Title: Invincible

Fandom: Naruto

Characters: Kakashi and Rin

Phrase: #43 "If it means protecting you, I'll do whatever is necessary." Shu, Suikoden 2

Rating: PG

Synopsis: No man is invincible; but a man in love feels he is.

"... that was stupid." Rin wasn't normally pessimistic, but under the circumstances, it was forgivable as she sat at her teammate's bedside once again.

"Sorry." Kakashi murmured tiredly, resting underneath the white sheets of the hospital cot. "I wasn't thinking."

"That much is obvious." Rin commented irritably, but her gaze was soft. "Don't just throw yourself at a horde of Rock nin," she scolded, scowling deeply. "You're not invincible, despite what everyone else might think."

Kakashi chuckled slightly. "The legend of 'Sharingan Kakashi'." He muttered, bemused.

"I think it's going to your head." Rin remarked, reclining into her chair tiredly, rubbing her forehead. "You're getting reckless. Sharingan is a tool, not a deus ex machina."

Kakashi's eye- his real one- locked onto her two orbs with a serious look. "If it means protecting you, I'll do whatever is necessary." His hand crept up, brushing against her own gently.

I lost Obito.

I won't lose you.

Rin's cheeks went a dusty pink, and she gripped her hand in his tightly. "Idiot." She whispered, her throat tight.

"Maybe I am." Kakashi replied wryly, smiling all the same.

"But people in love do stupid things."

Rin could have kissed him for that.

She did.

It was awkward- how could it not be, with him temporarily paralyzed underneath hospital sheets and her, with tears helplessly raining down her face, blinding her to nearly everything except him.

It was beautiful- imperfectly so, and made all the more wonderful for that flaw.