Chapter 1—Sorrows and Memories

"Is it hot in here to you Link?" Malon asked as she was picking up cucco eggs. Link wasn't really paying any attention, the events over the last few years was enough to give him bad day dreams.

"Link!" Malon asked again, looking over her shoulder.

"Oh, sorry about that, lost in thought again. What were you saying?"

"I was wondering if it was hot in here to you. Are you alright, you look very pale, and you're hands are so clammy." Malon was holding his hand when she tried to get his attention.

"Oh, maybe a little hay fever. I think I'm gonna go home for a bit. I'll see you later hun." He stood up to go and walked over to his horse Epona. She neighed delightedly as Link jumped up on her. Navi was no where to be seen, like usual. She was probably with the new Deku Tree in the Lost Forest.

"Well, I hope you feel better Link. Here is some milk for you on the way home, and please, take care. Try not to slaughter too many evil things left in the kingdom alright?" She smiled and watched him run off with Epona towards the Lost Forest. She sighed as she watched him, his elegant and athletic figure, those crystal blue eyes. She started to blush, but immediately shook herself out of her trance as her father came by. He put his fat arm around his daughter's shoulder and walked her over to the house.

"Hey Malon, you get all them eggs for meh?" Her father asked in a bit of a slurred voice.

"Oh papa, what the hell? I told you no more alcohol. Your liver is gonna give out and we don't have enough money to take care of you." He shrugged and thunked upstairs. He waved and walked into his bedroom, slamming the door. She heard his heavy footsteps across the upstairs floor, and a thunk when he passed out onto his bed.

Malon sighed and started sweeping the house. It was 1 p.m. and she was restless. She wanted to go out and do something. She went up stairs quietly, going into her tidy small bedroom, and looked through her closet. She did not have much clothes, but a few nice dresses she could wear to go out dancing or something. She picked out a nice blue dress, a little tight, but she didn't mind much, she thought it brought out the green in her eyes and made her hair look a little redder than usual.

She slid herself into the dress and walked back downstairs. She called for one of her prized horses by song, this one is Nola. She jumped on and rode off into the large green fields, enjoying the nice warm air running through her hair.

Link reached his house in about 5 minutes, he climbed up his old wooden ladder and fell flat on his face into the bed. He sighed and flipped over. He was very tense, and wouldn't mind a massage. Maybe a little more, but he wasn't very good at talking with girls so he just rolled on his side and tried to think about something else. He kept picturing Malon, her red flaming hair, her nice fit little body, her cute smile, and especially her beautiful green eyes. He smiled as he thought of her riding through Hyrule Field, her red hair streaming, her beautiful poster as she glided across the grass. She was so beautiful in the summer sun.

Link tried to fix his mind on other things, like Zoras' fountain, how nice of a time it is when the fishing season is up. He loved the Zoras, he loved to fish with them. They taught him everything he needed to know about the waters. He remembered the dive he won, how nice it was when he landed fingers first into the water. Ruto always admired him, watching him fall into the water and she would giggle and splash water near him as he swam by.

Ruto was a tom boy, and a lesbian, Link considered her a very close friend and companion. He would never like her more than that though, she was like a sister to him, and plus, she was a lesbian. He needed to go talk to her about Malon soon. He didn't know what to say or do to date Malon, or be with her.

Link dashed back down his tree house, trying to slip away from Saria. He did that successfully, he didn't know where the little woman was, but he didn't really care at the moment. All he wanted to do was go talk to Ruto.

It took him a little time to get to the fountain. He played Zelda's Lullaby and dashed inside. Ruto was racing one of the males. His name was Jynix. She waved as she easily sped past him. He looked worn out, and Link knew Ruto was the best swimmer out of all of them.

After Ruto won that easy battle, she ran over to Link giving him a nice wet hug. She looked at his shirt in annoyance as there was a huge wet mark on him. "Thanks." He said sarcastically taking it off.

"Oh please babe, you know you like it! Hehe!" She giggled and jumped a little bit. She was always a very giddy type.

"Where is your mistress, Birdeen?" Link asked smiling in a mocking manner at her.

"Don't be fresh, she's swimming with the boys at the moment. She's a fine piece of ass that one is." She waved as Birdeen giggled and dove into the water, racing the boys and being admired.

"Well, I have a little lady problem, and I need some advice." Ruto grabbed Link by his arm and drug him to her throne area.

"My daddy has gone to a new Kingdom, to talk to some fishermen, I donno. So do tell me who this lucky lady is!" Ruto plopped herself down on her watery throne, over looking Link, he felt very meek in this position.

"W-well, it's umm...well..."


"It's Malon..." Link whispered.

"Who? You mean that pretty red head girl? I thought she was courting with some handsome farm hand they just hired. Artemis, yes, that's the name." Link went green with jealousy. He did see them together an awful lot, and he caught Artemis with his arm around her shoulder. He sighed and hung his head. Ruto picked up his sorrow immediately. "Oh, my friend, don't fret. I...I'm sure it's a small attraction, you are so much more elegant and umm...uhh..." Ruto lost her train of though, and was gaping in the door way.

"What?" Link asked, he turned and looked. Birdeen was looking ravishing, well, to Ruto she was.

"Oh, but um...Like I was saying Link," She hopped off her throne and walked over to her love, "You're much better than an old farm hand, and plus, you are the Hero of Time." Those words stung Link like a bee. He was tired of that name, tired of those horrific memories.

"Yeah, sure, I'm gonna go now, leave you two lovers alone. See you Ruto..." Link walked out with his head slouched. Ruto touched his shoulder as he left, but he did not turn to look at her.

"Oh, that poor boy." Birdeen exclaimed as Link left. "I hope he will be alright..." Ruto smiled and kissed her partner.

"He will, he will." And with that Birdeen and Ruto left to Ruto's Chamber and Link went to Lake Hylia.

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