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Family Planning

By Onkiu

Epilogue: Happily ever after

It had been four years since the disaster that the F4 still recall fondly as The Miscarriage. It had, quite luckily for them, turned out so well. Although Kaede, even after four years, had not fully accepted Tsukushi as a member of the Domyouji family, she had come to be less disapproving of her, which, to them was a sign that Kaede just might be warming to Tsukushi.

Tsukushi had been waiting earnestly for the day that Domyouji would return from New York, but the day came without her knowing it. For one thing, she only knew it was around this time of the year that he would return. For another, she was so busy with her own graduation and kickstarting her own career that the day arrived without her realising that it did.

Domyouji had planned to surprise her by suddenly appearing at her door at midnight with one thousand roses and a wedding ring. It worked very well, indeed, for Tsukushi looked so shocked that she was about to burst into tears from all that emotion; but Domyouji soon found out that she wanted to cry because she was dressed most uncouthly in her pajamas when she had greeted him at the door, and she had wanted to look her best when she welcomed him back to Japan.

Soon, their wedding plans went underway -- and soon, their long-missed arguments resumed. Domyouji wanted a lavish wedding on par with a royal wedding; Tsukushi wanted something simpler and smaller for close family and friends. In the end, they made a compromise for a smaller but lavish wedding that not only included close family and friends, but Domyouji's business associates, since he, after all, was a very public figure.

Other arguments erupted over catering, dresses, suits, and who to be the maids of honour, but all these bumps managed to be smoothed out before the big day, which Domyouji had chosen to coincide with their first date - the one in which he waited out in the snow for hours for her, an event he kept choosing to remind her about.

The wedding day, a clear, sunny day, arrived, and was to take place on the grand lawns of the Domyouji estate, which, after the work of the gardeners and other staff, looked so much more beautiful that it even did before that it looked as though it came straight out of a fairytale.

The guests were all seated outside against the beautiful backdrop of the grand Domyouji mansion, where they were subjected to waiting for the bride to arrive. Like any true bride, Tsukushi arrived late (due to certain dress troubles caused by Mama), much to the anticipation of the crowd and in particular, Domyouji Tsukasa.

A very, very proud and well dressed Papa gave his daughter away. Papa even managed to look dignified for the short period of time as they walked down the aisle towards a beaming Domyouji, but just before he reached the end of the aisle, Papa, overcome with emotion, began sniffling and tearing up, much to Tsukushi's embarrassment (luckily, hidden by her veil).

Papa proceeded to hand Tsukushi over to Domyouji, who, looked so happy that he himself look like he would cry too. They signed their marriage certificate, exchanged their rings, promised to be with each other 'til death do them part, declared their "I do" to each other and sealed this promise with a kiss.

This was the start of married life for the couple.

"Phew. It's finally over!" sighed Tsukushi, flopping down onto the king sized bed after coming out of the bathroom, fresh, cleaned, and slightly wrinkled from a long, relaxing bath. She stretched herself out like a lazy cat over the big bed. "Ahh... heavenly."

They were at the Kaede hotel, where they were going to spend a few days at the presidential suite before jetting off to a round-the-world honeymoon - courtesy of Domyouji's private jet, and staying at various mansions owned by the Domyouji family in various countries.

Domyouji was lounging next to her as he read the newspaper, its headlines proclaiming the fairytale wedding of a certain young millionaire to a certain common girl. He had looked up at her as she came out, and smirked at her utter lack of lady-likeness as she groaned, stretching her various limbs.

"You'd better watch how you behave at home," snickered Domyouji, folding down his newspaper slightly so she can see his smirk. "Now that you have officially become a Domyouji, you're a public figure. Your every move will be reported by the paparazzi -- even the way you behave in private."

"Sounds weird, huh?" mused Tsukushi. "Being a Domyouji... Domyouji Tsukushi."

She couldn't help but snort at the very strange way her name now sounded.

"What's so funny about that?!" scowled Domyouji. "It's your fortune to have met the most handsome man alive and become a Domyouji."

"Whatever," retorted Tsukushi lamely, though secretly, she had to admit that it was indeed her fortune to meet a man who loved her so much.

"Anyway, I don't think it's funny," declared Domyouji haughtily. "Domyouji Tsukushi sounds very fine to me."

"I may now be a Domyouji by name, but your mother still doesn't fully approve of me," sighed Tsukushi. "I still think she hasn't gotten over the silly plan that you hatched four years ago."

"You know, the only way for Mother to accept you is ..."

"What, genius?"

Why am I getting a sense of deja vu? thought Tsukushi.

Domyouji leant closer to her.

"...if you were pregnant to me and were carrying the future heir to Domyouji Enterprises," he whispered in her ear. "For real."

Welcome to the end of Family Planning!

Woah! Finally finished (UNDER ONE YEAR!) what I started randomly one day when the idea popped into my head and just wouldn't go away! It was on a whim that I wrote up the first chapter and aptly named it Family Planning. I didn't really actually give time to think of the title; it just popped up and it felt so right.

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Anyway, to anyone who was wondering about which cameo characters and references I put in (which, I am sure, some of you may have figured out some of them):

Chapter 5 - Maya - name taken from Maya Fey from the Phoenix Wright series, my favourite game. Seriously. Best. Game. Ever.
Chapter 7
- Tomoyo Daidouji's Costume Shop - Tomoyo Daidjouji from Cardcaptor Sakura.
Chapter 8
- Laguna Loire - from Final Fantasy 8. Rita Sukita - Japanese version of Rita Skeeter, from the Harry Potter series.
Chapter 10 and 11
- Shinichi Kudo, Hattori Heiji, Inspector Megure, Gin, Vodka, Sherry and Tequila - all from Detective Conan.
Chapter 15
- Naruhodou and Mitsurugi - from Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban.
Chapter 16
- Akagi, Kaji and Katsuragi - from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Chapter 17
- Matsumoto Jun - played Domyouji in the live drama of Hana Yori Dango. Had him make a cameo appearance for fun. Takumi/Trapnest - from NANA.
Chapter 18 - Abe Tsuyoshi, Matsuda Shota, Oguri Shun - the respective actors for Akira, Soujiro and Rui in the drama.

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