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(Getting you up to date)

Seventy years has passed since Rin and Sesshomaru were married. Naraku has been long dead. Miroku and Sango got married and had seven kids. Also Miroku and Sango had passed on. InuYasha chose Kagome and they then escaped to Kagome's time where they are currently living together. Kikyo is dead (FINALLY!) and she is staying dead. Forever! Shippo ended up meeting a cute village girl and they got married and had a child. Aku is still married although they don't have any kids and barely anyone knows. Also Sesshomaru and Rin never had any children, for some reason Rin never got pregnant. Oh and Sesshomaru no longer has Tokijin (If you read the books you find out that it breaks when he is fighting and then Totosai fixes up Tenseiga so it kicks but now!) Yeah I kinda screwed that part up in Sesshy's Curse... sorry!

(What's going on)

Sesshomaru is sitting on a chair near his bed with Tenseiga lying across his lap. He looks as young as ever maybe just a year older than he did seventy years ago. I wish I could say the same for his wife, Rin, the human, who was now old and shriveled and lying close to death again in their bed. Rin had died a few times this week from old age but Sesshomaru kept bringing her back with his sword. Today had been worse though, she had already died twice.

Sesshomaru heard her give a death rattle and his hand went to the handle of Tenseiga.

"Please Sesshomaru please, let me go." She said in a whisper that was so quiet that Sesshomaru even with his demonic hearing could barely catch it.

"Rin I cannot live without you."

"Sesshomaru, I know you do not wish for this type of relationship with me."

"None sense, I love you no matter what."

"Sesshomaru, I'm just thankful that I was able to spend my last moments with you, please let me go, and I promise you we'll meet again." Then she died for the third and last time that day.

Sesshomaru stood up and sheathed Tenseiga, and then he pulled the sheets over Rin's face and left the room.

Jaken, who had been waiting outside the door, quickly ran and tried to make it look like he was doing something important when Sesshomaru opened the door.


"Yes, My Lord?"

"Get some servants to prepare Rin's body for a funeral. Then get some servants to dig her a grave in the cemetery. The funeral will take place tonight at sunset, I will be back by then."

"Where are you going, Lord Sesshomaru?" Jaken asked. Jaken wasn't very sad for Rin's death because he knew it was approaching soon and he had already done his mourning for the woman.

"I need to pay Aku a visit," he said. Then he walked down the hallway and turned a corner and vanished from sight.

(At Aku's)

Aku was sitting patiently on the floor of her cave waiting for Sesshomaru; she knew he was coming for over the years she had expanded her horizon and become a seer as well. She had seen Rin's death and knew he would come.

Then the door to the cave opened and Sesshomaru came in and leaned against one of the walls.

"Why Aku? Why did you make me love her only to loose her?"

"Because you needed to realize you were in love. You would have realized you loved her when it was too late, I just sped the process."

"…" Sesshomaru put his head down a little.

"Well I do have good news!" Aku said.

Sesshomaru looked up quickly expecting her to explain.

"I know a powerful dog demon that's wife has only just got pregnant!"

"And that is good news to me…How?"

"The powerful dog demon owes me a favor!"

Sesshomaru gave her a look that told her to speed up what ever she was going on about.

"I have learned how to make reincarnations of people to unborn children!"

Sesshomaru didn't see how this was good news to him. "Explain yourself,"

"I can make Rin be reincarnated into a demon!"

"But that reincarnation of Kikyo didn't have any of Kikyo's memories."

"Well that is because it happened naturally in nature, but I can make the reincarnation of Rin be just like Rin and have all of her memories."

"Would it really be Rin and not just a copy of her?"

"Yes, the reincarnation would have the Rin, that you just lost, soul in it."

"Prepare your things when I return tomorrow we will go meet this demon that owes you a favor." Sesshomaru said and then he started walking out of the cave.

As soon as his hand was on the door Aku asked, "Sesshomaru, Rin was my friend and I am very much disturbed by her death too. May I go to her funeral as well?"

"Yes, Aku," Sesshomaru said and then he opened the door and left.

(The day after the funeral)

Aku and Sesshomaru headed out alone on the journey that would have taken a human five days to complete. While using their powers to fly they were able to make it in just over an hour. They walked up to the guards that were guarding the gates.

"I am Aku, the greatest known seer, spell caster, and potions master," she said all in one breath, "I demand to see Houshoku. Oh and that's Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands and one of the best known killers of all time, he demands see Houshoku too," she said tilting her head back to Sesshomaru who was standing behind her.

"You are allowed in," the guard said and opened the gate and let them in.

Sesshomaru and Aku then walked up the long walkway to the main entrance to the castle, where a servant demon let them in and took them to where the Lord and Lady were.

As they entered the room Lord Houshoku stood up and rather rudely said, "Lady Aku, what have you come for?"

"I have come because of the favor that you owe me," Aku said.

"Then what is Lord Sesshomaru doing here?"

"He has come because the favor you do for me will really be for him,"

"What do you want me to do for you?" Houshoku said slumping back down in his seat.

"I assume that you know by now that your wife, Tasan, is pregnant with your first heir,"

Houshoku's eye widened and he looked at his wife in disbelief. "I was going to tell you soon," Tasan said quietly to her husband.

"Alright, I assume that you know by now that your wife Tasan is pregnant," Aku said.

"What do you want with my heir?" Houshoku said sounding outraged.

"I can already tell you that the child will be born a girl, and that she will have long black hair, but what I ask of you is my I put a soul in the baby so it will be the reincarnation of Sesshomaru's late wife. And then after your daughter has grown to a suitable age she and Sesshomaru will be married."

Tasan leaned over to her husband and whispered, "I have no complaints with my daughter marrying the great Lord Sesshomaru,"

"Nor I," Houshoku said in a whisper to his wife, then louder to Sesshomaru and Aku he said, "Tell me, will Lord Sesshomaru plan to be a part of my daughters life as she grows?"

Sesshomaru was about to answer yes, but then Aku cut in, "No Sesshomaru will not see her until she is of age." Sesshomaru gave an angry glare at Aku and she could feel it on her back. "He will not see her because if he were to be there for her whole childhood she might see him as more of a father figure or just a friend."

"Didn't stop her from falling in love with him before," Houshoku murmered.

"No it didn't but it might this time, so may I give this potion to your Tasan now? It is best this is done when the baby before the baby developes it's own soul. Which will be soon,"

"Fine give it to her, but I want you to know Aku we are even now, I owe you no more favors."

"But of course," Aku said slipping a small vile out of her robes which she then handed to Tasan, "You must drink the whole thing in one gulp," Aku warned her.

Tasan did as she was told and drank the whole potion in one swig, then she handed the bottle back to Aku.

"Now I have some important things to tell you," Aku said.


"Yes it always best to tell the bad news when it is already too late for the person to change their mind! Well then back to what I was saying, first you must name your child Rin,"

" 'Rin'? That's such a common name," Houshoku complained.

"she will refuse to answer to anything else you call her. Now then she will have dreams of memories of Sesshomaru depending on what age she is depends on what age she will be in the dream. And if you have any other problems with her just tell me and I will try to straighten it out. Now then I will take my leave, come along Sesshomaru," she said leaving the room and Sesshomaru followed her.

As soon as they were off the castle grounds and in the air again Sesshomaru said, "I do not appreciate you treating me like a dog,"

"Oh, I'm sorry Fluffy! I didn't mean to anger you,"

"Do not call me by that name,"

"I'm sorry but it was my favorite nickname for you that the voices made up!"

"How would you know?"

"Those voices told me every thought that went through your head in that two weeks!"

"Aku, I will kill you,"

"Now now Sesshy calm down it wouldn't do you any good to kill a puppet now would it? You should be thanking me! In a few years you will have your beautiful wife back. I do hope you realize that now you owe me a favor."

"I am dreading the day."

"That's the spirit!" Aku said and then descended because her cave was now below them.

Sesshomaru still had a ways to go until he made it back to his castle, 'Rin, I cannot wait until I get to hold you in my arms again,'


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