title: "Fever Bright"

rating: PG-13. slash. Danny/surprise.

notes: this one's weird, but i like.

About the only thing the doctor's could agree on was that he had a very bad fever. But they did their job and kept the boy full of antibiotics and fluids and medicines and the boy's room full of cards and visitors and prayers. In the end, all they could do was keep the boy in the bed and hope the fever broke without breaking the boy.

Danny lay helpless in the bed, burning and shivering in turn until he thought his flesh would melt off his bones. He fought for every breath that scoured his dry and aching lungs raw. Tubes pierced his skin and bound his wrists and there were terrifying moments when he thought he wasn't himself but a clone in one of Vlad's vats. His family stayed with him whenever they could, but he shied away from their touch, trying not to feel warm flesh where his eyes insisted were only the ashes of vision.

His entire world was reduced to ashes. He waited only for the fire to finish burning him away. Danny trembled on the brink of something vast and deep and wasn't at all surprised when he saw his Phantom hovering at the edge of their bed.

Phantom hung limply in the air, a marionette with severed strings left to dangle in zero gravity. His eyes were as bright and lifeless as jewels. "We're fading," he said softly.

Danny nodded and licked his lips to make them wet, but couldn't even spit out driest syllable.

"Don't worry about it," Phantom said. He leaned over their bed and pressed a cool kiss to Danny's forehead.

A shudder that felt like shock and cold and water tracked down Danny's spine, curling protectively around each vertebrae. "Please," he whispered at last and the word fell from his lips like a slain butterfly.

"Please?" Phantom echoed.

Green reflected blue and please was more than enough for both. Chilled fingertips haunted the traces of Danny's body. A touch like frozen lightning, bright and chilling and ozone, hummed against his skin until he thought he could feel his bones thrum with it, cells and blood and breath. Kisses fell on his face and brow like rain enough to drown in, quenching the dry places within him. Danny tried to speak, tried to offer his gratitudes, but Phantom's hungry mouth devoured his own and swallowed his words before they were spoken.

He was still burning, but something different now fueled the blaze. This time he let the flames take him.

The next morning when he woke up, Danny couldn't quite understand why his mother cried when he asked for a glass of water.