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Chapter Four: Consequence

The Garden Military Academy of Balamb— an exclusive military school.

The Balamb City— nation's capital where most civilians lived.

These are the most important locations in Balamb. Two important locations which actually has a large distance among each other. To be able to cross from one point to another, travelers would have to pass among series of meadows and forests. Traveling by bare feet would really consume much time and effort.

But not now.

With the sophisticated technology Midgard had bestowed upon them, almost all are made to work easier. Take transportation as an example. The energy and time you consumed using a car is lessened, compared to using your own bare feet. With the presence of air conditioning appliances, people can now experience a mild, soothing temperature despite of the intensity of the climate.

However, despite of the presence of these kinds of technology, people are still prone to accidents and calamities. The doors of opportunity that this technology offers might somehow close inevitably. Sometimes, even fate tends to put locks on these doors that we even fail to use this sophisticated technology in times of needy.

Like on how a car rent shop closes, perhaps? It was the thing that pushed Selphie, Zell and Seifie on reality limits that they even smuggled a chocobo from the meadows just to reach the Garden. Well, if it weren't for the T-Rexaur that fueled the chocobo's speed, they wouldn't have had reached the Garden in a short span of time.

Yes, they have reached the Garden earlier than expected. But the catastrophe that tailed on them caused them to fag out.

And the three helpless victims of the catastrophe...






(a) 1st Victim:

Name: Tilmitt, Selphie

Age: 18

Height: 5' 1 1/2''

Birth date: July 16, 3482

Brief Profile: Before

A currently hired instructor at the Garden Military Academy of Balamb. Eyes are colored green and she wore a neatly ironed instructor uniform with defined golden stitches in its borders. Hair color is brown and is treated with hair shine to achieve its desired shine and bounce. Energetic in nature but easily faints due to low capacity of hit points. Specializes in nunchaku and has good magic manipulations.

Brief Profile: After

Still a hired instructor at the Garden Military Academy of Balamb. Eyes are still colored green. Now, she wears a wrinkled instructor uniform with... undefined golden stitches in its borders? Hair color is still brown... and the effect of hair shine seemed to fade out and is now dry, limp and stiff. Still energetic in nature but is currently fainting due to over consumption of strength.

2nd Victim:

Name: Dincht, Zell

Age: 18

Height: 5' 5''

Birth date: March 17, 3482

Brief Profile: Before

A current SeeD cadet. Eyes are colored blue and wore a black attire all over--sort of Balamb student uniform. Hair color is blonde with its locks naturally falling at the owner's profile. A hot-tempered being that specializes in hand-to-hand combats using his knuckles clad in gloves. Has an average amount of hit points with an average magic manipulation.

Brief Profile: After

Still a SeeD cadet. Eyes are still colored blue and wears a black attire all over--sort of Balmb student uniform. Hair is still blonde with its locks disheveled and falling in reckless directions. Still a hot-tempered being that specializes in hand-to-hand combats using his knuckles clad in gloves. Now, he has also enhanced his skills in chocobo navigating and was rated a very excellent chocobo rider--credited due to his imprudent penetration at the Garden's entrance, causing a catastrophe. Has currently a 50 percentamount of total hit points due to excessive running and still has an average magic manipulation.

3rd Victim:

Name? (Unknown Family Background)

Selphie decided to call her Seifie, which is patterned after her name. And since Selphie is standing as her step-mother (or step-sister perhaps), she was temporarily named Seifie Mariana Tilmitt

Age: 7 (estimated)

Height: 4' 3''

Birth date? (Unknown Family Background)

Temporary birth date was prior to the date when Selphie found her at Trabia, September 8, 3499

Brief Profile: Before

Young lass bearing a mysterious past. Have icy blue eyes and a spruce and straight raven hair that falls up to her waist. She also wore a heart-shaped steely silver pendant, which might account on the girl's enigmatic personality. Still naive on battlefields but has the potentials to inflict greater damages using magic if ever skill is enhanced.

Brief Profile: After

Still young lass bearing a mysterious past. Still has icy blue eyes but hair is now frowzled, strands gliding in numerous direction. Still wears a heart-shaped steely silver pendant. Now, she has at least battlefield experience. Magic manipulation is great if ever junction with GFs.

Those were the three helpless victims... (a)






Who would have thought that the catastrophe they have encountered only rooted from a mere, simple tardiness?

Maybe the alarm clocks took revenge? The alarm clocks emitted a smoke of jinx that embraced their entire day?

Entire day! Geez, I won't last that long, Selphie thought. Maybe it's really true; you always have to start your day right.

The rush of distress started clutching her body. She didn't want this distress to devour her whole energy and so, she closed her eyes and let her thoughts swam in the lake of relaxation.

And she started to think about the day when she was still free from stress and rejuvenating from all burdens of life.


It was a very fine day. Selphie and Seifie had just moved in to Balamb City. After accomplishing all the papers they needed to finish like acquiring their house and lot and all that crap, Selphie and Seifie can now sleep in the clouds. They were at the balcony, seeping in the cool breeze that the wind provided. Selphie went to the corner and rested calmly. She cupped her face in her flaccid hands and closed her ubber-green orbs to absorb the comfort of the surroundings. Seifie on the other side was watering the morning glories that rested in the soil. The fine, refreshing day was interrupted when a knock was heard aloud from the first floor.

"Letter for Ms. Selphie Tilmitt!" was the voice that escaped from the mouth of the man who stood outside. He swiped the letter at the mailbox outlet and left afterwards. Selphie inserted her hands and reached in for the letter. A shock threw on her face when she read it:

Balamb Garden, Balamb
August 30, 3500

Ms. Selphie Tilmitt
9994 Kramer Circle Cypress
Balamb City, Balamb 90630


The Garden Military Academy of Balamb was impressed with your recent performance in Trabia Garden and thereby willing to hire you as one of our instructors here.

The Balamb cadets decided to search for all those highly-skilled combatants trained on the recently attacked Garden Military Academy of Trabia and hire them as instructors of our school. You happened to be one of those who have met with our prerequisites and thereby, we will be glad if you will accept our offer.

If ever you are interested, please attend the instructor briefing which will be held at the 3rd Floor Auditorium of the Garden at 9 am, September 1st. Your participation will be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully yours,
Cid Kramer
Headmaster, Garden Military Academy of Balamb

Encl. (3)

All she needed was a job. And it seemed that fate was reading her mind clearly.

"Seifie, I have a new job! Cheer for me!"

"Go Sefie!"

The two jumped happily and they jumped and jumped, and jumped like a merry-go-round.


Selphie giggled at the thought of refreshing her joyous moments. Heehee! She began pondering about the thing she was about to face... the face of the headmaster they call 'Headmaster Cid Kramer'. Yeah, yeah, I know Zell said he's kind and gentle of some sort but hmm... what if...?

And her mind wondered again in pointless eternity.







A snobbish lady clad in formal black skirt walked gracefully to the oaken door. Her hips swayed from left to right and she seemed to have a very, very formal demeanor. But it seemed that she was not in the mood today. She stiffly pushed the door and raised an angry voice to the person that was seating beside an oaken table.

"Mr. Kramer..."

"Yes, secretary..?"

"MS. SELPHIE TILMITT! Wanna guess what's new! She's late again..." The snobbish lady raised her pointy eyebrow.

The man who wore a formal office attire, answered with a bang, "Hu-WHAT? That nitty-nugget-bitch is late again!" The man threw his spectacles on the table, which shattered into pieces...

"She's really a pain in the ass, huh! I knew she's reckless! You mustn't have hired that stupid amateur!" the secretary retorted.

"Yeah, Trabia's way of breeding their students is really a crap! What the heck! She's cracking on my nerves!" Mr. Cid Kramer added. He was a very old looking man with wrinkles found everywhere in his face. He seemed to be already aged in his work and stress really embraced his whole profile.

The secretary continued her report, or should I say, mocking report, "Don't worry. Here's her special treat. SHE HAD GONE LATE ON HER 25 CLASSES... OUT OF 26!"

Anger (and maybe stress) seeped on the aged man's veins and then exploded in anger, "FEED HER TO THE T-REXAURS! GRIND HER INTO SMITHEREENS!" The headmaster's anger was soon replaced with laughter.

The secretary and the headmaster, who occupied the four sides of the office, began to laugh evilly.

"BLOOD! BLOOD! I'M THIRSTY FOR B-LOOD!" The secretary who was mistaken to have a very fine demeanor was actually... a cannibal? Her fine, snobbish face turned into a wicked, dead one. Black circles formed under her eyes and her eyeballs started to pop out from its orbits.



The bright morning light that percolated through the office began to transform into darkness. The fine weather that the clouds indicated soon darkened and it devoured each and every spot of the continent, covering any source of light.

A thunderstorm boomed at the dark atmosphere as the wind whipped ferociously at the windows of the office. The two insane corps that occupied the dim-lit area began shaking recklessly and steam escaped thru their bodies. As if mutating, they erupted out of their bodies and toxic liquids pelted everywhere, staining every delicate decorations adorned.

The chuckle that had escaped thru their undefined mouths soon indicated that their mutations consummated.


Wanna know what they looked like? Vicious, wet and disgusting zombies with oversized heads and jaws overflowing with numerous toxic mixtures of substances.

The two soon teleported at the rendezvous—the training center, where the T-Rexaurs rested.


The crowd rejoiced when the two deadly corps had arrived, indicating that the party will soon begin. But of course, it will never be a perfect party if there's no sacrifice… a sacrifice that will be offered to the T-Rexaurs…

The wicked, dead-looking creatures looked above. A faint looking brunette was tied all over with chains. It seemed so… bias… why does she had to be the offer? She looked down and she even saw Zell… and Seifie… who was also rejoicing with the crowd.

The crowd… that crowd… they all looked like zombies hungry for flesh and blood!

"HELP!" It was the last word that had escaped on her mouth.

Soon, the innocent brunette was ripped out into pieces by the unmerciful T-Rexaurs. Blood burst out in every direction and...



Selphie, wake up!



The next thing she had remembered, she was already immersed in a cozy bed. She snapped out, revealing the blonde shaking her head, struggling to wake her up, "W-what happened..?"

"Damn hell! We were about to enter the Garden when you suddenly stumbled!" He yelled, accompanied with some sort of concern.

"Are you okay, Sefie?" Blue orbs began confronting her and soon, it brimmed with tears. "We thought you were dead!"

Selphie reached a hand on her neck, "I'm okay now Seifie... sorry if I made you all worried."

"You were yelling for help! We were absolutely clueless and I had no choice but to rush you here in my room!" Zell retorted.

"Ow... so we're in the Dormitory?" she asked wonderingly.

"Yup! And Headmaster Cid wants you to report in his office as soon as you recover." he added.

Headmaster Cid! You mean, THAT scary old zombie! Yikes! A perturbed expression was written on her face. Zell noticed the scowl her face was exhibiting.

"Don't worry Selphie, I told you he's kind and gentle. What's the scowling about?"

"Oh, nothing..."

"Okay, so I'll leave you for now. I'll be heading for my next subject. See 'yah later!" Zell stood up and left his room.

"What had happened Sefie?" Seifie asked. "I'm really wondering… the last time I remembered, you were heeding for help! You were even yelling about zombies…"

"Oh, was I?" Selphie lifted a palm and covered her mouth in shyness.

"Yeah, and it was really a coincidence that Mr. Headmaster Cid had came over just to check on you."

"Check on me? In Zell's room!"

"No, at the hallway. There was a legion of students defending at the Garden's hallway, in case Seifer and company hadn't stopped the T-Rexaur from penetrating thru."

"At the hallway! You mean, in front of a crowd!"


"And they heard me squirming loud!"


"WAAAAA! Now, I'm gonna be the campus talk! Stupid me, stupid me!" Selphie began slapping her cheeks, wanting to wake in reality and probably, beating the shame she had put herself thru.

"Please stop that Sefie. Just save that for later, please? Don't try hurting yourself just because you had immersed your whole ego in the pool of shame." Those were the meaningful words Seifie said to her step-sister.

If there's something Selphie had admired to Seifie, it's her ability to reason. She was only six, and have turned seven this day. But still, she has a head of a teenager, or maybe someone even more mature. But the only thing Selphie couldn't extract from her mind was her past. She couldn't remember anything about her parents, her family background, everything that had connections on her. But at least, she hadn't lost all her knowledge; especially her knowledge to reason.

Selphie sighed in relief. At least, she had someone to lean on in times of needy. Not to mention that sophisticated technology said earlier. She had someone who will always be there for her anytime, anywhere.

"I think I need rest. Thanks a lot, Seifie!"

"My pleasure. Lets sleep!"

"Right!" Selphie nodded, indicating a sign of approval. Later, the two lied down and closed their eyes. Afterwards, they have finally succumbed to slumber.

That's the consequence a brunette gets whenever she thinks in a paradox manner—a crowd of freaky, disgusting zombies.

Hopefully, there will be no more zombies roaming in their blissful slumber.




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