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Family Planning

By Onkiu

Chapter One: The Joyful News

"Makino. Let's get married," Domyouji announced suddenly, leaning casually against his chair in a small, bustling restaurant.

It was not just the way he said it that irked Tsukushi. It was so casual, so self assured; and the fact that he had made it a statement rather than a question was one which gave Tsukushi no say in it. His arrogance really shone through – she bet he didn't even think that it would be possible for her to reject him.

However, it was the time he chose to propose to her that annoyed her most.

Tsukushi spat out her soup and nearly choked on the noodles. She knew that she had burnt her tongue.

"What did you just say!" She snapped irritably. It wasn't as though she didn't hear him.

"You heard what I just said," he smirked.

"You're an idiot," she retorted, downing a glass of water to appease her tongue. "Do you suppose your mother would let us get married? I barely doubt she's even accepted me, and we're only dating."

Plus, I'm too young to get married, Tsukushi thought. I have my whole life in front of me. I don't want to be barefoot and pregnant at such a young age.

Domyouji stared at her thoughtfully. "You know, the only way for Mother to accept you is ..."

"What, genius?"

"...if you were pregnant to me and were carrying the future heir to Domyouji Enterprises."

"I AM NOT GOING TO MAKE BABIES WITH YOU AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE!" she yelled, slamming her hands on the table so as to make the bowl of noodles jump dangerously. Either he was the greatest of mind readers, or just one to come up with the most idiotic ideas, she thought, her face flushing gloriously.

The other patrons of the little restaurant turned and stared at her, as she blushed and realised how much attention she had drawn upon herself.

"Sit down..." said Tsukasa. "Much as I'd love for it to really happen, I'm not going to force you into doing anything you don't want to. Being the genius that I am, I've come up with other plans."

"You'd better not," said Tsukushi dangerously, knowing very well what his supposed genius encompassed. "What other plans did you come up with?"

"You don't really have to be pregnant to me. All we need is for Mother to believe that you are pregnant."

"Ha ha ha. Like your cynical mother would ever believe that load of bull."

"Oh, she will, if we can fool others into thinking the same thing. If everyone believes something, it'll be taken as fact."

Tsukushi couldn't help but laugh now. "Like anyone is going to believe that."

Little did she realise how very wrong she was.

When she arrived at school the next day, Tsukushi felt that there were more people talking about her behind her back than usual. She felt it; her highly attuned 'backstabbing radar' told her so - she was sneezing far too much. Not that she really needed the sneezing to prove it; the whispering as she walked by, the finger pointing was more blatantly obvious than usual.

She was thinking of what kind of rumours those nasty backstabbers had come up with this time when Kazuya came bounding up to her in the corridor, and, still gasping, cried out, "Are you really pregnant, Tsukushi?"

The whole corridor's whispering and pointing stopped, and it fell silent as everyone listened in to their conversation. Tsukushi could see their ears enlarge as they listened in.

"Who gave you that idea!" cried Tsukushi, shocked. But somewhere deep inside her mind, she knew who it was...

But, before she could elaborate, someone wrapped an arm protectively around her, and as she turned around, she noticed that it was Domyouji. She felt the anger bubble inside her. That idiot is spreading malicious rumours about me, isn't he?

"Yes, she is!" said Domyouji rather loudly, and beamed as he added more fuel to the fire. It really was more of an announcement to the corridor than an answer to Kazuya's question. "She is indeed pregnant - to me."

Tsukushi felt her jaw hit the linoleum floor.

Kazuya looked like he was about to burst into tears as the whole corridor erupted in ferocious whispering and finger pointing that the gossipers were not even bothering to hide anymore. She also noticed that quite a large number of those people had whipped out their mobile phones, either trying to record their conversation, take photos of evidence or just message their friends this big piece of gossip.

"Come on, Makino, we can't have a mum-to-be stressing herself out too much with these rumour-mongers whispering and pointing at her out here." Domyouji, with arm still protectively wrapped around her, guided her out of the building and towards the grassy lawns of Eitoku. "I don't want MY child hurt by these people," he added loftily.

As they were walking there, Tsukushi's numbness from that piece of news of her pregnancy that she did not know about evaporated from her and turned into to anger instead.

"I have beef to pick with you," she snapped, trying to push his arms off her. "Why did you have to tell everyone I was pregnant!"

Domyouji shrugged as though he did nothing wrong. "To make Mother believe that you're pregnant, the first thing to do is to get everyone else to believe it."

"You didn't have to tell the whole bloody school I was pregnant!"

"Yes, I did." He really thought he did absolutely nothing wrong. In fact, he looked as though he was doing her a favour.

"What's going to become of my reputation now?" she shrilled hysterically. "People are going to think I'm some sort of teenage mum who bedded you just to get a stab at your family fortune! And, you arrogant Eitoku students already hate me enough for being poor - I bet I'll never hear the end of me being a poor AND pregnant teenage mum."

"You never had much of a reputation to start with," he sniggered. "In fact, I think the fact that you carry precious Domyouji family sperm inside you will boost your reputation."

"You idiot! Argh!" She had a feeling that she was going to get more and more unpopular because people will obviously believe that she only carried his child so she would have a part of the Domyouji fortune. They finally made it across the lawn, where the other members of the F4 were waiting for her.

"Woah, woah. It's mum-to-be Makino!" said Nishikaido in grand voice. "Congrats, you made Domyouji's dreams come true!"

"Shut up." Domyouji and Tsukushi said simultaneously

"Ooh, what a fine couple they make, even speaking up for each other," teased Mimasaka, dodging as Domyouji tried to land a blow on him.

A thought suddenly hit Tsukushi.

"How did you manage to get the news out so fast?" she mused.

"I sort of mentioned that you were pregnant and it was all a hush-hush secret for now to Akira and Soujiro, and before you know it, it was all over the school," said Domyouji, sounding very pleased with his genius.

Tsukushi made a mental note to never, ever tell Mimasaka and Nishikaido her secrets, and suddenly felt a strange urge to strangle the two of them. But, deep inside all her anger and resentment, she was mildly amazed at how quickly word of mouth had spread throughout Eitoku - and how powerful Mimasaka and Nishikaido's mouths were.

Rui, who had been keeping quiet until now, suddenly spoke up, and said, "How many months now?"

Domyouji froze. It was obvious that he hadn't thought about these details in his blissful announcement that he was soon to be a Dad.

Mimasaka and Nishikaido turned around, and stared at him with interest. Even Tsukushi was curious; would he be able to hit the mark and answer with a month that would describe her physiology correctly?

"Actually, guys... there's something I should've told you earlier," said Domyouji.

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