Albus Dumbledore sighed as he paced his office. This school year was nearly over, meaning next would arrive carrying a raven haired boy, which he hadn't seen since that night. Mr. Dumbledore hadn't wanted him to arrive yet. 'Still too early in life!' he tried to convince himself, as he had multiple times this year. He had grown more nervous since Old Miss Figg died. It was a shame really, and he did feel an ache in his heart. She had been a good friend to him, but old age had caught up with her.

However, quickly, an Andromeda Tonks moved into her old house, bringing with her a small child the same age as the boy causing Albus so much grief at the moment. He jumped slightly as his pet gave a loud cry and burst into flames, smiled slightly at the thought of the new creature that would soon be born from the ashes, and continued brooding over his issue. He finally sighed and shook his head slightly. He had cast ward upon ward to make certain that under no circumstances would this boy be exposed to his world, and yet, still, the chance presented itself in the form of a young Nymphadora Tonks, and Andromeda Tonks. He sighed, yet again, as he thought of a way to remove the Tonk's from the premises. With a business-like swish of his robe, he was gone from sight.


Andromeda was about five feet from the door, her child in tow, when there was a knock. She grumbled as a small Nymphadora went to the couch and plopped down. The older Tonks pulled the door open to come face to face with Dumbledore.

'Good to see you Albus. To what do I owe the pleasure?' She questioned, forcing a smile. Her daughter had been, as the one in question put it, 'The brinks of insanity from boredom.', and they were one their way to the park.

'If I may, could we please speak of the matter in...' He glanced over as her daughter, 'private?' She slowly nodded her head and walked into the kitchen.

'I'm sorry to just show up, but I have a request.' Albus murmured before stopping and glancing towards the door, where purple hair barely stuck out. Her mother noticed it, as she walked over and told her to wait, and they'll go in a few minutes. Tonks stomped up the stairs as loudly as possible, for the satisfaction of knowing she had made that picture fall off the wall for the tenth time, and she knew if drove her mother up the wall. However, returning to the conversation, you would hear this.

'So, I must ask you to do an Unbreakable Bond to keep him from knowing.'

'Albus, you can't do this to the boy. He's about to reach the age to go to the school, and he rightfully should. You've sheltered him for nearly 10 years. Isn't that torture enough? I was walking by the other day, and heard a pained...noise, for lack of better word, echoing from the house loud and clear, followed by a bang and yelling. We might not have a Boy-Who-Lived if he doesn't get a chance to get away soon. But no, I'm afraid I can't cooperate with your request.'

'Then I must ask you to leave Privet Drive.'


'Please, don't do this. I have no choice in the matter, it's for his safet-'


'Very well.' And with that, he was gone.

'Nymph, come on, let's go!' She called up the stairs and received the answer of, 'DON'T CALL ME THAT!'


How to Save a Life

So You've Had A Bad Day

A young boy jumped slightly as his horse-like aunt beat on his cupboard door.

'GET THE HELL UP FREAK!' She shrieked through the door. 'AND DON'T BURN ANYTHING.' Harry Potter, the boy whom this story is based around, sighed. His pleasant dream nearly lost, but came back vividly as he called up the memory again. It was a strange one of a fight between and old man, and a brown haired woman.

From the part that was missing, Harry assumed that they could have been talking about anyone, but he hoped that they would come rescue him. Actually, he wished anyone would come and get him out of this hell of a life. Harry Potter was a scrawny boy, around the age of ten, and almost forgetting that he would be turning eleven in about three days. The small boy's memories went over to the first time he had mentioned his birthday to his relatives. Harry had received a sprained wrist as a birthday present. He didn't know what he had done to the Dursley's to make them made, but it must have been bad for then the always be mad at him. Harry then realized he'd taken a minute or two brooding over this and quickly jumped out of the cupboard and got over to the oven just in time to get the bacon on a plate before it started to turn black.

At that time, a rather large man walked in, and eyed Harry trying to find something wrong. When he saw nothing, he just started on him over how untidy Harry's hair was. Harry was walking over with the bacon when his large cousin, who was already at the table kicked the back of his knee, causing Harry to fall forward, throwing the bacon out of his hands and on his Uncle Vernon. At this, he made a noise like an angry bull and hit Harry in the stomach with his fist. Harry made a grunt, but that was it. This was nothing really to Harry. His fractured elbow had hurt worse, and as time seemed to slow, he thought of other injuries that had hurt much worse. But this one soared towards the top as he slammed into the refrigerator.

Harry did the unforgivable and let out a very loud yelp of pain, realizing that it was almost an alike sound the woman had mentioned from his dream. He know he had a bad injury somewhere, but couldn't place it as his whole back was on fire. Vernon's eyes bulged as the sound seemed to hit home. He had sinned. He showed pain. At this he started screaming at Harry about being weak. Finally, he stopped to catch his breath, then sat down.

'Bring me some more bacon, and you'd better hope that it's ready real quick.' At that time, there was a knock on the door.

'Go get it, Boy!' Harry's entire back shrieked in protest, but he fought it and opened the door, only to be grabbed by the collar of his shirt and pulled out. He found himself face to face with the woman in his dream.

'Look, Mr. Potter, I know you don't know me, but you'll be receiving a strange letter in a day or two. Don't let your relatives see it. When you get it, come to house number 16, Mongolia Drive, and knock five times, then ring the doorbell. If anyone asks, I was a salesman trying to sell glue.' Harry nodded slowly then walked back in as the woman jogged off. That was interesting to say the least. He walked back in to the kitchen.

'Who was it?'

'Some guy trying to sell glue.'

'Let me tell you, the people these days...' At this, Harry tuned his uncle as he complained to his wife about 'people these days.' Not knowing that the old man from his dream was sending off a strange letter with a knot in his stomach.


As Harry got up to the rapping on the door and shrieking of Mrs. Dursley, he realized that he turned eleven today. There was no point is mentioning it, though, since he would just end up in worse shape then last year, and more then likely would result in broken body parts, so he pulled himself off of his miniature mattress and got to working on their breakfast.

Harry, after being hit in the shins with his cousin's Smelting stick, picked up the mail and found the strange letter. He immediately shoved it under the door the his cupboard and ate his poor excuse for a meal. As his relatives kicked him out when they didn't have chores for him to do, Harry swiped the letter from under his door, and walked out. The raven haired boy then jogged 12 houses down and did exactly as he was told. After ringing the doorbell, the door was immediately opened by a girl, about the same height as him, but other then the brown hair, she was an exact replica of the dream version of her.

'Do you have the letter?' She asked, cutting straight to the point. Harry nodded and was then wrenched in by his collar. As the fabric tightened against his back, he accidentally let out a yelp of pain. She looked at him with a curious eye and closed the door.

'I guess mum was right. What'd they do to you?' She asked. He felt as though he could trust her, but he didn't know why.

'I was thrown into the side of the refrigerator.' He muttered before his eyes got big and he slapped his hand over his mouth. How could he be so stupid as to let that slip?

'God they're worse then she said.' She said with little emotion. 'HEY MUM! HE'S HERE!' She suddenly screamed, making Harry jump and wince as the fabric rubbed against his back. The young girl then walked him over and pushed him into the couch, from which he jumped off of as though it were on fire.

'Can't sit. Back still hurts.' He said quietly and with little emotion showed on his slightly flushed face. He already figured the damage was done. He was still embarrassed over how they treated him.

'Could you pull up the back of your shirt for me please Harry? I think I can help you. Oh, and i forgot to tell you. My name's Andromeda, and that's Nymphadora.' The girl made an irritated noise in her throat and glared daggers at her mom.

'Muuuuuuuuum! I hate that name!' She then rounded on Harry. 'Call me that and I swear I'll rip out your spleen and...uhh...I'll give it a nice scrubbing to get it clean then I'll put it back nicely and forget I ever said that?' She said, suddenly changing to an innocent voice under her mothers look. He mom smiled slightly, then looked at Harry.

'Could you pull your shirt off for me, dear?' She said with a slightly grim expression. Nymphadora's face turned slightly red as she promptly glanced at the others in the room. As she started to flush a little deeper, she turned and walked out of the room. Harry, who was slightly flushed also, slowly pulled his shirt off.

'Holy crap, I'm gonna kill that man. He's skinny as a rail. Hell, the rails probably bigger.'

'Here, could you turn around?' He did so. He heard Mrs. Tonks mutter something, then his back instantly felt better.

'That's amazing.' He said quietly. 'Yeah, it's amazing all right. Amazing that you can still walk.' She said, her voice dripping in hatred.

'You can come back Nymph, we're through.'

'K', Mum." She called back. 'And don't call me that!'

The younger Tonks walked in, bringing with her a plate of cake. She plopped back down in a chair, and continued eating. Harry's face turned down slightly at the sight, but quickly hid it. Emotions and expressions were sin in Harry's mind. Andromeda seemed to have missed as she turned to him.

'Do you have the letter?' She asked simply.

'Uhm...Yes ma'am.' He said stuttering slightly as he pulled it out of his back pocket.

'Well then, go ahead and open it. I think I'm going to go nick some of that cake myself.' She said, leaving the room and heading for the kitchen. Nymphadora nearly leaped to the couch from where she was and started prodding Harry.

'Go on! Open it! I haven't gotten my letter yet! Open it!" She said all of this really fast and was poking Harry in the shoulder the whole time. He glanced at the girl sitting next to him out of the corner of his eye, then slowly started to open it. He pulled out what appeared to be parchment, and folded it open. Nymphadora gasped next to him.

'You really are Harry Potter! Do you really have that scar?' She asked.

"NYMPHADORA TONKS I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE HIM ALONE ABOUT THAT!" Her mother hollered from the kitchen. Harry snickered, leaving Tonks to glare at him. He went back to the parchment, and nearly dropped it in shock. There was no way. It wasn't possible! How could he, the boy who had to set his own broken bones, and heal his injuries himself, and had been abused for eleven years, be a wizard?

'How can this be possible?' He muttered.

'Cuz' your parents were wizards. Consider yourself lucky. My dad ran out on my mom right after I was born because I levitated my Wampi.'

'Uhm, Nymphadora, what's a Wampi?' Harry asked. She scowled and muttered, 'Remember what I said about ripping out your spleen and beating you to death with it?' He nodded. 'I wasn't kidding. Call me Tonks if you want to continue to have a spleen.' She then continued in a normal voice. 'But my mum didn't tell dad, she was still waiting, but then he figured it out after seeing me with it levitating. So, he ran out on us.' Harry's small smile that had been worked up in the time of finding our he's a wizard, faltered.

'I'm sorry.' He said, but she waved it off.

'But how I can I be a wizard anyway? I'm not all that great!'

'Hmm...k, you're not a wizard, eh? Then tell me how some strange things occurred when you were extremely angry or sad?' Tonks asked, grinning ear to ear. He thought about his cousin's last birthday.

'Uhm, I did accidentally set a boa constrictor on my cousin a few months ago. I had been talking to it, and my cousin punched me in the ribs. When I fell down, the glass just sort of vanished. The snake slid out, thanked me, and went off.' By this point, Tonks had nearly fallen off the couch in laughter. He waited, a smile playing his face as he remembered. However, it fell as he remembered what happened after they got home. His arm had just healed. He remembered the pain as he pulled the bone back into place and wrapping the hole that the bone had made in his arm. Tonks noticed this and set a hand on his shoulder in concern. He flinched and jump back as though her hand were on fire.

'What's wrong?' She asked. He shook his head. 'Don't give me that crap, what's wrong?'

He sighed. 'I really don't want to talk about it.'

'It usually helps if you do.' He sighed.

'Well, I got home, and was thrown in almost. My uncle started yelling about being a freak. I guess I know what he means now. I said I didn't know what happened, that it was almost like magic. He punched me in the arm, snapped right above the elbow, and when I landed, it when through my skin because I stuck out my hands to catch myself. Then he through me in the cupboard and locked it. It just head about two weeks later.' By now, Tonks had tears in her eyes, and Andromeda, who was listening in the kitchen. She had thought it would be a good idea to leave them alone, let them get to know each other. She had never expected this to happen.

Tonks silently reached over and pulled up Harry's arm to see a circular shaped scar. Trying to resist the urge to hug him, and regain her composure, Tonk's changed the subject.

'So,'re a wizard!' He nodded slowly. 'You know what Quidditch is?' She asked, getting excited again. 'Well duh, no, come on, I'll show you, you hafta see this!' She grabbed him by the arm, and started to pull him up, but he stopped as he saw the clock.

'I have to get home. Dammit I'm late. I'll have hell to pay.' He said, jumping up and bolting to the kitchen.

'Thanks for letting me see that Mrs. Tonks. I have to go or the Dursley's'll ki-' He cut himself off at the thought. They probably would if they found out he knew what he was. 'Erm, I mean, they won't be happy. Thanks again!' He said, and ran the whole way home.

'It's amazing that he's still sane.' Tonks muttered to her mother as tears ran down her face. How could someone be so heartless? She turned to her mother.

'Mum, we have to find a way to get him out of there. We might get a Boy-Who-Died-From-Muggle-Abuse if we don't.'


Harry wrenched the Dursley's door open and ran in. He came face to face with the man he was dreading.

'WHY AREN'T YOU IN THERE COOKING MY DINNER BOY?' His uncle yelled, punching Harry in the stomach.

'YOU'RE AUNT HAD TO COOK! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR AUNT? TO US? AFTER ALL WE'VE DONE FOR YOU, YOU JUST DECIDE THAT CHORES ARE BELOW YOU?' Harry was punched again, this time in the face. The raven haired boy gasped as he felt his nose crack, but didn't say a word or make a sound. By the time Uncle Vernon was done, Harry had, what he thought, was a cracked rib, a displaced shoulder, a broken nose, and his pinkie finger was fractured. Harry staggered up the stairs, to his room, which he had been forced in when his aunt complained about not having a place to keep her brooms, mops, and other stuff. He sat down and immediately jumped back up as he felt something poking him in the hip.

Harry pulled out a mirror from his pocket, which when he turned it over, saw a note.


Look at this and say Nymphadora Tonks into it.



Over on 16 Mongolia Drive, a Miss Nymphadora Tonks was getting scared. She picked her two way mirror back up and muttered, 'Harry Potter'. It showed a ceiling, meaning he had found it, and then heard a scream. It died down, and was followed by a whimpering sound and panting.

'KEEP IT DOWN IN THERE FREAK!' Tonks heard as the noise continued.

'Harry?' She whispered, hearing a mattress squeak as the mirror started to move to show a bloody Harry.

'Harry what happened! Why did you scream?' She whispered franticly. She noted the sweat covering his face.

'Later.' He whispered, his voice cracking.

'No, it doesn't matter, we're breaking you out of there.' She said quietly.

'NO!' He yelled, then a look of fear dawned over his face. 'Look, how do you close this connection?'

'Why?' She asked, but then figured out why as the door slammed into the wall, knocking a piece of it off. Harry tossed the mirror and it landed upside down on his bet, but hit an angle so that she could see what was going on, as she turned her mirror upside down also. She watched in horror as she saw Harry get thrown around the room like a rag doll, yet never making a sound. Finally, Harry a heap in the floor, his uncle left, slamming the door.

Tonks watched him push himself up off the ground, yelp and fall again, then push himself up again. He staggered over to his bed, seeming to forget about the mirror and fell onto it.

'Sorry you had to see that, Tonks.' He muttered, then she watched as he lost consciousness. Tonks couldn't bring herself to sleep that night, and contemplated on how to get Harry out of that hell hole.

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