."

"Is Japanese your second language?"

"Shut up."

"You sound Russian."

"Shut up."

"Answer my question."

"Shut up," the way Kaoru said shut up this time sounded like a hiss.



"Will do…" Koji raised an eyebrow. This guy's crazy, he thought. "Umm… Are you on the tennis team?"

"Yes," then he stated proudly. "I am a starter."

"Ummm… cool."

"The ranking matches begin in two days."

"Can I be in them?"

"If the captain thinks so," said Kaoru, one of his arched eyebrows disappeared into the grease-pit of hair.

"Right…" Koji made up his mind to ask him something. "Do you put oil in your hair or something?"

"What?" said Kaoru, dangerously.

"It's really gross, and slimy."

Kaoru glared. Koji ran off.


"Alright team!" shouted Kunimitsu Tezuka, his voice almost hoarse from screaming. "Ranking matches start in two days. Seventh graders, clean up! I'm going home…" The last sentence he muttered to himself, and then-

"Captain Tezuka!"

A boy was running towards the practice area. Kaoru raised an eyebrow and recognized Koji Kichigai.

"What?" asked Tezuka as they ran up to him.

"I really want to play in the ranking matches. Please! Here's my application form," he pulled the form out from his bag.

"Fine, whatever," Tezuka took the form. "Showers!" He called.

Coach Ryuzaki took the form from Tezuka. "Thank you, umm…" she looked at the form. "Koji Kichigai. Turn up at practice tomorrow."

"Yes ma'am."

"Wait," the coach turned around. "When did your voice change?"

"Umm… a while ago?"



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