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He walked to his black Mercedes after a day of work and was awaiting what was to come. He had known of it before but it was still exhilarating to think of it. His sister had planned him a surprise party. The party, itself was a show and a public announcement that he, Denny, had finally opened up his dream work place: a place dedicated to Alzheimer's patients and their care. Ever since his mother had been diagnosed and his cousin too, he couldn't bare to leave them in a nursing home where other patients of Alzheimer's and his family were given not enough attention, in his opinion, for their condition. His sister had been, as always, sloppy with the secrecy of the party and the planning. Therefore, less than 24 hours after she had decided to do this, he knew about it. As always, though, he would act surprised and be eternally grateful for the time and effort she put into it.

He arrived home to find the driveway empty, "they always were good at concealing everything to the naked eye" he thought to himself, and couldn't help smiling. He parked the car in the driveway, stepped out with his briefcase in one hand and the newspaper in the other and headed towards his front door. The second he stepped in, he sensed something was wrong. The lights were out and the house was as empty and cluttered as he had left it this morning. He walked over to his kitchen to see his answering machine blinking rapidly as it read: 25 messages. He never had that many messages before. He suddenly became increasingly worried and anxious as he prepared himself for what he was about to hear when he pressed the button to replay the message.

Pressing it, the first message began in a rapid and extremely worried tone,

"Denny, listen, dad had a heart attack and we're at the hospital right now come over to Seattle Grace whenever you hear this."

He was already out the door before he could even hear the next message.

Denny arrived less than fifteen minutes after he had heard the message that nearly made his heart stop. When he spotted his family, he also spotted a doctor speaking to them. As he got closer, he heard the words, " irregular heartbeat" and "pacemaker" as bits of the conversation the doctor was having with his family. When his family caught sight of him, they all lunged off their chairs and gave him a hug.

He embraced his family and made sure that his father was doing fine before realizing that the doctor was still there. He turned towards the doctor and saw that it was a "she" and she was incredibly young looking with her slim body, blond hair all messy around her face, and the look of pure sympathy on her face as she looked at all of his family and slowly ventured her eyes to his face.

He released his sister and held out his hand for the doctor to shake as she smiled and introduced herself as,

"Dr. Stevens".

"Nice to meet you Dr., I'm Denny. How is my father doing?"

"Well Denny, as i was just explaining to your family, he is doing fine right now but will be needing surgery soon due to an irregular heart beat we detected and we believe that a pacemaker would be an adequate solution to the problem."

"As long as my father is fine with the surgery I believe that would be best" Denny said, after he looked over at his family for their opinion.

She smiled and said, " Alright, thanks Denny, you can go ahead and visit your father now, and I will speak to you all later."