I groaned when Dokugakuji came to a halt next to their leader. I was thrown over his shoulder, as their 'prisoner.' They didn't treat me like one, or they didn't treat me like I thought a prisoner should be. Not that I'm complaining though. They spoke to me and laughed with me just like anyone else would, this was the only time I ever felt like one, when I was thrown over the shoulder of on of the guys. Them being demons they could move faster then me, and well they didn't want to wait around for a little human to catch up all the time.

"Sir?" The dark haired demon asked as he looked over at the leader, the two females leading close by the two.

"They're close." Kougaiji stated looking over the horizon his eyes watching the dust settle over the plains from the iron car that passed not a few moments before. 'Sanzo?!' I thought in my head as I looked over my shoulder at the plains, Gojyo's brother still having not put me down. "Leave the girl here. We do not need for her to interfere with our plans."

Dokugakuji then proceeded to drop on the ground, causing a bit of dust to well up as the four looked down at me as I coughed, rubbing my side. "You can't just leave me here." I stated looking from face to face with worry written in my eyes, tey were going to leave me just like Sanzo and the other's did, only this time ti was in the middle of no where. Tears began to well up in my eyes, I'm such a cry baby.

"Stop crying. We'll come get you as soon as we get finished with the Sanzo party." The hair haired demon stated his eyes looking down at me. My face lit up when he spoke of my brother and friends, his eyes narrowed though. He was the one that kept his distance from me. I knew nothing about him but his name and that he was Lirin's older half brother. "You all go on with out for a moment. I have to speak to the girl alone." Came an order, as our eyes met again. We almost did not look at each other, for everything our eyes met we stopped what we were doing almost in a trance of some sort.

'Stop it! He's a demon! If you are going to take my life, I will not have you fall for a demon. Even if he is hot and well bred and his- Ahhh! Stop Aira, stop!' One of the voices in my head started but my stormy eyes never left those of the demon prince.

'Oh come on. Let her have some fun. Hmmm. Not like you would have done anything like this, you virgin nun. Plus he is rather good looking for a demon, you have good taste Aira." A growl came from the other voice but I ignored them altogether at the moment. They weren't saying anything important.

"Why do you need to speak with me?" I asked from my spot on the ground after the others had left to attack my brother's group. I moved so I could stand up my muscles aching from moving since I had not needed to use them all day. He turned so he could break our eye contact, I shook my head my eyes closing since they had grown dry from the amount of staring.

"There is something you are not telling us about your relationship with Sanzo. My sister was right, you do look a lot alike the priest." He turned back around, quickly closing the distance between us, so much so I couldn't move from my spot my legs keeping still, feet locked to the ground where I stood. "Are you related to our dearest priest Sanzo?" Was the question that was asked by the strong demon in front of me, the voices in my head stopped their bickering to see what I would say and noticing how close the demon in question was to me.

"I- I..-" I was stuttering, good one now he's going to know something is up, not that he didn't know it before but now he knows for sure.

'Girl! Stop babbling your giving me a head ache. Now answer him. I don't care which way you do, though by the look on his face he's not going to believe you if you say no.." The voice I had known since I got here stated causing me to nod my head slightly, making the demon in front of me nod.

"I'm his si-sister." I stated, bracing myself for a hit or something to land on me. I didn't know why I thought he was going to hit or something but I did. My eyes were closed, I don't know when I closed them but I felt him move away.

"That's all I needed to know." He stated before he took off to follow after the others. I blinked rapidly for a moment wondering what just happened. Kougaiji now knew I was Sanzo's sister, that part was for sure but other then that I had no idea.

"Why does this always happen to me?" I asked myself out loud as I sank to my knees. 'Are you just going to let them get Sanzo?' Came the voice of the other girl in my head. 'Because now that he knows that you're his sister he is going to use that against him.' She finished with a sigh. 'How could I let this happen?'

"No! I won't let Sanzo and the other's down. I have to go. Even if it takes forever, I'll find them! Kougaiji might know now but that doesn't change a thing." I stated, making the Goddess smile looking over at the other Aira.. Wait when did they start to have faces and bodies? I don't know, but I don't care!

I got to my feet walking swiftly to the edge of the bluff I was on, looking down I was rethinking my escape plan.. "Okay Aira. You can do this, you can do this." I kept repeating to myself, I really need to stop talking to myself. I slid down onto my belly, my feet trying to find footholds. "Why couldn't I be a demon? It would be so much easier." I asked myself or the people in my head which had disappeared again.

-Time/Place Shift-

"Sanzo! There is something coming!" Goku yelled as Hakkai turned the wheel in the car to dodge a large boulder that seemed to come out of no where. The four men turned to watch as Lirin came out of the sky with Dokugakuji and Yaone landing beside her. Hakkai brought the car to a stop, Hakuryu squealing for a moment before he changed back into his dragon form after the four had gotten out of the iron car.

"Baldy monk! Give us the scripture!" Lirin demanded pointing her finger at the group like their own in front of them. The monk just snickered.

"Where is your brother. Does he know that your doing this?" Was the reply, making the girl go red in the face.

"Of course he does! He's going to be here in a minute! He was just going to talk to Aira!" The demon girl shouted making the four men pause for a moment giving the three demons in front of them a confused look.

A/N: Oh no! Kougaiji knowns about Aira and Sanzo! The Sanzo party knows that the demons have his sister most likely... . Anyway, I hope you liked it!