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Title: For The Fallen

Fandom: Naruto

Characters: Kakashi and Rin

Phrase: #31 Now is the time to be strong.

Rating: PG

Synopsis: Two soldiers down, and two more to go.

"He's dead." Rin whispered softly, kicking an idle stone because it wasn't fair.

"Yeah." Kakashi rasped. He was tired and aching and wanted to cry but he couldn't.

They were sitting at the bridge; Team Yondaime's bridge, the bridge where they met for the first time together and where the last two were meeting again. Rin was sitting atop one of the railings, legs kicking off the edge. Kakashi leaned against the rail, next to her, looking away.

"It's not fair." Rin murmured, and cried, because she knew Kakashi couldn't.

"No, it's not." Kakashi agreed, and, without thinking, brushed her tears away.

"But now..." he swallowed, his throat was tight, because Sensei wasn't there anymore and Sensei couldn't make things Right again, "Now is the time to be strong."

He looked away, and he felt like he was the smallest, most utterly insignificant thing alive.

"Because that's what he'd want." Kakashi swallowed again, hard. "That's what they'd want, I think."

"It's not fair." Rin continued, sounding childish despite having her childhood murdered on the battlefield years ago. "But life isn't fair, is it?"

Kakashi inclined his head, nodding. "If it was, I wouldn't have this eye." He replied, tapping the forehead protector covering Obito's gift.

"If it was, no one would ever die."

Rin smiled, and hopped off the railing. "But life isn't fair, and they're dead." She whispered, and was crying again- she just couldn't stop.

Kakashi was suddenly in front of her and then pressing her to his chest- tight and hard, obviously not used to being the one to give a hug. As she sniffled against his chest, Rin reflected that perhaps he needed it even more than she did.

"But you're still alive." He murmured, his breath whispering through her hair like a gentle breeze. "I'm glad."

Rin was quiet for a long, long time. She was content to be held and be comforted.

After a while, however, she spoke again.

"I think I want to say 'Don't you dare die on me'." She whispered, into his chest, holding onto him as though the world was an abyss. "But that's something I know you can't keep."

"I'd try." Kakashi offered.

Rin smiled, pulling back so that he could see it. "You're sweet." She murmured, and pressed her lips to his; awkwardly, with her nose bumping his and their teeth clacking, but sweet all the same.

"Don't worry about Sensei." Kakashi said softly, gently brushing a stray tear from her cheek as she pulled away. "He can look after Obito for us now."

"I bet Obito's been in trouble without us to watch over him." Rin giggled, just because she had to laugh after crying and sobbing and wanting to crawl into a hole and fade away from the world.

Kakashi curled his lip, smiling a threadbare smile. "Yeah... but we're pretty lost ourselves." He muttered.

Rin smiled back. "Don't worry. We'll figure things out." She reached out, and grasped his hand in hers.