This is my first Kingdom Hearts fanfic, so please be gentle. I just beat Kingdom Hearts 2, and was just a little disappointed… but it was still worth playing. I loved Axel and Roxas, so there will be plenty of those two in this story.

Rating: PG-13 for language, suggestive themes later, and more…

Pairings: Riku and Sora, Axel and Roxas – it has to happen-, and other pairings later.

CHAPTER ONE: The new kid

Green-blue eyes hatefully glared down on a pair of sapphire colored eyes.

It looked like a scene from sort of duel-movie.

A silver haired teen stood, a blue club-like weapon pointed at a younger teen's chest. You could tell the silver haired teen was beyond furious as blue sea salt ice cream stained his white t-shirt, barely missing his unzipped yellow jacket. From his tall height, you wouldn't be able to tell he was angry under those thick, overly long silver locks. But if you were sitting on the ground like the younger teen, you could see he had a murderous gleam in those eyes.

The younger teen in return looked completely terrified. Just by looking at the taller guy, you could tell he was deadly! His sapphire eyes held a nervous look, along with the curvy-frown on his slightly tan face.

"Say you're sorry before I kick your ass." Riku demanded, a vicious smirk appearing under those silver locks.

Gulping, Sora stared up at him. How did he get into this situation again?

Before the fight…

Sora swore he was going to hurl. Every time the car jerked, his stomach would make a slight gurgle. Of course, it wasn't the good kind of gurgle.

His stomach was warning him that if he didn't get out of the car soon, he was going to get sick in the back seat.

"Quit making noises back there, they aren't pleasant to hear." A deep, smooth voice snapped in the driver's seat. Sora's sapphire eyes darted to the rear-view mirror to see his older brother glaring at him with equally beautiful eyes.

"Are we almost there, Cloud?" Cloud held not a trace of emotion on his face as he glanced back up at the rear-view mirror.

"Yep." Was all he said. But then again, Cloud rarely talked at all, even to his younger brother.

"Twilight Town… sounds like a stupid name for a town…" Sora grumbled, recalling the new place where they were moving to.

Cloud had suggested living in an actual town where it was small enough for everyone to get to know one another, but not too small where no adventure could be found. And if Cloud liked it, Sora would too. And if not, he would soon.

Then again, Sora actually liked his old home, Destiny Islands. It was nice and always peaceful. The only fights that ever occurred on that island were with him and Cloud… but to Cloud, it felt like a prison with ocean as it's cold metal bars.

"We're here." Cloud finally spoke up. Curiously, Sora looked outside his car window.

The second he saw the town, his eyes seemed to light up at what he saw. An orange sunset painted across the sky, shading the town in various shades of orange as well. A gigantic clock tower. Maybe it was the two large bells on each side that caught him as a little… odd. Back at Destiny Islands, there was nothing really special to attract people. Maybe a papou fruit tree, but that was it. No giant buildings, no giant clock towers…

This new town made Sora's true home feel small and insignificant…

"Look's like the moving truck isn't here yet…" Cloud turned to look over his shoulder to speak with Sora, but he kept on driving.

As Cloud began to talk to Sora, he never caught on to Sora's nervous expression. Shouldn't he have kept his eyes on the road!

"That means we've got some time to kill. You can go explore the town as long as you get back to our-"Before Cloud could finish his instructions for Sora… a large 'thunk!' came from the front of the car.

And that 'thunk' only came when you either hit something or if something ran into your car.

Cloud literally stomped on the break. Sora felt vomit travel up his throat, and if he hadn't covered his mouth the back of Cloud's seat would have been covered in it. The blonde waited for his car to stop before looking in the rear view mirror.

"Shit…!" He hissed under his breath, making it obvious that they had hit something. Unbuckling himself, Sora got out of the car dizzily. He mentally began thanking whatever they had hit. At least it gave him a chance to get out and get some fresh air…

A white skateboard slowly rolled into his shoe. Sora frowned to himself as he looked at the blue-flame like designs on it. What sort of animal would get hit riding a skateboard…?

Maybe that's when Sora came back to reality. They hadn't hit an animal. They had hit a human!

"Oh god…! My back!" A pained voice came from where the skateboard had rolled from. Sora looked up to see a boy with extremely pointed – almost as bad as his- dirty blonde hair on his stomach, moaning into the cement.

"A-Are you ok!" Sora asked, scrambling his way to the blonde haired kid. The closer he got to him, Sora noted that the kid was about his age, 15.

"Don't worry…" The skateboarder rolled onto his back with a hiss, opening his sparkling blue eyes up to look at who was concerned for him. "It's not the first time I've been hit… while skateboarding…" Sora couldn't help but cock his head to the side.

This kid was almost as weird as he was!

"Walk it off. You're a man." Cloud grumbled, walking into view. Sora could hardly contain his glare to his older brother. "You live around here?"

"D-Down the street… in the big white house…" Frowning, Cloud glanced down the street at what he had thought was a white house. But the sunset had painted every house in various shades of orange.

"Looks like we're neighbors. What's your name?" Sora asked, catching sight of what looked like a white house near theirs.

"Roxas… so you're the new people…" As he sat up, Sora flinched to hear a sickening pop from Roxas' back. "I should show you around. Twilight Town is huge. Unless you got a trained tour guide like me, you'll get lost-"

"Then show Sora around while we wait for the moving truck." Cloud said. It sounded more like a command then a polite question. Blinking, Roxas got back to his feet – but not without making another sickening pop from his back- and smiled at Sora.

"Fine by me. I can show you to my best friend…" Roxas said, waving for Sora to follow him. At first Sora was a bit hesitant, but after a nudge from Cloud and another friendly smile from Roxas, he began following his look-a-like friend.

"What's your best friend like?" Sora asked, trying to start conversation. Roxas rolled his eyes at picturing who his best friend was.

"He's pretty cool once you get past his obsession with fire." Roxas chuckled. He never saw Sora stop in his footsteps, a horrified expression on his face. If his best friend was obsessed with fire, who knew what Roxas could scare you with! "So what about you? Got any friends?" Roxas asked.

Starting up his walk again, Sora shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his giant black shorts. "I used to have a friend back at Destiny Islands. Her name was Kairi." Sora said.

Roxas gave off a wolf whistle, giving Sora a semi-hard nudge to his ribs.

"A girlfriend, right?" Roxas asked, grinning from ear to ear deviously.

Now, Sora wasn't dumb. He was just dense.

"Of course. She was a girl… and my friend…" Sora said, his matching sapphire colored eyes eyeing Roxas in a strange way. Why was he grinning like that?

"Right…" Roxas said slowly. Sora shook his head so his brown spikes slightly shook from side to side. "There are plenty of girls around here. I don't have a girlfriend though, they're… too moody…"

Sora wasn't paying too much attention to Roxas' rants, more like looking around at the various shops lining the streets. Weapons, flowers, you name it. Chances are, there was a shop selling it.

"Want some sea salt ice cream?" Roxas said, finally managing to catch Sora's attention. If there was anything interesting to Sora, it was ice cream. "Twilight Town is famous for selling it. Call it our signature item here."

"Sea salt? That doesn't sound very tasty…" Sora said, punctuating it with a digusted face. But when Roxas came back with two bright blue popsicles, Sora was eager to try it. There was no way those blueberry-looking flavored popsicles could taste like sea salt…

Roxas cracked into laughter at seeing Sora stick his tongue out in shock. It tasted bitter, like actual sea salt!

"If you don't want it, throw it away." Roxas said with a shrug. The ice cream tasted so bad that Sora didn't feel any regret for wasting Roxas' money in throwing it away.

The only problem was… where was a trash can?

"Where's a trash can?" Sora asked. Roxas also began looking around for some place to leave the blue ice cream in. However, a groan escaped him when he realized where a trash can was…

"The closest one is in Sandlot…" He growled. Just by hearing the tone of voice he used made Sora feel nervous.

"W-What's so bad about that place?" Sora asked.

"Sandlot is where all the cool kids are. If we went in there, we'd be beaten, robbed and probably laughed at." Roxas said, never spotting Sora's shocked expression. There was no way there were kids like that! They wouldn't pick a fight with him just because he wanted to throw away ice cream!

"Come on, Roxas… they can't be that bad…" Sora said, walking down the yellow cobblestone toward Sandlot.

"Sora! You don't get it!" Roxas called, but it was no use. Sora would never listen to him… "Those people hate my guts…"


Looking around, Sora cocked his head to the side.

It was bare, with only 4 kids to be seen. An extremely tan man built like a bodybuilder. Sora was starting to get a little jumpy already at just seeing him…

The only girl had strange silver hair combed so it could cover her left eye.

And then there were two guys who caught Sora's attention the most. While the tanner man with the long gray coat looked like he was the leader… the other guy looked more like he was more in charge.

Sora blushed slightly.

He was… pretty handsome. Hell, Sora was almost envious of that long silk-like silver hair. Not many guys could look good with hair like that… and his clothes covered in zippers seemed to work better then the other's fashion sense. And he only looked a year older then him…

Then Sora saw it. A couple feet away from the young man with silver hair was a black trash can…

"They shouldn't get mad if I throw the popsicle away…" Sora whispered to himself, coolly sauntering toward the trash can.

No one was paying him any attention so far… until…

"Pest." The silver haired girl emotionlessly said, pointing at him. Immediately, the tan bodybuilder with 'RAJIN' written on his shirt gasped.

"I bet it's Roxas, ya know!" He cried, glaring right at Sora. At hearing the blonde haired kid's name, the other two males turned around.

Freezing in mid step, Sora grinned wildly at them. Did they mistake him for Roxas?

"That can't be Roxas. Roxas' hair isn't that lame!" The rapster-poser laughed, walking toward Sora, his gray coat bellowing behind him. "Riku, should we beat him up?"

"Seifer, violence doesn't come until after we find out what they're doing here." Riku, the silver haired boy, said, a smirk crossing his handsome face. Sora's eyes grew enormous. Roxas was right! They were going to beat him up!

"Now wait a second!" Sora snapped, shocking all 4 of them. Even Riku seemed startled… "I came here to throw away this popsicle! I don't want a fight!" Sora said.

"No one raises their voice at us…" Seifer warningly growled, stretching his arms out like a giant bear to scare Sora. And it worked.

Every time Seifer took a step forward, Sora found himself taking a step back.

"I just need to use the trash can…" A plan formed in Sora's head. If he threw the posicle into the trash and took off, they would have no reason to attack him, right? And he wouldn't have a melting ice cream in his hands… "I'll be off in a second! I swear!" Sora chucked the popsicle over Seifer, hopping it would land in the trash can.

Then again, Sora never was good at throwing things…


Rajin and Seifer gasped. Fujin waved an arm, and cried out a word that made Sora realize his world was about to crumble.

"Mess!" Looking past Seifer, Sora bit his lip.

Riku stood, staring wide eyed at his white shirt… with sea salt ice cream splattered all over it. And judging by the contrast of colors, it wasn't going to come out…

Those once sexy teal eyes that Sora thought were nice… became filled with anger. Holding his arm out, a wicked smirk came to his face.

"Rajin, my club." A blue bat was tossed to him, and without even glancing, Riku caught it with ease. "Seifer, move. No one stains my favorite shirt and gets away with it…" Immediately, Seifer began side stepping away from Sora.

And maybe it was Sora's imagination… but he could have sworn he saw Seifer mouth 'You are dead, bitch'.

Sora tried to turn and run away… but he slipped and sat on the ground, completely defenseless unless he kicked out at the approaching Riku. But when you were that scared of some handsome man with a blue bat, would you have been smart enough to fight back.

The bat was placed at his chest, invisibly making an 'X' where to hit him.

"Say you're sorry before I kick your ass." Riku demanded, a vicious smirk appearing under those silver locks.

Gulping, Sora stared up at him… for once in his life, he wished his brother was here to help him out…

"Sorry…?" Sora squeaked out, sounding like a frightened mouse. A satisfied smirk crossed Riku's handsome features. He was going to enjoy beating this new kid up…

"Hold it right there!" Another Popsicle whizzed past his shirt, making Riku take a graceful leap back from Sora. Both sapphire and teal eyes looked over… to see Roxas standing, shaking ever so slightly.

"Roxas!" Sora cheered while Riku grumbled.

"Pest!" Fujin snapped. Seifer grabbed his own club, aching to start a fight with his rival.

"Seifer, beat him to a pulp!" Riku barked, turning his attention back to Sora. Sora didn't even catch sight of his turn, he was too busy at staring at Roxas.

Why did it seem like they were angrier with Roxas then him?

Roxas took a step back, thinking of something to fight back with. Now that he had thrown the sea salt ice cream, he wasn't too sure what else he could use for a weapon…

A sudden black glove squeezed his shoulder reassuringly, making Roxas jump.

"I'll take it from here…" A voice chuckled, followed by someone cloaked in black stepping in front of Roxas.

At seeing who it was, Seifer froze in motion while Rajin called out to Riku.

"It's Axel, Riku!" Rajin shouted. Gasping, Riku turned to see the true monster of Twilight Town…

As Sora's blue eyes took in the red head… he couldn't stop spotting Roxas' slight blush. Who was now getting involved!

"Mess with Roxas or the Roxas-wanabe…" Reaching into coat, Axel pulled out pinwheels with sharp metal spikes on the side. "And you fight me. Got it memorized?"

Gulping again, Sora looked around. Rajin and Fujin were hopping back to back for combat. Seifer nervously looked ready to take on Axel… Axel had some sort of psycho grin on his face as he stood in front of the now courageous Roxas… and Riku was giving him a smirk that said 'You are mine to kill' all over it.

This was not going to be pretty…

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