The Princess of Tennis

Old Fiat

Summary: There's a new student at Seishun. He's good enough to win against Tezuka or Ryoma, there's only one thing. The new boy on the boy's team isn't a boy…

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Chapter 3: The Bet

Koji ran at top speed out of history. He was so excited. He new he'd made it in. 6-4 against Eiji-sempai and 6-4 against Kawamura-sempai. He'd beaten everyone on his block. Against the non-regulars, all six-love. HA!

After practice Coach Ryuzaki ordered a XS starter jacket from the sporting goods store. It would arrive in five days.

Those five days went by in a happy blur. She would win Seta's bet…

Flash Back

"What's wrong with you guys?" screamed Mae. "You don't even try!"

Michiko Seta, Captain of the girls' tennis team at Saint Joseph Junior High, looked at her, eyebrows raised. "You think you're so big, Kichgai."

"At least I try to win! All you guys do is stand around!"

"What's the point?" said Akira Fuwa, one of Mae's friends. "The boys' tennis team is the best in Tokyo! We'll never be better then them! They always one-up us."

"I have a bet for you Kichigai," said Seta. "If you can become a starter on the second best boys' tennis team, Seishun, and beat Captain Yusuke Higuchi…"

"And if I do?" asked Mae, hands on her hips.

"Then I'll make sure I try to beat Seishun's girls' tennis team's captain."

"You're on!" said Mae. They linked pinkies.

End Flash Back

Mae was so proud of herself. A starter… her. She'd show Seta. The bet was just beginning.

Captain Tezuka walked up to him. "Kichigai, the sporting goods store says your jacket came in."

"I'll go over there right after practice Captain!" He smiled. "Thanks!"

Kichigai was really weird. He acted really gay in Tezuka's opinion.

Kaoru came over. He looked really excited. "Our third opponent in the championship is Saint Joseph's!"

Tezuka saw Koji smile.


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