Hey all! Another JE Jen Zi/Silk Fox shoujo-ai fic from yours truly. As always, standard disclaimers apply. This takes place almost immediately after the end of the game (specific time is revealed later on). Right now, the prologue is a vague (again, it is explained later on in what I have so far of chapter 1). It's to set the mood of the story, really. Not sure if this will end up with some lemony scenes, and if it does, I'll change the rating and mark the chapter when it comes. Remember, this is a fic that focuses on a relationship between two women; don't read if you don't want to. Ayway, enjoy!

- little wing


Lian, feigning sleep, kept her breathing deep and slow, her muscles relaxed but not slack, her lips closed, at the very edge of parting, her eyes soft beneath unfaltering eyelids, her hooded gaze turned within, to the calm place at the center of her being. She could sense rather than feel the other body awaken beside her.

When the warmth beside her left the bed, she allowed her eyes to flutter open and gave them a moment to grow accustomed to the darkness of the room. Those same eyes then followed Jen Zi's nude figure head towards the window. The lights illuminated from incense sitting on the sill cast a soft, loving glow dimmed a dying flame over her long, lanky body. Fragrant smoke seemed caress all of the angles and corners that composed her: the delicate, modest swell of her breast, the faint shadows of the muscles along her stomach and arms, and the soft, elegant black sweep of her shoulder blade.

"You should go back to sleep." Jen Zi's voice was quiet, but rang out like a bell in the silent night. She straightened her back, stood to her full height, and then turned away from the window. Her attention was now on her clothing that had been strewn about the floor, and she began to dress herself.

Lian ignored the fact that Jen Zi was able to sense that she was awake. She shifted upright onto side, black hair cascading down her shoulders and back like a flowing waterfall, undone earlier that evening by the person she was watching. "Say…stay until morning?" Her voice was more hoarse than she expected, parched from the dry evening. Despite this, she maintained her calm deportment, remaining strong and hiding any hopefulness like every good princess should.

Jen Zi stopped mid-way through shrugging her shoulders into her outer coat. Her head turned, eyes showing regret, and yet, behind the glass reflection of her pupils, Lian thought that she could see the same wistfulness she was feeling deep in her chest.

"I shouldn't."

It was the answer she had been expecting. The Heavenly Lily leaned back down, covering her body with the coverlet and shutting her eyes. It was quiet; Jen Zi was looking at her, but she kept her eyelids sealed. There was the sound of cloth shuffling again after a few seconds, then light footsteps heading towards her. She felt a warm hand brush the hair from her face and calming breath tickle her ear. "I love you."

Then the hand pulled away. Lian remained still for what felt like an eternity. When she decided to open them, Jen Zi was gone, and a cream-colored hair tie sat on the windowsill, weighed down by the incense plate.