Hey hey! I'm here uploading a short fake lil diary thingy at 4:13 am for some reason.

Disclaimer:I, of course, do not own Yu-Gi-Oh, Walmart, Scary Movie 4, or a smoothie maker.

Dear Diary,

Hey Diary, it's me! I forgot to update you all week, I'm sorry! Well, I'll update you now. I'll start at Sunday, okay? Well he came over, like he promised and we left around 11. But the real story is what happens later, so I'll skip a little bit. We were in Walmart after seeing a movie together, Scary Movie 4, and he saw these toy handcuffs. He grinned and bought them and made me hide them at the bottom of my backpack for later use. When we got to my house, my grandfather went to a pharmacy to get a prescription filled or something and we were alone. He pushed me onto my futon and took off my shirt.

He then put the hand cuffs on me and had me rest my hands behind my head so he could do what he want, and he did. Afterwards, Grandpa came home and I was embarassed and hid the handcuffs at the back of my sock drawer. Later on though he hid them at the bottom of a goodie bag I had gotten from a party we both went to a couple days ago for Duke and we went down to the basement ,which is now refurbished, mini fridge, pool table, TV, etc., and had fun with me and with them down there.

The next day, Grandpa and Yami decided to help clean my room. The went under my bed and pulled out alotta junk, including the packaging the handcuffs came in. I quickly created this bullcrap story and they bought it, or at least my other half did. Later that day my grandfather and I cleaned the basement up, where he found the little keys to the handcuffs, which I quickly lied about and said that they were to you,diary. I put them in the bag that had the handcuffs in them and ran upstairs, hiding them both in a sock at the back of my sock drawer.

A couple days later Yami was out with Joey and Tristan and I was home alone with my grandfather and he said softly, 'I know about the handcuffs' my eyes went huge as I felt my cheeks heat up, it turns out that he wanted to know where a key was incase something happened with it. I quickly stammered out that since they were kiddie handcuffs (though real metal) they had a little clasp that you could undo to get yourself out of them. He soon left to mind the game shop, muttering about teenagers and hormones, and I threw away the handcuffs and keys, mortified. Though it doesn't matter, because Bakura found something else to bound me with...well, that's all for now Diary, I'll fill you in about tomorrow later!

Love, Yugi

Please forgive me for this, I think I might be suffering from sleep deprivation. I might turn this into a little series about Yugi's escapades, or do other character's diaries as well, who knows... sleeeeep...revieeeeeew...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz