just something i came up with when i was all depressed about finding out my mate was only using me so she could see this guy


Is it me

or him?

How can i know

how can i be sure

am i being used?

Or are we truly friends

did she only come for him

or because we are friends

we havent seen each other

for a very long time

she changed

more than i wanted her to

she's changed

and i dont like this new her

i'd rather have the old her

i hate what she's become

i hate myself for falling

falling into her sticky trap

i fell for her routine

and now am caught

death would be so much better

than having to sit here

like nothings wrong

when everything is wrong

when dieing would be far less painful

then having to listen to the web of lies

she so deftly spins

trapping everyone in

you dont know that your caught

until its too late

too late to turn back

her true colors have been shown

death would be heaven comapred

to this hell of being used.

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