A/N: I am not really sure if I'll call this one AU. If you find the title a little weird, I don't blame you. Actually, I am still pondering on that subject. I find it a little creepy. Nevertheless, here are some notes:


In this fiction, the main characters haven't met yet. I am planning on putting in a little twist in the story. Hopefully, I can enhance my writing abilities and be able to input good plots for my story. By the way, this fiction had some references from my first fiction Ten Years Have Passed, which was written in another language.


Seifie, a six year old girl, happened to be one of the survivors of the Trabia Garden devastation. Selphie decided to raise her and treated her with the utmost care. Seifie looked at Selphie not as a mother-figure but as a sister. In times, Selphie began confronting the lass about her parents but it seemed that she had amnesia--probably because of the incident she just then suffered.

Unexpectedly, Selphie was hired as an instructor in Balamb Garden, another exclusive military school. The story will start with how Selphie's first day duty turned out.

World's Enigma

Chapter One: Me Against The Alarm Clocks

Once again, the sun began to rise on the horizon. Sunlight rays are really healthy especially in the morning—specifically, seven 'o clock sun rays. The chocobos began waking every people in Balamb City with their chocobo hymning. In a very silent and peaceful two-storey house in Balamb, alarm clocks began to ring simultaneously and in harmony. Well, it was not harmonious in a brunette's pair of ears.

Alarm Clock #1: Kring, Kring!

"STILL slee-eee-eeepyyyy-yyy!" Selphie faltered. She altered her position by facing on the bed and covered her ears with her comfy pillow to filter the irritation produced by the clock. But then, the ringing really cracked on her nerves.

Exasperated, she smashed her hand at the alarm clock and threw it at the wall. It was a rough, fierce throw that the clock nearly shattered to its parts; from bearings to screws.

After fifteen minutes...

Alarm Clock #2: Clang! Clang!

It was the alarm clock she bought yesterday with yellow chimes in it. It was really cute at her sight when she bought it.

Cute it was, indeed. But fate didn't spare a helpless little alarm clock.

Not having second thoughts, she threw it outside the window.

The morning was still young. The probability of people walking near the house was low. But it seemed that someone was unlucky that day and got a hit.

"Hey! Watch it!" a man from the outside shouted.


In the balcony, pots rested on three exposed sides. Morning glories that stood on earth began blossoming--absorbing the vitality provided by the sun.

Any pots were vulnerable of falling, especially when a hot-headed being plans on moving those out of place.

The man who got hit by the alarm clock was too uneasy, burning in a rage of anger, temperature rising to his head and bursting like a pressure cooker. And so, he released his phoenix of asperity by throwing stones upward that blazed as it struggled against air resistance.

It hit one of the pots arranged in rows. Unluckily, the man set his attention on the streets and without warnings, the pot fell and hit him straight in the head.


Finding a more comfortable position, Selphie made a twitch on her bed again. Now, she is facing the ceiling. Mr. Guardian Angel and Devil were fulfilling their duties once again. Who'll prevail?

'Get up sleepy head. You're late for your work!'

'Savor your moment of slumber! Work can wait.'

Thoughts were clashing back and forth in her head. Thought bubbles were popping like bombs exploding in guerilla warfare.

Despite of the disastrous collisions occuring in her head, her faced still seemed to be meek and undisturbed.

After fifteen minutes...


It was a branded Cait Sith alarm clock with a portable videophone. How desperate she was that she even placed the opening of the videophone adjacent to her auricle just to wake herself up so when it rang, she nearly had a nervous breakdown. But this time, she didn't bother putting a hand on it.

After fifteen minutes...

Alarm Clock #4: Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you!

"Birthday? Oh yeah, I nearly forgot." she stammered as she gradually recovered her senses. So this is how you wake up a brunette.

Two out of four alarm clocks are devastated every time you wake Selphie up.

"Geez... what I only wanted was to get up on time. It's my first day as an instructor on this... this exclusive military school--Balamb Garden. What time is it, again?"

7:45 in the morning, the two survivor alarm clocks displayed.

"Seven forty five? I am LAAAAAAAAAATE!" She bounced on her bed and in a great feat; she managed to stand up on the marble floor. She had a quick bath and then bolted to her room to wear her neatly ironed black skirt threaded with golden stitches in its borders. She then lurched towards the adjacent room where a lass laid down in slumber.

A red light began scanning her whole profile. A flick from an automated profile identifier machine was heard and the glass door slided, revealing the small girl. Selphie was baffled and her eyes opened, almost out of its orbits.

"Forty five minutes and waiting. Are we leaving yet?" Seifie asked in a very articulate manner.

As the words traveled from Seifie's mouth to Selphie's ears, to her nerves and then, to her brain, she felt a great relief deep inside her. She was astonished at the girl's initiative. Not only that she was awake, she was also sprucely attired on her red dress and her hair was already brushed straight, almost reaching her waist. The hair that shone in its black color with brown highlights and her orbs that were frosting in icy blue really made Selphie feel proud for the child.

The door leading to the outside world is waiting. All they have to do is go thru it.

As a token, she prepared a great treat for the young lass. It was her birthday so giving her a treat is really a must for Selphie

"Hotdogs?" she inquired, raising a single frail of eyebrow.

"That would be grateful but..."

"It will be alright. Besides, today is gonna be a new day for us. A new day for you because you're already turning seven and me, for working as an instructor—for the first time! I was hired as an instructor. Cheer for me!"

"Go Sefie!" Seifie replied energetically

"That's right! Now we're outta here! Hotdogs, here we come!"


A/N: Now that's for Chapter One. Uhmm... don't be confused with the names! Sefie is way different from Seifie. Sefie is Selphie's nickname, you remember? If you have any suggestions, you can just send your messages.