Spin Control
By SolarCat

A/N: I do not own YA. I do own this random idea and I do own Annoying Man. Though you may use him if you credit me, cuz I'm nice like that.

Warnings: contains boykissing and silly "plot". 2am fic, y'all get it.

Billy picked himself up off the pavement, nursing an arm that was definitely bruised or sprained (though thankfully not broken). That had sucked. They had barely managed to gain themselves some measure of legitimacy with the public, and now the picture on the evening news was going to be him getting his butt kicked by a D-list bad guy in a horribly designed costume, who didn't even appear to have any sort of powers or special abilities other than being really, really annoying.

"Hulkling! I thought you said you had him!"

"I thought I did!"

Teddy did his best to look contrite as Cassie scooped the multi-colored moron up in a giant sized hand, holding him at the perfect level for Kate to hold the tip of one of her arrows right in his face. Well. No more trouble from him anyway.

Considering that they had caught the guy, there were a suspiciously small number of flashbulbs going off, and Billy knew exactly why. The press had their shot, and it was the one of him sprawled on his ass in the middle of the street.

"I'm really sorry." Teddy was suddenly there next to him, hand on his shoulder. It was one of the few "public displays of affection" that Eli or Captain America wouldn't get their tights in a twist over, and it was comforting. It also gave Billy a very, very good idea.

"Good. Then you won't mind doing me a favor." He smirked, and before Teddy could fully comprehend what he was planning, Billy had spun around so they were facing each other and jumped, wrapping his arms around Teddy's neck and kissing him full on the mouth in full view of the gathered public. Teddy tensed for an instant, then relaxed into the kiss, gently wrapping his arms around his boyfriend's (currently) much smaller frame.

There was an instant of complete stillness, in which Billy was quite sure he heard Eli sputtering angrily in the background, and then the flashbulbs exploded into life.

Success! Billy grinned as he broke apart from a slightly stunned Teddy.

"Get a room!" Tommy made an overly-disgusted face as the team made their exit from the scene, Annoying Man safely in the hands of the police.

So Eli was pissed and they were probably going to get another lecture from Captain America. Billy didn't care. He was saved from being utterly embarrassed by the media, he had gotten to kiss Teddy, and he couldn't wait to see Tommy's face when he saw what his underwear had been turned into.

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