Spiders and Hair Dye

Greg and Sara have an amusing conversation in the CSI Garage. Characters not mine.

"Greg, stop moving!" Sara warned, her voice echoing through the otherwise empty garage.

Greg was hunched over in a chair, his elbows on his knees and a towel around his neck. Sara stood behind him, a small box in one hand, a neon green comb in the other. "Well, sorry…" he replied, wiggling anxiously in his seat. "My legs are asleep."

"Poor you…" She tapped her foot impatiently.

"Hurry up!"

"You're the one who asked me to help you in the first place…" she reminded him, holding the bottle of blue liquid in her hand. "Besides, if you'd hold still I would be able to finish this without turning your skin blonde."

Greg finally stopped moving.

"See, you've managed to hold still for two minutes now. That's a new rec-"

"SPIDER!" Greg wailed, shuffling backwards and ultimately off the edge of the chair he'd been sitting on, taking her with him.

Sara looked up at him; somehow she'd managed to keep the hair dye away from their clothes. "Oh my God!" She said a surprised look on her face.

"What?" Greg asked.

"It's on your head!" she told him.

Greg wiped violently at his hair, apparently forgetting that it was currently neon blue. When he pulled his hands away there was no spider, but there was plenty of dye.

"That was mean…" he complained, sitting normally so Sara could get up.

She looked over him, taking in his appearance. "How in the hell did you manage to get hair dye on your shoe?" she asked, laughing.

He stood up, hopping on one foot as he looked at the underside of his shoe, his hands still covered as well.

"And what did you do, sit on it?" she added, noticing that the back of his jeans were a lighter blue than they were supposed to be.

"You're one to talk." He smiled, reaching for the container of hair dye she'd set on the chair and squirting some at her, hitting her arm.

She looked at him, an icy glare in her eyes. "Oh, you're dead Sanders." She growled, approaching him.

Her attack was cut short by her laughter as she watched him hop several feet away before falling over, landing in … more hair dye.

"Little help here…" he said, pushing himself onto his knees.

Sara chuckled quietly, walking over to him. "How long can you stay like that?" she teased, standing in front of him, watching him try to stand without getting dye anywhere else.

In reply, he pulled her down, too. Pinning her to the floor. In the process of this he'd also managed to regain his hold on the tube of hair dye, which, a moment later, was empty.

"Ahem…" another voice interrupted them.

They both turned to see a very surprised Grissom in the doorway. Without another word, he turned and left, having no desire to know what was going on.

Greg got off of Sara scrambling back to his chair. "Do you think he took that the wrong way?" he asked.

Sara laughed, continuing with their original goal. "Hmm… I wonder…" she replied sarcastically, surprised to find that she did not care what Grissom thought about what he'd walked in on.

All was silent for a good part of the next five minutes until…

"Greg! Hold still!"

Just a completely random idea, seeing as my plot bunnies seem to be in hiding. And I have yet to figure out why blonde hair dye is blue… though I'm 100 percent sure it is… My mom highlighted her hair and I had to help…. Boy, that was fun…. And she wanted to do mine, which is completely ridiculous cause I have to dye it purple in a few months… but she won and now I have these really really blonde streak in the middle of my head and I look ridiculous… Anyway… I'm babbling… Review!