After prepping John for the surgery, Izzie left the OR. As she came out of the room, a patient being wheeled by her suddenly turned his head towards her and threw up all over her scrubs. As he profusely apologized for the accident, she reassured him that she was fine. She decided, then, to go down to the locker room and change quickly before surgery.

When she arrived, she walked over to her locker only to find an envelope sitting on the bench in front. She was slightly confused because she never got any letters, especially sent to the hospital. She almost lost her balance and had to grab onto the bench for support as she saw who it was from: Mary Ford. She opened the letter with care.

She read the first few lines and realized why Mary had sent her the letter. Hannah had been hit by a bus when she had tried to get a dog out of the way. She had died two days ago with complications of internal bleeding. Mary had sent her the letter informing her of her eleven year old daughter's death.

The news played over and over in Izzie's mind as she changed and walked out of the room with the letter clutched in her hands. She walked down the hallways as she spotted Bailey reading what looked like lab results off to the side; she needed someone to tell before she left. Bailey instantly recognized her presence and began

"Look, Stevens, when I tell you that I want a Snickers out of a machine, and I order you to get it out, I better see a Snickers in your hand the next time I see you. I don't care for excuses." She said without even looking up from her lab results.

"Doctor Bailey, I…I think th-that I'm going to leave e-early today," she swallowed the lump in her throat as she saw Bailey look up from the results with a perplexed look on her face at Izzie's tone.

"I have a patient who is about to go into surgery and I think Doctor Burke is expecting me, but I really have to go Doctor Bailey, so if you could, please tell Doctor Burke that I'm sorry, but I really need to get going now." She said in a rush of words, in her usual fashion, but Bailey saw the lack of life in Izzie's eyes as she spoke.

"Stevens, what's going on..?" She said.

Any other time, Izzie would have reveled in the achievement of finally making the infamous Doctor Bailey speechless, but Izzie just couldn't even muster up enough energy as she attempted an apologetic smile and headed for the nearest exit.