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The constant drum of rain about him reverberated through his head as he leaned against a shadowed wall in the alley. His Jounin's uniform clung uncertainly to him as his chest heaved from exertion, red eyes anxiously scanning the world about him. Despite the apparent calm of his surroundings, he knew he would only have one chance at this.

A brief welling of chakra was his only warning before Sasuke threw himself to the side, skidding on the slick pavement. Immediately, one fist was drawn out to the side, exploding in blue chakra.

"Tonight is the night you die, brother!" he hissed, eyes narrowing at the slouched form before him. Itachi lifted his head, his face impassive.

"Amazing," he replied calmly, "that after all this time, you remain simply a nuisance."

Scowling viciously, Sasuke raced forward. Chidori screaming about his fist, he aimed for his brother's heart.

"I'll see you in fucking HELL!"


Itachi dodged so smoothly that even with Sasuke's eyes, he couldn't follow the movement. The wall of the nearest building exploded as Chidori connected with it, but before Sasuke could muster another shot, a cold hand gripped the back of his neck and threw him backwards. Gasping as his back hit a wall, Sasuke reached for his pack of kunai.

"Tsk. I would think that by now you'd have learned better, little brother." Pinning the other man to the wall, Itachi leveled his red eyes on him. A vague flash of anger appeared in those eyes, but before Sasuke could determine what he saw, the emotion was gone. "You are still pathetic."

A wet hand clapped onto Sasuke's throat and tightened. "Why...did you come back here?" Sasuke forced out, clawing at the hand. Itachi's eyes darkened.

"Not for you, little brother. For a power I left behind." The killer's voice was almost quiet, thoughtful. Sasuke spat on him.

"Fuck you!" He ignored the hand that continued to tighten about his neck, forming a second Chidori about his fist. Eyes gleaming with hatred, he began to punch.

"Tsk. Amateur." Instead of retaliating, Itachi focused his blood-red eyes on Sasuke's. The younger man had a split-second to feel panic before he heard the last words of this fight that he would remember.


Several hours later, Sasuke forced his eyes open. The rain had begun to let up, falling almost anxiously upon his head as he lay slumped against the wall in the alley. Slowly, he lifted his head and looked around.

He got away again. After a long moment of contemplating the ground, he scowled viciously and rammed his fist back against the wall.

"FUCK!" He grit his teeth almost painfully hard. "How can he still be so much stronger than me? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?"

Fueled by fury alone, Sasuke forced himself to his feet and staggered towards the vacant Uchiha town. He said he was looking for a power he left. What the fuck was he talking about? His scowl deepened as he made his way through the town. What does he WANT?

He paused just outside his silent home, noting with loathing eyes that his front door had been torn off its hinges. So much for subtlety. Fuck you, Itachi.

As he stepped through the doorway, he noticed that the rest of his home was in similar disarray. Walls had holes punched through them, dressers were overturned, and parts of the floor had been pulled up. Suddenly exhausted, Sasuke simply wove his way around the disaster that had become of his home and headed for his room.

A brief look with his Sharingan told him that Itachi was long gone, regardless of why he came in the first place.

Contemplating whether or not he should just stick a kunai in his chest and end everyone's trouble, Sasuke paused outside the study. It, too, had been torn up...but it was also the most logical place to search for something, if it had been hidden away by any of the Uchiha clan. Frowning, he stepped into the room.

What the hell was he looking for? His eyes passed over the hundreds of scrolls that had been tossed about the room. Was it a technique scroll? What the hell kind of technique would Itachi need that he doesn't already have? And why the hell would he come back after all this time to get it?

Narrowing his eyes, he ignored the protests of his viciously drained body and mind and began sifting through the scrolls. They seemed to outline family jutsu for the most part...but even scrolls that seemed to seal away secret techniques had been casually tossed aside by the roving madman.

Angry again, Sasuke tossed a fistful of scrolls aside. "What was he looking for? What!"

When the room failed to answer, he staggered to his feet. "WHAT?"

His temper, fueled by having failed at his responsibilities AGAIN, caused Chidori to flare one last time upon his arm. Roaring, he turned to the far wall and ran at it.



Chest heaving, he watched as the wall crumbled in front of him...except for one patch of brick revealed by the falling wood and plaster. He paused, then stumbled forward and placed his hands upon the old brick.

It was hot to the touch.

Eyebrows furrowing, Sasuke rammed his shoulder against the already shaky brick wall. It fell away, revealing what looked like a...closet? Confused now, Sasuke cautiously stepped into the small room. A tiny, wooden box lay against the shadowed back wall, a withered seal peeling off the latch. Lifting it, he peeled away the last of the seal and opened the box.

An ancient-looking orange scroll sat in the middle of the box. The Uchiha symbol lay upon the outside, but a black spiral appeared to be burned over it. His frown increasing, Sasuke peeled open the scroll.

Could this be what Itachi was looking for? A wave of determination coursing through him, Sasuke scanned the contents.

To the bearer of this scroll,

Beware the power of your ambitions, for if your actions are not committed carefully, they will prove your last. Within this scroll lies the key to the Uchiha clan's greatest asset; nay, the Fire Country's greatest source of power. Only those with the strongest of wills can obtain this power.

If you doubt yourself for a moment, you will die.

Within this chamber, you will find a sealed container. When removing the seal, you must chant, "I am your master. You will submit to me." If your will is not strong, you will die. If you succeed, the greatest power the world has ever known will belong to you.

You have been cautioned. Proceed by your own courage.

After a moment, Sasuke rolled up the scroll. I guess that answers my question. Eyes narrowing, he ran his fingers against the darkened wall and found that the entire wall moved with a light push. He peered into the darkened tunnel beyond; a blast of stale, hot air rushed out to meet him.

Gritting his teeth, he plunged forward. I WILL obtain that power. I will become the most powerful person in the Fire Country, and I will FINALLY avenge my clan!

The tunnel swept sharply down and to the left, thick stone greeting his questing fingertips. Though the air in the tunnel was hot, the stones were cold as ice. Activating his Sharingan, he lifted his eyebrows as faint swirls of red chakra traced the walls and floor of the tunnel.

Exactly what kind of power is sealed down here? The ground leveled abruptly, bringing him to a small chamber. His feet scuffed the stone floor as he stopped, the noise echoing upon the chamber walls.


Without warning, two unseen torches on either side of the chamber sprang to life, throwing oddly dancing light about the chamber. Stilling, Sasuke glanced around at the small room. It felt oddly clean, considering the fact that it seemed like no one had set foot in there for at least fifty years. No dust graced the floors, and no cobwebs could be spotted.

Before him stood an immaculate wooden cabinet. Its finish gleamed in the firelight, as did the ruby red spirals dancing across the doors. Sure enough, a seal bearing the Uchiha symbol rested across the latch for the doors. Frowning, Sasuke stepped forward.

Scritch. Scritch.

He stilled again. Those sounds...did they come from inside the cabinet? As he stood, the faint scratching sounds continued. A soft, animalistic whine took to the air, but it was so light that Sasuke couldn't be sure he heard anything at all. His eyebrows furrowed. Did something get in there?

Shaking his head, he stepped forward. Wouldn't it just be my luck if a rat made its home in here, and nothing else remains?

As he lifted a hand to the seal, the scratching stopped. He hesitated.

"Chant 'I am your master. You will submit to me'. If you doubt yourself for a moment, you will die."

Sasuke pursed his lips briefly, then settled them into a flat line. I'm not taking any chances. Scowling, he began the mantra and set his hand upon the seal. The entire cabinet rattled.

"I am your master. You will submit to me. I am your master..." Gripping the edge of the seal, he peeled it away. "You will submit to me."

The moment the paper left the wood, the doors flung open. A violent gust of wind blew out the torches, and Sasuke was immediately surrounded by the sound of vicious growling and consuming heat.

"I am your master!" he gasped out, the heat bearing down on him like the flames of hell. Pain shot through him, but he continued his mantra. "You will submit to me!"

A pair of violently red eyes appeared in the darkness before him, and an inhuman roar shook him to the bone. Refusing to be mesmerized by the bloodlust in those red eyes, Sasuke growled out his mantra.

"I am your master! You WILL submit to me!"

The heat seemed to grow solid, clasping him and searing him to the point where he was sure that nothing would remain but ash. Fighting the mind-numbing pain, he continued to choke out his mantra.


Just before the pain became unbearable, Sasuke felt a third roar ricochet through his body. He felt himself lose consciousness, yelling the mantra almost senselessly as he crumpled to the floor.

As the darkened world faded, those wicked red eyes turned blue.

With a soft thump, Sasuke's head hit the stone floor, and he was lost to the world.

"Uhnn..." Groaning, Sasuke felt his senses begin to return to him. I'm not dead? Slowly lifting an arm, he pressed it over his eyes to block out the sunlight that was shining down on him.

...Wait a second. Sunlight?

Sasuke peeled one eye open, surprised to discover that the sun was indeed shining on him, and he was currently lying on his couch.

What the hell? His mind foggy, Sasuke attempted to sit up...and noticed a very prominent weight on his chest. Lowering his arm, he opened both eyes and looked down.

A pair of sky blue eyes gazed curiously at him.

Blinking, Sasuke stared at the creature that had taken up residence on his chest. It appeared to be a red fox about the size of a Doberman, a multitude of thick tails swarming behind it. Tilting its head, the fox regarded him with analyzing eyes.

"What the...hell?" Sasuke managed. His throat felt raw as he spoke. "Where the hell did you come from?"

The fox simply gave him a dry look.

Grunting, Sasuke slid his arms beneath him and pushed himself up. The fox didn't bother to move, sliding passively down his chest to rest in his lap. Sasuke glowered at the creature.

"Get the fuck off me."

After a moment of staring at him, the fox heaved a mild sigh and obediently leapt to the ground. It waited expectantly, its tails weaving about it. Sasuke scowled at it.

"A fucking nine tailed rodent." He ignored the way the animal seemed to bristle at his statement. "Don't tell me that you were in the damn box."

The fox lost interest in him, turning to gnaw at its hip. Sasuke sighed. "Just my luck. I'll bet you're useless."

He received a dirty look for that one. Lifting an eyebrow, Sasuke put his legs on the floor and leaned over, elbows resting on his knees.

"What, you're actually intelligent?" He let out a snort, too worn out to bother about maintaining his cool appearance. "Right. I'll bet if I put you in a paper bag, you'd be lost for weeks."

A low growl was his response.

Shaking his head, Sasuke slowly rose to his feet. "If Itachi wanted you so badly, he can have you. I have no use for a rodent." He made his way towards the kitchen, stepping around the mess his older brother had made. "I wish this damn place was clean," he grumbled.

Zzzzzzap! CRASH! Thunk, thunk, whump.

Sasuke froze, then slowly turned to look at the room around him. The fox sat in the center of the floor, calmly licking its front paw.

The entire room was spotless.

"...The hell?" He stared at the fox. "No way. He couldn't have..."

Shaking his head, he continued into the kitchen. Opening a cabinet, he rummaged tiredly for something to eat.

Scritch. Sritch.

Glancing down, he saw that the fox had chosen to follow him, scratching and staring at his pantry like it was the fox's long lost love. Sasuke glowered.

"Hell no. Forget it. I'm not keeping a fucking pet, and I'm damn well not going to feed you." Grabbing some cereal, a bowl, a spoon, and a carton of milk from the fridge, he sat heavily at the table. He pointedly ignored the fox at his feet as he made himself a bowl. After a long, fixated stare, the fox grumpily laid down.


Sasuke froze with his spoon halfway to his mouth. Did it Setting the spoon down, he glared down at the animal beside him. It was staring forlornly at the fridge, heaving a long-suffering sigh. Sasuke frowned, then returned his attention to his food. I must've imagined it...

As he took a bite, his imagination took over again.

"And just so you know, you're not exactly the pick of the litter yourself, smartass."

Choking, Sasuke tossed the spoon down. "That does it!" Turning, he pointed an accusing finger down at the fox. "What the hell are you?"

The fox gave him a bored look, its mouth remaining shut. Sasuke scowled.

"Dammit, tell me! Who the hell are you!"

Sighing, the fox rose to its feet and leapt onto the table. Folding its nine tails about it, it gazed belligerently at the Uchiha heir.

"My true name is not important, though I am often called Kyuubi no Kitsune." His eyes narrowed. "And I'm not a rodent."

Sasuke couldn't help it—he stared. "Then what are you, exactly?"

Kyuubi rolled his eyes. "Well now, you sure did your homework, didn't you?" he replied sarcastically. He glowered at the boy in front of him. "I'm one of nine demons, and from this day forward, I officially hate your guts."

Sasuke dredged up a smirk within his confusion. "Any reason why?"

"Because, apparently, you're my master." He paused, then gave Sasuke a frighteningly toothy grin.

"And, for better or for worse...I'm your genie."

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