It was a quiet afternoon and the sun was warm. The breeze blowing through the window gently caressed Ryoma's cheeks while the boy was sitting on the windowsill with a book in hand.

He was deeply immersed in what he was reading, so he started when familiar arms swiftly wrapped around his shoulders from behind.

"Syuusuke. What're you doing?"

Fuji chuckled. "Hugging you!"

"I know. Why?"

Fuji started poking Ryoma's chest.

Ryoma looked down on his shirt. It would've looked like a plain, red shirt if it weren't for the words printed in simple, pastel yellow letters that read 'Cuddle Me'.

Ryoma sighed.

"Need I remind you who gave this to me?"

"I know." Fuji nuzzled Ryoma's head, inhaling the scent of his soft hair. "And I also know it's your favorite."

Fuji never did mention to Ryoma what else was written at the back. And Ryoma wasn't the type to notice either. With one glance, Fuji read the words ''Cause I'm cute', and it made him tighten his hold on Ryoma.

'Yes, you sure are. And you're all mine.'

Disclaimers: Tennis no Oujisama belongs to Konomi Takeshi.

A/N: this was a product of mere whim. xx;; i thought of this fic when i was cleaning my room (after a rather chaotic term) then found this teddy bear i got last Valentines (or was it two years ago?)

the teddy bear was wearing red pj's and right in the middle, in BOLD pastel yellow letters were written 'CUDDLE ME' ;;